Friday, December 15, 2017

Mr. Jolly, The Pencil Tree And The "Dollies"

When we walked into Lowe's the other day I knew I was going to be in trouble.  As we entered the door my eye caught sight of the jolliest Santa you'd ever want to see.  He was just standing there greeting all the customers with the biggest smile on his face.  I, of course, instantly fell in love with him and dubbed him Mr. Jolly.

As I approached him he called me Linda and asked if I was enjoying this holiday season.  I thought he might be reading my mind but figured the joy of this holiday season was written all over my face so it was obvious to him that I was so happy.

Somehow he knew that Christmas was my most favorite time of the year.  Not just for me, but the "dollies" as well. Oh, yeah.  He knew all about the "dollies." Go figure!

I knew for sure that I would be coming home with him and wondered what hubby would think of this.  It wasn't as if we needed another Christmas decoration.  We have a few! Ya think?

Mr. Jolly asked him how he was and I knew he was smitten as well.  So, we looked at each other and knew we'd be taking him home with us.  We both thought he would look wonderful next to our new "pencil" tree, which we both love. So, we told him to follow us to the check out line.

When we were checking out there was only one cashier and one person in line ahead of us.  When we got to the cashier there was a problem.  Mr. Jolly didn't have a tag on him and she needed his item number in order to ring him in.  While she was calling the holiday department I decided to run over and read the item number off the sticker where we had found him.  I literally had to run as I could see that the line was building up already.  Yikes! People don't like waiting in line. Especially during the holidays. Yikes!

On my way back I noticed there were "a lot"of  people in the line now.  In fact, it was winding down one of the aisles. Yikes!

However, the strange thing was they didn't seem annoyed.  How could this be?  One cashier, lots of people in line and the holiday season?  They all had to be annoyed, but they weren't.  It seems Mr. Jolly had won them all over as well.  They were all smitten as well.  Phew! I wasn't looking forward to approaching an angry mob of customers.

I told the cashier his item number which she was happy to have as she was still waiting on hold on the telephone.  Two minutes later we had checked out and were walking out the door.  I thought Mr. Jolly was behind us, but when I looked back he wasn't.  He was still talking to the customers in line and they were all still smiling, laughing and carrying on.  Simply amazing.

I went over to him and whispered in his ear that we had to go home now so he waved to all the customers and off we went.

I was anxious to bring him home as I knew he was going to look so wonderful next to our new "pencil" tree.

As we were driving home hubby reminded me that the "dollies" weren't very happy the last time we brought giant nutcracker decorations home.  In fact, there was a big brouhaha when we brought them inside the house.


You see, the last time I brought two wonderful nutcrackers home without consulting the "dollies" I nearly had World War III in my house. I wrote about it in a  post entitled, "I Should Have Known Better!"

They were, however,  the most adorable decorations for our family room and perfect to frame our family room fireplace.  The problem was they weren't handmade like all the "dollies." 

The "dollies" were infuriated that I would bring non handmade dolls into the house without consulting them first. So, to keep the peace I apologized and said, "it wouldn't happen again."

Mr. Jolly could tell from my face that something was up.  Then he reminded me that when "Theo" came into our lives I had honored that promise.  How Mr. Jolly knew this I'll never know.  Maybe he read my blog post.  Hmmm....

I don't know if you remember but Theo was a large Christmas bear that we bought at BJ's one year at Christmas that wasn't handmade either. I wrote about him in a blog post entitled "It Was The Holiday Season After All -When Anything Magical Could Happen."

When I wanted to bring him home hubby pulled out his cell phone and called the "dollies." A promise is a promise even if it is to inanimate objects.

As hubby was talking to the "dollies" Theo and I were holding hands and pacing back and forth in the middle of the aisle at BJ's. His hand was five times the size of mine. But, boy was it soft.

Back then when I looked into Theo's big brown eyes I could see that he was holding back the tears at the thought of not coming home with me. It nearly broke my heart. I knew I had to take him home with me whether the "dollies" agreed or not. Handmade or not didn't matter. Theo needed a loving home and we had one. He belonged with us.

Just as I was about to tell hubby we were taking Theo home with us whether the "dollies" liked it or not he got off the phone and said, "The dollies said to tell Theo - welcome home. We'd LOVE to have you join our family. You're HUGE and cuddly and adorable. Plus, you'd be perfect for the dining room North Pole Christmas scene."

Theo and I were delighted and he came home with us.

I began to wonder if the "dollies" would welcome Mr. Jolly as well.  The problem was I hadn't consulted them and we were already pulling into the driveway. I was bracing for WWIII.

To my delight the door opened and all the "dollies" poured out to form a welcome line for Mr. Jolly.  It seems they already knew he would be coming home with us today.  They'd known for weeks.

How could that be?  We just saw him at Lowe's today.

I looked at hubby and said, "what's going on?" It's almost as if they've already met him.  Well, it seems they already had.   Mr. Jolly had asked them ahead of time if it was okay if he came home with us today.  What? How could he know we'd want to take him home with us?

Just then Mr. Jolly jumped out of the car and went to greet all the "dollies."  They surrounded him and that was the last we saw of him that day.  They took him up to "the dollie storage room" and had a grand old time.  It was like they'd been friends forever.

That evening, after supper, I happen to glance over at the "pencil" tree and saw Mr. Jolly standing next to it.  He just looked so happy and so adorable standing there.  I couldn't help but smile.

He had put several presents under the tree for the "dollies" and had hung their stockings all over the house.  As he was preparing his "dollie naughty or nice" Christmas list he looked up and saw me looking at him.  I wondered which of the "dollies" was on his naughty list.  I had a few in mind, but to my surprise there weren't any names on the naughty side.   Hmmm..... Did they buy him off? Hmmm...... There had to be a few..... Hmmm.....

As I was looking at him he gave me the jolliest smile I've ever seen and I knew I would be smitten with him every Christmas season from now on.

He was a member of our family  now along with the "pencil" tree.  I had no doubt Mr. Jolly, the "pencil" tree and the "dollies" were going to make this the best Christmas holiday season ever.  And, every Christmas season thereafter.

I decided that we had more than enough Christmas decorations to last a lifetime.  No more shopping trips and coming home with Christmas decorations.  Now if you believe that I have a bridge I could sell you.........

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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