Sunday, April 4, 2021

William Come or Won’t They? Primitive Scarecrow Stump Doll Free E-Pattern

There's just something very charming about a trio of shelf sitter cloth dolls - don't you think?  Even if we're talking about a scarecrow in April.  

A little early for the Fall season - don't you think, Linda?

Nah! I love using stump dolls to decorate for every season and holiday.  

If you do, too then you're going to love my “William Come or Won’t They? primitive scarecrow stump doll free e-pattern.

Why not make a couple now in time for next Fall's scarecrow season.  Who says scarecrows can only come out in the Fall.

William Come Or Won't They? can’t figure out whether the crows are going to come or not. 

If they do, he’s prepared. 

He is a free standing scarecrow doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face with button eyes. He is wearing a patched coat with buttons and pockets, two scarves, and a hat. His hair is made of raffia and he’s holding a stained wooden rake. “William Come or Won’t They?” is coffee stained throughout.

He's scarecrow. And, he knows he's a scarecrow through and through. 

He comes from a long line of scarecrows. 

William Come or Won't They? has a different problem. 

He just can't figure out whether the crows are going to come or not. 

If they do, he wants to be prepared. After all, that's what they taught him in the "Scarecrow Boy Scouts" and the "Scarecrow Army." 

"Always Be Prepared!" 

So, he's ready. 

Come on all you crows. 

Hey, all you crows! 

Williams ready for ya!!! 

Come and get him.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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