Sunday, March 28, 2021

My "Peter - The Primitive Farmer and Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" Primitive Stump Dolls Free E-Patterns

If you love making whimsical cloth shelf sitter dolls then you're going to love our "Peter - The Primitive Farmer and Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" free  e-patterns.

Peter The Primitive Farmer believes that every day should be spent working hard and providing for your family. There is nothing like a good hard day of labor.  He gets up in the wee hours of the morning to start working on his farm. 

Margaret, being the dutiful farmer's wife that she is, gets up even earlier than her husband.


Because she has to prepare his breakfast so he has plenty of energy for working all day.

Margaret The Dutiful Farmer's Wife believes that she should do everything that she can to help her husband, Peter. 

So, she always has a home cooked meal ready for him at the end of a hard day of labor and at the beginning of the day so he has enough energy for all the demands of the farm.

Margaret gets up so early in the morning to prepare breakfast for Peter that at the end of the day she is a little tired. 

Peter understands this and when Margaret falls asleep on the sofa he just lets her sleep. 

She works so hard. 

She deserves her rest, too.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rag-doll Anthony and Rag-doll Annabell Lee Free E-Patterns

"Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" aren't your average rag-dolls. They're very special rag-dolls. You see, they were born with all their seams on the outside.

Their parents were very concerned about this when they were born as they didn't want their children to have a difficult childhood. They were envisioning that they would both be teased unmercifully. You know how children can be! However, they were pleasantly surprised. All the the rag-doll children love both "Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee."

The Rag-doll children feel that, "they may be different but, once you get to know them, you realize they are just like you and me." So, their seams being on the outside doesn't bother anyone in the rag-doll children's school yard. They are treated like anyone else and that suits "Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" just fine.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Big Brother Andy & Kid Brother Randy and Big Sister Annie & Kid Sister Fannie Free E-Pattern

"Big Brother Andy" and his "Kid Brother Randy" come from a large, loving family and as siblings often do get on each others nerves. Now don't get us wrong. "Big Brother Andy" and "Kid Brother Randy" love each other as brothers. It's just that sometimes they act like a bunch of boys do and get on each others nerves. This inevitably leads to wrestling, which leads to fighting and then punching. Playfully, of course!

When the gloves start coming out is when their "Big Sister Annie" and "Kid Sister Frannie" intervene. They calm them down and straighten out whatever the problem is so the boys can - well, "be boys."

Andy With A Blue Plaid Shirt! and Annie With A Red Bow! Free E-Patterns

"Annie - With A Red Bow" and "Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt" are two of the newer dolls from my Linda Walsh Originals - "Stout Doll Pattern" series.

As Raggedies go they are an adorable pair.

It's not just because they are 7" primitive doll patterns or because they are raggedies It's because they are shelf sitters.

Annie prides herself on being an adorable shelf sitter with a beautiful red bow.  Just the right compliment for her beautiful red hair.  And, a perfect match to her delightful dress.  As shelf sitters go she can;t be any more adorable than she already is.

Andy is adorable, too.  He thinks his blue plaid short is THE PERFECT compliment to his red hair. Annie may have her red bow, but he's got his blue plaid shirt.  He's rather adorable if he doesn't say so himself!

What do you think?  Red bow or blue plaid shirt?

Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt

"Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt!" is a self sitting raggedy boy stump doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and a full head of raggedy red straight hair which he cannot keep controlled under his Sculley cap. He is wearing his denims, and a checkered shirt decorated with 3 large buttons. He is coffee stained throughout.

Annie - With A Red Bow

"Annie - With A Red Bow!" is a self sitting raggedy girl stump doll with a cloth body, embroidered face, and full head of raggedy red straight hair that is adorned with a bow on the top of her head. She is wearing a lace trimmed dress, and has a fringed apron that is decorated with a red ribbon bow. She is coffee stained throughout.

Copyright © 2004 - 2021 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

Patience Is A Virtue Primitive Bunny Stump Doll Free E-Pattern

I have wonderful news for you.  I decided to make my "Patience Is A Virtue" primitive bunny stump doll e-pattern free for all of you. 

I love bunnies so much and love 'Patience" that I thought you'd love her, too.

So, I'd like to introduce "Patience - Is a Virtue.

Patience is a primitive bunny and is so happy-go-lucky that she has a hard time controlling herself. 

She just hops from here to there without a care in the world.

Hop, hop, hop! Down the lane she goes.

Hop, hop, hop!

La dee da!

La dee da!

She is a free-standing primitive bunny with a warm & natural body with an embroidered face, white buttons for eyes, lace trimmed dress, and lace trimmed apron adorned with 4 large pink buttons. She is coffee stained throughout.

If you ask her, "Patience, where are you going?" she replies, "Just anywhere!

Hop, hop, hop!

If you ask, "Why are you going?" she just replies,

"To make everyone happy!"

Hop, hop, hop!

If you respond, "That's impossible!" she just smiles and replies, "I have all the time in the world.

Hop, hop, hop! 

Down the lane she goes.

Hop, hop, hop!

La dee da!

La dee da!

If you'd like to see how I made "Patience Is A Virtue" please click on the click below for her free tutorial and free e-pattern.  I hoe you enjoy making her.
Copyright © 2004 - 2021 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh