Friday, December 14, 2018

Mr. Jolly Left Me A Note!

When I came downstairs this morning to have breakfast I found a note on my chair.  It was marked "confidential and for Linda's eyes only!" Hmmmmm...... Who could this be from?

The "dollies" have been leaving me notes from time to time over the years so I thought it was from one of them.  They think they're human and can be very temperamental from time to time - especially at the holiday season.  So, I opened the note figuring I would recognize one of the "dollies" handwriting.

To my surprise the handwriting was beautifully written in cursive which the "dollies" don't know how to do and, therefore, a mystery to me as to who wrote it.  So, I read the note.

It said:

To my dearest Linda, 

I want you to be aware of a situation that I don't think you are aware of and which is causing someone much consternation.

Hmmmm...... I thought, who talks like that.  None of the "dollies" that I was aware of. Hmmm....

So, I continued reading.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

New and Revised Custom Fabric Designs For The Dollie Storage Room Fabric Collection

The "dollies" are never ones to sit idle and were heavily involved in some of my new custom fabric designs. They would tell you that they were the main impetus in all my new designs.  That would be true, especially when it came to the new designs for The Dollie Storage Room Fabric Collection.

They hope you like their new designs.

We hope you enjoy making many, many decorations and gifts.

© 2011-2018 Copyright Linda Walsh Originals - Fabric Designs By Linda Walsh.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Fast and Easy Cut and Sew Dolls Is A Great Way To Teach Kids How To Sew

When I was designing my cut and sew dolls I couldn't help but think about my own experiences as a child learning how to sew and thought that cut and sew dolls would not only be a good way to teach a young child how to hand sew but also how to teach them how to machine sew as the cut and sew dolls could be put together either way. Plus, children quickly see the results of their efforts.

My mother and her best friend taught me how to sew when I was about ten years old. First they made me practice sewing two pieces of fabric together by hand until my running stitches were even and I knew the difference between a running stitch, straight stitch, back-stitch, etc. Then they explained the various types of stitches and their use and some of the sewing terminology.

I, of course, was anxious to start with the sewing machine. Just let me make something.  They tried to explain that I needed to master the hand stitches before moving on to the sewing machine. I couldn't understand why back then. I can now.  I wanted to create something right then and there.

When they were happy with my hand sewing I moved on to the sewing machine. First they explained how the machine worked, the different parts of the machine, the different machine heads, the different stitches, winding bobbins, etc. I couldn't move on until I knew this. I had no idea when I wanted to learn how to sew how much I needed to learn first. I was ready to go. Let me at the sewing machine - now.

Finally, the day came when I was allowed to start my machine sewing - or so I thought. Au contraire!