Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Free Coloring Pages E-Book For The Candleweeds

If ever there was unusual cluster of wood-crafts it would have to be the Candleweeds Family. There's Will, Larry, Bill, Harry, Barry, and Phil.

They were born several years ago and were made from upside down unpainted candle cup holders I saw at a local craft store.  I was looking for a quick and easy craft project that I could make with my mother.  Something that could be created in a couple of hours. Something we could do on one of the crafting days we liked to have.

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to make these with my Mom so I decided to make them myself and then create free e-patterns to share.

After creating the free e-patterns I decided to create free coloring and printable pages so you could color your favorite Candleweed or cut out their printable.  They're a fun group of individuals who just want you to have fun with them.

Bill is the most artistic sibling in the Candleweed Family.  He loves art and has had a natural talent for drawing anything he sees since he was a baby.  He loves to ask the rest of his siblings to pose for him.  His free e-pattern is here.

Harry is the most introverted of the Candleweed Family siblings.  He's very shy and doesn't like to draw any attention to himself - let alone be the brunt of one of Larry's practical jokes.  His free e-pattern is here.