Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Primitive Annie and Primitive Andy

"Primitive "Annie" is on the shy side, just like "Primitive Andy" who is her prince charming. While he is the shyest "dollie" on the planet she is the sweetest "dollie" on the planet. And, both got embroiled in the "dollie stories" fiasco on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog. She, to, doesn't like any attention being brought to herself and knows she didn't write the notes back then. So, she was happy when Primitive Andy told her that I wasn't going to release the identify of the note writer back then.

It had been 10 years since her creation and, to date, she still has no story. Some of the "dollies" feel this isn't right. It doesn't bother "Primitive Annie." She's far too sweet to let anything like that bother her. She knows that I would tell her story in due course.

When Primitive Annie read Primitive Andy's post yesterday she knew hers was about to be released, too. It was time and Primitive Annie was happy with that.

Primitive Annie

Here's "Primitive Annie's" story:

"Primitive Annie" was the 2nd primitive doll that Linda designed, but her first "raggedy Annie."

Sometimes you find someone who is just plain sweet. Someone who always thinks of others before herself, always tries to do the right thing, always tries to be polite and respectful of her elders, and who always tries to be the best she can be.

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Wanna Quilt? Annie and Read All About It, Andy

Wanna Quilt? Annie 

Well, they don't get any cheerier or happy go lucky than "Wanna Quilt? Annie"

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" could be called the happiest crafter around. She loves to craft and he specialty is quilting. In fact, she really LOVES to crazy quilt.

Crazy quilting requires a lot of time to do especially if you love to embroider parts of your quilt. Sometimes "Wanna Quilt? Annie" just doesn't have time to invest in a crazy quilt so she'll just make a patchwork quilt instead.

She always carries her bag of fat quarters around with her a she never knows when she may just squeeze in a few minutes here or there to do some crazy quilting. It could be waiting for the school bus, during her lunch hour, or in study hall.

And, since she's the President of the "quilting bee" group that always meets for an hour after school she always need to be ready to work on her quilt.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" is a 14" country Annie doll. She is a self-sitting cloth doll with a cloth body and embroidered face. Her head is fastened in an upwards position to her neck.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie, is wearing fringed and gathered bloomers and her red striped boots are cross tied with DMC Embroidery floss. She is wearing her favorite denim dress that is gathered at the waist with two pockets in the front that are decorated with jute bows. Her denim dress is gathered at the sleeves and neck.

Annie's beautiful head sits atop her shoulders in an upright position. She couldn't be any happier in the world. A small scarf is wrapped around her neck and tied in a knot in the front and two large scarves are wrapped around her shoulders and tied in loose knots in the front.

Annie has a mass of thick, curly raggedy read hair all over her head. Her fat quarters bag is made of denim and has a square bottom and straps. It holds quite a few fat quarters. Annie is also holding one of the patchwork quilts that she just made.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" is working on a new quilt and can hardly wait to show it to her "quilting bee" group. She couldn't be happier.

The Dolls Product Lines Series - James and Anna Graduation Dolls

This is the story behind my "James" and "Anna" graduation doll patterns and involves my Dad, my niece, and my twin granddaughters.

When both my twin granddaughters and my niece were graduating from high school and college, respectively, I wanted to give them something special. For me, that usually involves something crafty that I'd made or, and this may come as a surprise to all of you, a doll. So, I decided on a doll. But, I didn't want just any graduation doll. I thought how about taking their graduation picture and transposing that onto a doll's head using iron on transfer paper. It was a nice idea, but a bad application from the start.

So, I set about to design a stand alone graduation doll that would have each of their respective graduation gown colors. I knew I wanted the doll to be stand alone and wanted the body bottoms to be made out of denim. I decided that I would use popcorn kernels to weight the bodies down. So, I began by scanning in their respective graduation pictures and then setting about to crop the images and adjust the image size until their faces would fit on my graduation doll patterns head. I should have known right from the start that this was going to be a disaster. I just couldn't seem to get the right size face with the right size head. In any event, I finally had something I could work with and transferred the face to my cloth headpiece.

Then I put the three dolls together using my rough draft pattern pieces. The doll's bodies and graduation gowns came out wonderful. Their faces were an entirely different story almost bordering on scary. See for yourself. What do you think? Scary, frightening, yuck?

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Peter - The Primitive Farmer and Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife

"Peter - The Dutiful Farmer" and "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" are both 7" Primitive dolls and doll patterns from my Linda Walsh Originals "Stout Doll Pattern" series.

Margaret has been wringing her hands with worry regarding her story on my The Dollie Storage Room" blog. She's a nervous Nelly and just doesn't know how she can fit this in during her busy schedule. She has so much to do to get the house ready for Peter.

Peter, on the other hand, isn't at all concerned. He's a salt-of-the-earth farmer. A little extra time out of his busy farming day doesn't worry him a bit. What doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow is his philosophy.

"Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" believes she should do everything she can to help her hard-working husband, Peter. So, she always has the house cleaned and a home cooked meal ready for him at the end of a hard day of farm labor. She's always busy tidying this or cleaning that. She just wants everything perfect for Peter.

If you can't tell already Margaret is a little obsessive about her cleaning. She's starting to wear the skin down on her hands from wringing them so much.

"Peter - The Primitive Farmer" believes that every day should be spent working hard and providing for your family. Peter is fond of saying, "There is nothing like a good day of hard labor to enrich the soul."

He believes that the house being neat and tidy is nice but isn't worried about a little dirt here or there. A little dirt never hurt anyone not even Margaret.

Peter likes to get Margaret's goat every once in awhile by putting his boots up on the coffee table. As Margaret dashes to remove them Peter will start to laugh in a fit of laughter. Then Margaret catches herself and starts to laugh at herself too.
So what's a little dirt.

You'd never think by looking at them that Peter and Margaret have a wonderful sense of humor. Margaret can get to laughing so hard she has to leave the room or she'll embarrass herself.

Peter can get laughing so hard that he'll cause himself to have a case of the hiccups. When that happens, he needs a glass of water and a spoon. It's the only remedy for the hiccups - holding the spoon between your teeth and drinking a glass of water. Works like a charm every time.

Margaret, being the dutiful wife that she is always has a the glass of water and spoon ready. It may be a tried and true " old wives tale" but, it works.

Once the laughter dies down Margaret and Peter settle in for the night. Tomorrow will soon be upon them and they will need their energy for another day of hard work and, most likely, more dirt.

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Uncle Warren - A True Patriot!

"Uncle Warren" truly is a true red, white, and blue patriot. He loves his country and, even now, at the age of 82 is still willing to serve his country. If they need him to serve, he'll be ready. Of course, at his age he can't fight, but he can still serve. Paperwork, no problem. Cooking for the GI's, no problem. Cleaning the mess hall, no problem. Encouragement and moral, no problem. Uncle Warren is ready and able to serve.

Uncle Warren, A True Patriot! loves his country. He is a self-sitting Primitive Uncle Sam doll with a cloth body and drawn face. He sports a long beard, moustache, and white hair. He is wearing a shirt with long cuffed sleeves, lined vest, and long cuffed pants. His patriotic stove pipe hat is lined and rests on his head. His right arm is saluting and he is holding a flag in his left hand. His boots are adorned with bows.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

Handmade Doll

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Elmer's Little Boy and Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister

"Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" was named after my grandmother because she looks like some of the pictures I have of my grandmother as a little girl. Just so adorable.

Doris Marie has a brother, Elmer for which she is very grateful. My real grandmother was an only child and wished and wished and wished she had a brother or sister.

So, I thought it might please her to know that her "doll pattern" namesake has a brother. Hopefully, this has brought a chuckle to her face wherever she is.

Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister 

"Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" is a 10" Victorian girl doll who is every bit as cute as her brother, Elmer, and she knows it.

She thinks she can sweet talk her way in and out of anything. She's also a bit of a crossword puzzle whiz.

People always comment about how much Doris Marie and Elmer look alike. Even if they're not seen together, people would know they were brother and sister. They both have the same impish expressions on their faces and a glint in their eyes.

Doris Marie's glint is born of intelligence. Elmer's glint is born of being an imp.

As mentioned Doris Marie is very intelligent and is known as a "crossword whiz." You can find her every afternoon in the kitchen doing a cross word puzzle and drinking a cup of tea. Then, she's off to her library to sit in her favorite rocking chair and read, for she's also an avid reader. Or, should we say voracious reader.

Doris is wearing a green linen dress with her favorite lined vest. It's so bright and cheering she can't help but feel gleeful when she wears it. Plus the lining of her vest matches the lining of her hat and her kerchief. And, she just has on the cutest hat you'd ever want to see. All in all she's a "pretty little package" and is right proud of herself.

Elmer knows how cute his "little sister is" and has his hands full when it comes to his pals. What Elmer doesn't realize is that Doris Marie has them all wrapped right around her little finger. She lets him think that he's her older brother and is protecting her.

That's okay, Elmer, you're doing a good job! Doris Marie knows that her intelligence will always keep the boys in line.

Doris knows that while Elmer is adorable she is not only "cute" she's "brainy." In fact, she's probably the smartest "Dollie" in "The Dollie Storage Room." Don't think you can fool Doris Marie. You won't be able to. She may be "cute as a button", but she'd run circles around you in the "spelling bee."

Handmade Doll


Elmer's Little Boy

Elmer's Little Boy is so cute you just want to squeeze him. With a big pot belly and big ears he has loads of charm.

Worse - he knows it and uses it to his every advantage.

He can charm them young, he can charm them old, male or female. It doesn't matter.

They all succumb to his charm and that impish gleam in his eyes. Even Linda succumbs to his charm.

Elmer's Little Boy is a very special doll and one of the first posts in my Linda's Blog was "The Story Behind Elmer's Little Boy."

In thinking about what to write one day for my blog I thought it might be a good idea to tell the story behind some of the dolls I had created and decided to begin with the story behind Elmer's Little Boy.

Elmer generally is involved one way or another with just about everything that goes on in "The Dollie Storage Room." Because he has so much charm he can quiet down the rather rambunctious lads and charm the "old biddies" into doing what he wants. He can be a little rambunctious himself and it is usually Doris who bails him out of the trouble he gets into.

Doris Marie gets annoyed with Elmer from time to time, but he is her "older" brother and she LOVES him. Sometimes though......

If you would like to read the story behind my Elmer's doll please click here.


“Elmer’s Little Boy”, 10” Victorian Boy Doll E-Pattern - Victorian Doll - Victorian Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

“Doris Marie - Elmer’s Little Sister”, 10” Victorian Girl Doll E-Pattern -  Victorian Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

The Dolls Product Line Series - Andy With A Blue Plaid Shirt! and Annie With A Red Bow!

"Annie - With A Red Bow" and "Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt" are two of the newer dolls from my Linda Walsh Originals - "Stout Doll Pattern" series.

As Raggedies go they are an adorable pair.

It's not just because they are 7" primitive doll patterns or because they are raggedies It's because they are shelf sitters.

Annie prides herself on being an adorable shelf sitter with a beautiful red bow.  Just the right compliment for her beautiful red hair.  And, a perfect match to her delightful dress.  As shelf sitters go she can;t be any more adorable than she already is.

Andy is adorable, too.  He thinks his blue plaid short is THE PERFECT compliment to his red hair. Annie may have her red bow, but he's got his blue plaid shirt.  He's rather adorable if he doesn't say so himself!

What do you think?  Red bow or blue plaid shirt?

Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt

Annie - With A Red Bow

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Patience Is A Virtue

I'd like you to meet "Patience - Is a Virtue." Patience is a primitive bunny and is so happy-go-lucky that she has a hard time controlling herself. She just hops from here to there without a care in the world. Hop, hop, hop! Down the lane she goes. Hop, hop, hop! La dee da! La dee da!

She is a free-standing primitive bunny with a warm & natural body with an embroidered face, white buttons for eyes, lace trimmed dress, and lace trimmed apron adorned with 4 large pink buttons. She is coffee stained throughout.

If you ask her, "Patience, where are you going?" she replies, "Just anywhere!" Hop, hop, hop! If you ask, "Why are you going?" she just replies, "To make everyone happy!" Hop, hop, hop! If you respond, "That's impossible!" she just smiles and replies, "I have all the time in the world." Hop, hop, hop! Down the lane she goes. Hop, hop, hop! La dee da! La dee da!

Patience Is A Virtue Handmade Primitive Bunny Shelf Sitter 


Patience Is A Virtue”, 7” Primitive Bunny Shelf Sitter Doll E-Pattern - Stout Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

The Dolls Product Lines Series - Rag-doll Anthony and Rag-doll Annabell Lee

 Rag-doll Annabell Lee

“Rag-Doll Annabell Lee” lets her brother, Rag-Doll Anthony” think he’s in charge but she really knows who rules the roost. Not her mother. Not her father and, certainly, not her older brother, Rag-Doll Anthony.

 She is a primitive girl rag-doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and embroidered stitching on the outside of her head, arms, and legs. She has dark raggedy red curly hair on the top of her head. She is wearing a fringed dress with fringed bodice insert, bottom ruffle, and ballooned sleeves. She also has bloomers, and has strips of burgundy material tied to her legs.

Rag-doll Anthony

“Rag-Doll Anthony” is very protective of his baby sister “Rag-Doll Annabell Lee.” He’s much wiser, or so he thinks, and knows the ropes, or so he thinks. 

He is a primitive boy rag-doll with a cloth body, an embroidered face, and embroidered stitching on the outside of his head, arms, and legs. He has dark raggedy red curly hair on the top of his head. He is wearing fringed pants, a fringed shirt with collar and buttons, fringed tie, and has strips of burgundy material tied to his legs.

Rag-Doll Anthony and Rag-Doll Annabell Lee Free E-Pattern

The Dolls Product Line Series - Baptist and His Smile and Jael Loves Her Smile

"Baptist and His Smile" and "Jael Loves Her Smile" are brother and sister and are very alike in many ways and very different in other ways.

They both have flaming red hair which they get from their mother's side of the family. She's 2nd generation Irish and very, very proud of it. When they smile things just start to unravel.

Baptist and His Smile 

Baptist is an 18" primitive boy doll and is the wildest primitive you'd ever want to meet. He's so wild his hair just sticks straight out of his head. It cannot be controlled.

He's a dare devil and you are just as likely to find him climbing a tree, in his "Sunday Best Clothes" or rolling around in the mud.

Needless to say, his mother is never amused but, she loves her son. She can't help it - he's her "wild child."

“Baptist” has a cloth body, embroidered face with long smile, shirt, flannel jacket with buttons, and cuffed pantaloons with pockets. He has a fringed scarf tied around his neck. His cloth body and clothes are coffee-stained throughout.