Monday, May 26, 2014

They're Skinny Mini's

As Doris Marie came around the corner of the Dollie Storage Room she saw Patience pacing back and forth looking at a picture.  She was jumping from one bunny foot to the other.  Definitely not a good situation for such a timid, shy, worry wart of a bunny.  So, she decided to ask Patience what the matter was.

"Oh, Doris Marie I'm so happy you stopped to ask me.  Look at this picture of our alpaca cousins. Somethings happened to them.  Why they're almost naked and so skinny,"  Patience exclaimed. "Make that they are naked and are definitely skinny mini's.  What should we do, Doris Marie?  How can we help them?  Are Debbie and Karl not feeding them?  You don't think they're abusing them do you?"

"Oh, for goodness sake, Patience.  Don't be silly," Doris Marie replied.  "They're just been shorn."

"Shorn?" "What's that?" Patience asked.  "Is that the same as starving?"

"Absolutely not, Patience.  Let's just say they've had a really, really good haircut," Doris said. "And, don't worry.  Debbie and Karl feed them plenty of grass and hay.  They are far from starving."

"That's so good to know, Doris Marie.  But, you can see Roxy's ribs.  And, Sunflower has no top.  I really hope they don't get cold," Patience cried.

"Not to worry, Patience," Doris Marie responded.  "They're alpacas and are used to this."

"They don't shear bunnies do they Doris Marie," Patience wondered? "I certainly wouldn't want that to happen to me."

"Not to worry, Patience.  Linda has no plans to shear you," Doris Marie replied. "And, I know you get plenty of food."

"Oh,what a relief that is," Patience said. "That makes me feel so much better."