We Love Crayons

The "dollies" are a fun loving bunch and they LOVE to color, which is why they've demanded that I keep creating coloring books.  

They also love to design and loved the crayons graphic that I designed so much that they wanted to create a "We Love Crayons" category of custom products for this in our We Love Books Gallery.

The "dollies" are all very artistic and like to try all different types of art supplies to use for their artistic mixed media, collage, decoupage, scrapbooks, and paper crafts creations.  So, of course, we had to start with crafts supplies for their new "We Love Crayons" category.

We started with two sided scrapbook papers and created 19 adorable designs which are here.

From there we created eight rubber stamps for scrap-booking, mixed media and paper crafts purposes.

Then we created twelve custom fabric designs so you can sew and decorate to your hearts content.

Both the "dollies" and I have fallen in love with vinyl stickers for our mixed media, collage, paper crafts, and scrap-booking purposes so we created five different sizes of our 'We Love Crayons" collection:  a 14" by 14" sheet, a 8" by 8" sheet, a "6" by 6" sheet, a 4" by 4" sheet, and a 3" by 3" sheet.

We created six adorable paper sticker designs.

And, we created eleven wall decals for decorating purposes.

After creating all the crafts supplies we decided to create custom products for all sorts of purposes.  

We created all sorts of home decor products for decorating children's bedroom  and bathrooms, like: pillowcases, duvet covers,  throws, pillows, framed wall art, posters, magnetic picture frames, wall decals, bathroom towels, bathroom mats,  bath sets, shower curtains and so much more.

We also have all sorts of electronic products, like: iphone cases, apple watch bands,  mouse pads, mice, ipad and laptop covers and more.  We have tote bags, reusable grocery bags, ties, scarves, t-shirts for the entire family, exercise clothing for women, socks, and sneakers.

For office and school supplies we have different size pad-folios, notebooks, family planners, desk organizers, pens, pencils, pencil cases, playing cards, and jigsaw puzzles.

The "dollies" love to party and love birthday parties, crafting parties, and "no reason" get togethers.  So, we created party invitations, return address labels, blank cards, paper plates, paper cups, paper party hats, paper napkins, laminated and tearaway place-mats, table cloths, table runners, kitchen towels and coffee mugs.   We also created gift giving supplies, like: wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, gift bags, and tissue paper. 

And, to entertain their guests they have all the free coloring e-books they have created, which are as follows:

Just download them, save them to your computer and print them off for all sorts of coloring fun.

You name it, the "dollies" created it.  They were having so much fun I had a hard time getting them to stop....lol

We started with the basic crayon design shown in the picture at the top of this post, but there will be more.   We will be adding to this category as time permits so please check back often to see what's new. 

So, what's your favorite crayon color?

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