Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My “Helena” Colonial Doll New E-Pattern

“Helena”, 12” Colonial Doll E-Pattern -“Gray Is Beautiful” Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner - 12 Pages

“Helena” is a PROUD member of the “Gray Is Beautiful!” Club.

Helena is a 12" Colonial doll that is proud of her beautiful grayish white hair. She's a tough old bird and can definitely handle anything that is thrown at her. The reason for that is that there is nothing in life that Helena hasn't seen or done. Everything she's learned to do she has taught herself. She's street smart, wise, prudent, loyal, feisty, and delicate, too. After all she is a female. She may be tough but she still likes frilly, feminine things like lace trimmed dresses and lace shawls. Helena kind of reminds me of the two old biddies from the movie "Gone With The Wind." You might see her walking down the street conversing with everyone and definitely letting them know her opinion on different subjects. Of course, she's also the one you turn to when you need advice for you can always count on her. If Helena says she'll do something then she will. She has beautiful whitish gray hair underneath her straw bonnet. She is a free-standing cloth doll with an embroidered face, lace trimmed dress with lace insert and floral ribbon decoration, lace trimmed slip, and lace shawl. Her bonnet had velvet ribbon ties, velvet ribbon band, and a floral ribbon decoration.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

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