Tuesday, May 7, 2019

My Free "Rag-doll Anthony and Rag-doll Annabell Lee" Primitive Dolls 2 in 1 Combo E-Pattern

"Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" are as close as brother and sister can get. "Rag-doll Anthony" is very protective of his baby sister "Rag-doll Annabell Lee." He's much wiser, or so he thinks, and knows the ropes, or so he thinks.

"Rag-doll Annabell Lee" lets her brother think that he's in charge but she really knows who rules the roost. Not her Mother, not her Father, and certainly not her older brother, "Rag-doll Anthony." For Rag-doll Annabell Lee it's amazing what a little intuition can do.

"Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" aren't your average rag-dolls. They're very special rag-dolls. You see, they were born with all their seams on the outside.

Their parents were very concerned about this when they were born as they didn't want their children to have a difficult childhood. They were envisioning that they would both be teased unmercifully. You know how children can be! However, they were pleasantly surprised. All the the rag-doll children love both "Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee."

The Rag-doll children feel that, "they may be different but, once you get to know them, you realize they are just like you and me." So, their seams being on the outside doesn't bother anyone in the rag-doll children's school yard. They are treated like anyone else and that suits "Rag-doll Anthony" and "Rag-doll Annabell Lee" just fine.


"Rag-doll Anthony" is a 16" primitive cloth doll with an embroidered face, and running stitch embroidery on his body, head, legs, and arms. He's wearing a tattered and fringed shirt with collar and four decorative buttons tied with DMC embroidery floss.  His pants are tattered and fringed and gathered at the waist.  He has a fringed burgundy scarf tied around his neck and knotted in front.   He has burgundy ties around his legs and feet and has a mass of dark burgundy curly hair on the top of his head.

Annabell Lee is a primitive girl rag-doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and running stitch embroidery on her body, head, legs, and arms. She has dark raggedy red curly hair on the top of her head decorated with fringed bows. She is wearing a fringed dress with fringed bodice insert decorated with buttons tied with DMC embroidery bows, fringed bottom ruffle, and fringed balloon sleeves gathered at the elbows. She also has fringed bloomers gathered at the waist.  Strips of burgundy material are tied to her legs.

"Rag-doll Annabell Lee" thinks she looks quite pretty with her burgundy ties around her legs and feet and hairbows on the top of her head. Her mass of dark burgundy curly hair makes her brother "Rag-doll Anthony" look like he's bald.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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