Friday, December 14, 2018

Mr. Jolly Left Me A Note!

When I came downstairs this morning to have breakfast I found a note on my chair.  It was marked "confidential and for Linda's eyes only!" Hmmmmm...... Who could this be from?

The "dollies" have been leaving me notes from time to time over the years so I thought it was from one of them.  They think they're human and can be very temperamental from time to time - especially at the holiday season.  So, I opened the note figuring I would recognize one of the "dollies" handwriting.

To my surprise the handwriting was beautifully written in cursive which the "dollies" don't know how to do and, therefore, a mystery to me as to who wrote it.  So, I read the note.

It said:

To my dearest Linda, 

I want you to be aware of a situation that I don't think you are aware of and which is causing someone much consternation.

Hmmmm...... I thought, who talks like that.  None of the "dollies" that I was aware of. Hmmm....

So, I continued reading.