Friday, October 16, 2015

Meet Read All About It, Andy! - How Adorable Is He?

Well, they don't get any cheerier than "Read All About It, Andy!"

And, they don't get any more efficient than "Read All About It, Andy!

You see, "Read All About It, Andy!" just loves what he's doing and is on a mission.

His mission is to deliver all the newspapers to the homes on his route on time and then to sell all the remaining newspapers before he has to go to school.

"Read All About It, Andy!" always starts his day the same way and always manages to get everything done and get to school on time.

How does he do that?

Well, he's very efficient and organized.

His school clothes are laid out the night before. His lunch is made the night before and stored in the refrigerator and his newspaper sack is all ready to go and just waiting for the morning editions.

He did all his homework the previous afternoon and still had time for a few hours of playing. He's lovable, cherry, efficient, and very organized. Everything you would want in a newspaper delivery boy.

"Read All About It, Andy!" is a 14" country Andy doll. He is a self-sitting cloth doll with a cloth body and embroidered face. His head is fastened in an upwards position to his neck and he even has dimples on the sides of his chin.

He's wearing a flannel shirt with gathered sleeves and collar. Two bandannas are wrapped around his neck and tied in separate knots in the front.

"Read All About It, Andy!" has a bushel of thick, straight raggedy red hair along the top and top back of his head. His red striped boots are cross-tied with DMC Embroidery floss. His denim pants have pockets in the front and in the back and are gathered and attached to a waistband. A fringed sash is tied around his waistband.

Andy's newspaper bag is squared on the bottom, has a cuff and handle along the top, is decorated with jute bows, and is embroidered with the word "NEWS" on the front. His newspaper are folded and carried within the bag.

"Read All About It, Andy!" is ready to go.

"Get the latest NEWS!" Read All About It!"

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