Sunday, October 4, 2020

My Adorable New Raggedy Dollies Stories Category Designs


Like everything I do I tend to go overboard.  Such is the case with my new "dollie" graphics that I created from the graphics I developed for my "Raggedy Dollies Stories" Free Coloring E-Books. 

I always find multiple uses for everything I do and utilizing all the "dollie" graphics I had created from the Raggedy Dollies Stories free e-books was no different.

First I decided to combine some of the different graphics I had created for a Raggedy Dollies Stories custom clothing line for babies, toddlers, and little girls.  

I decided to combine some of the individual graphics I had created to create different combined designs for the little girl clothes: some for everyday use, some for the holidays, and some for the various seasons based on the individual graphics I had.  

I figured that I could use all of the clothing line graphics as complementary clothes for the various Raggedy Dollie Stories custom products categories I also wanted to create. 

I set up a separate Raggedy Dollies Stories category within my Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery and then set-up 5 separate sub-categories within my Raggedy Dollies Stories category for these designs, which are as follows: 

Here, too I wanted to create custom product lines for everyday use, the holidays, and the various seasons for the Raggedy Dollies Stories category of my Linda Walsh Originals Designs Gallery.