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Raggedy Stories Dollies Illustrations Free Coloring Pages Group #2

Not only is "Raggedy Ann" one of most popular dolls for decades for little girls and grown-ups girls and has been since she was introduced to the world by Johnny Gruelle in 1918 but so is Raggedy Andy which was introduced to the world by Johnny Gruelle in 1920.  After all, why should only the little girls have all the fun!

So, given how much I love history and old books I decided to see if there was a copy of some of the old "Raggedy Andy" books out there on Project Gutenberg which displays books that are in the public domain.  To my delight there was a "Raggedy Ann Stories"  e-book written in 1918 and a "Raggedy Andy Stories" e-book written in 1920 that were now in the public domain.

I found Raggedy Andy's Stories with illustrations by Johnny Gruelle to be charming and decided I would create free coloring pages based on the illustrations from the 1920 free e-book so all the little girls and boys could enjoy coloring images of their favorite dolls together.

Raggedy Stories Dollies Inspired Free Coloring Pages Group #2

While the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories are a product of their time, I found the doll illustrations by Johnny Gruelle to be charming as, of course, they depicted all sorts of "dollies" at play.  So, I decided I would create free Raggedy Andy coloring pages, inspired by these illustrations from the 1918 free e-book, so all the little girls and little boys could enjoy coloring together.  

I created 31 different coloring pages on my Linda's Blog in group #1 for hours of coloring fun.  Just click HERE for my Linda's Blog post or click on the two images above.  They'll bring you to my Linda's Blog post that has all 31 of the coloring pages.

Once you're in my post just click on the images for the full image size.  Then save to your computer and print out a full size image on an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet.  If the image isn't sized for a 8 1/2 " by 11" sheet when you open it in your computer viewer zoom in and re-size it until it fits on a full size sheet and then print it out.

I hope you have fun coloring the different illustrations I have combined into 31 different coloring pages and hope they provide you with hours of coloring enjoyment.

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