Friday, October 16, 2015

Meet "Wanna Quilt? Annie" - How Adorable Is She?

Well, they don't get any cheerier or happy go lucky than "Wanna Quilt? Annie"

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" could be called the happiest crafter around. She loves to craft and he specialty is quilting. In fact, she really LOVES to crazy quilt.

Crazy quilting requires a lot of time to do especially if you love to embroider parts of your quilt. Sometimes "Wanna Quilt? Annie" just doesn't have time to invest in a crazy quilt so she'll just make a patchwork quilt instead.

She always carries her bag of fat quarters around with her a she never knows when she may just squeeze in a few minutes here or there to do some crazy quilting. It could be waiting for the school bus, during her lunch hour, or in study hall.

And, since she's the President of the "quilting bee" group that always meets for an hour after school she always need to be ready to work on her quilt.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" is a 14" country Annie doll. She is a self-sitting cloth doll with a cloth body and embroidered face. Her head is fastened in an upwards position to her neck.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie, is wearing fringed and gathered bloomers and her red striped boots are cross tied with DMC Embroidery floss. She is wearing her favorite denim dress that is gathered at the waist with two pockets in the front that are decorated with jute bows. Her denim dress is gathered at the sleeves and neck.

Annie's beautiful head sits atop her shoulders in an upright position. She couldn't be any happier in the world. A small scarf is wrapped around her neck and tied in a knot in the front and two large scarves are wrapped around her shoulders and tied in loose knots in the front.

Annie has a mass of thick, curly raggedy read hair all over her head. Her fat quarters bag is made of denim and has a square bottom and straps. It holds quite a few fat quarters. Annie is also holding one of the patchwork quilts that she just made.

"Wanna Quilt? Annie" is working on a new quilt and can hardly wait to show it to her "quilting bee" group. She couldn't be happier.

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