Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Cut and Sew Doll Ornament Kits and Handmde Ornaments Sets For The Dollie Storage Room

I can remember when I was a young girl running to show my mother my latest craft or sewing project. She would tell me it was wonderful or beautiful and I would leave with a big smile on my face. Sometimes she would point out a few things I could improve upon. It was never a criticism just a lesson in improving one's skill. Being the perfectionist that I am I would either take it apart and fix it or replace it with a brand new piece.

In thinking about my custom fabric cut and sew doll ornaments I decided that with time being a commodity these days one way to teach kids how to sew would be to create cut and sew doll kits grouped by theme, season, or holidays. The kits would include the fabric pieces for the group and instructions for finishing the doll via machine stitching or by blanket stitching. By including two different ways to finish the ornaments kids could learn machine stitching and blanket stitch embroidery, too.And, by grouping the ornaments by theme, season, or holiday you could organize craft activities for groups of kids or for families to do together. So, I decided to put some kits together.

The cut in sew doll ornaments in each group could be machine finished like the groups shown in the picture above. Or, the edges could be blanket stitched like the groups shown in the picture below.

The kits provide an easy and quick way for beginners or beginning sewing groups to learn how to hand sew and machine sew. And, maybe even how to blanket stitch. Plus, the kids end up with an adorable ornament to keep or give as a gift. That will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Dollie Storage Group Cut and Sew Kit - Creates Four  3" by 4" Cotton Fabric Boy and Girl Doll Ornaments

To buy our cut and sew Dollie Storage Room doll ornaments group kit please CLICK HERE.
To buy our handmade machine stitched cut and sew Dollie Storage Room doll ornaments group please CLICK HERE.
To buy our blanket stitch embroidered edges cut and sew Dollie Storage Room doll ornaments group please CLICK HERE.

Cut and Sew Kit Contents: Four (4) pieces, as shown above, consisting of one each of the Dollie Storage Room Group cut and sew cotton fabric piece designs and instructions for finishing the ornaments one of two different ways. Kit DOES NOT include sewing thread, poly-fil, warm and natural or batting, and DMC color coordinated embroidery floss needed to create the ornaments one of two different ways.

Instructions included for finishing the ornaments via machine stitching as shown in the picture at the top of the collage shown above. Kit does not include poly-fil, sewing thread, and color coordinated DMC embroidery floss that you will need to buy to finish the cut and sew ornaments.

Or, blanket stitch embroider the edges of the ornaments as shown in the picture at the bottom of the collage shown above. Kit includes how-to tutorial for blanket stitching. Kit does not include warm and natural or batting, and color coordinated DMC embroidery floss that you will need to buy to finish the cut and sew ornaments this way.

The Dollie Storage Room cut and sew kit contains 1 fabric piece for each of the following cut and sew custom cotton fabric doll ornaments:

 1)  Primitive Annie Cut and Sew Ornament
 2)  Primitive Andy Cut and Sew Ornament
 3)  Elmer's Little Boy Cut and Sew Ornament
 4)  Doris Marie Cut and Sew Ornament

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Did You See Our Cousins New Alpaca Pictures?

My sister and her husband, who are the owners of Rock Garden Alpacas, had been planning on participating in their first National Alpaca Farm Days Weekend Event for a year and that weekend was finally here.

My sister had also decided that this would also be the official opening of their Rock Garden Alpacas Farm Store. This meant products had to be made and the store had to be set up. Needless to say even with a year to plan all this the closer it got to the day the more harried everyone became.

The event was meant to showcase alpaca farms, teach the public about the alpacas and to, hopefully, sell some products. So, of course, with a two-day event the weather was important. Luckily for us the weather forecast for that weekend was beautiful sunny days.

What could be better than spending a beautiful Fall day at the farm, sitting on the hill and taking in my sister's incredible view, learning about the animals and their fiber, and doing a little shopping. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

So, of course, I went to help.  Truth be told I just love the alpacas and taking pictures of them.  And, I knew the "dollies" would love seeing new pictures of their alpaca cousins.  Here's some of the pictures I took:

The girls were getting ready.

Petunia was in her hay pile.

Roxy and Zinnia were getting ready.  There would be visitors today so they needed to look their best.

This meant a little rolling in the dust to make themselves beautiful for their guests.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

You're All Invited To The Dollie's Spooky Halloween Party

There's been a lot of chatter coming from The Dollie Storage Room lately.

Dolls have been coming and going at all times of the day and night. 

There's been a lot of banging and moving of furniture. And, of course there's been a lot of laughter and gaiety for days on end now.

We weren't concerned until we heard the screaming. That we weren't too sure of, but the dollies assured us that everything was fine.

We're pretty sure what's going on.

It's October and that means the "dollies" favorite holiday will be here soon - HALLOWEEN.

And, for the dollies that means "PARTY TIME!"

They do love to party. And, at Halloween party they do.

That is - until the house starts shaking.

Then, hubby, puts his foot down. Or lets say he tries to put his foot down. When the "dollies" get going they don't listen to anyone. Well, maybe someone - ME!!!!

When they get out of hand and get a little too exuberant I have to gently remind them that I may be old, but since I put them together I can still take them apart. For them that's tantamount to a death sentence. So, they pay attention and calm down just a bit. At least the house stops shaking.

So, get ready.  It's IT'S SPOOKY TIME

You're All invited! So, come on - let's party!

CLICK HERE or click on the picture above to start the show.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fast and Easy Cut and Sew Dolls Is A Great Way To Teach Kids How To Sew

When I was designing my cut and sew dolls I couldn't help but think about my own experiences as a child learning how to sew and thought that cut and sew dolls would not only be a good way to teach a young child how to hand sew but also how to teach them how to machine sew as they could be put together either way. Plus, they quickly see the results of their efforts.

My mother and her best friend taught me how to sew when I was about ten years old. First they made me practice sewing two pieces of fabric together by hand until my running stitches were even and I knew the difference between a running stitch, straight stitch, back-stitch, etc. Then they explained the various types of stitches and their use and some of the sewing terminology.

I, of course, was anxious to start with the sewing machine. Just let me make something.  They tried to explain that I needed to master the hand stitches before moving on to the sewing machine. I couldn't understand why back then. I can now.  I wanted to create something right then and there.

When they were happy with my hand sewing I moved on to the sewing machine. First they explained how the machine worked, the different parts of the machine, the different machine heads, the different stitches, winding bobbins, etc. I couldn't move on until I knew this. I had no idea when I wanted to learn how to sew how much I needed to learn first. I was ready to go. Let me at the sewing machine - now.

Finally, the day came when I was allowed to start my machine sewing - or so I thought. Au contraire!

First my mother and her friend explained all the sewing terms, showed me how to sew a straight line with the machine, how to sew in reverse, etc. Here, too, they had me practicing rows and rows of stitches on single pieces of fabric. I, of course, thought I was ready after sewing two or three rows of stitches.

My mother would look at my rows of stitching and tell me to continue practicing. My rows of stitching were crooked. I wasn't allowed to move on until they were straight. I really think my mother made me practice much more then I needed just to keep me out of her hair. In any event, I practiced sewing straight lines forward and backwards until I could do it with my eyes closed.

When I thought I was done and ready to start my project here, too, I was wrong. I had no idea they had a test in store for me. YIKES! I'm learning to sew not going to school. Needless to say I passed my quiz with flying colors and they decided I was ready to move on to my first pattern.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Another Baby Alpaca Cousin For The Dollies

Mom "Zinnia" and her new 1st baby "Petunia"

Petunia standing on her own.

Petunia just after being born.

The "dollies" have been on pins and needles for several days as Zinnia was due to deliver her first baby the first two weeks of July.  They were placing their bets on a 4th of July baby alpaca cousin, but Petunia had her own schedule in mind.  She decided to come a day early.  

Given that it was Zinnia's first baby my sister was a little apprehensive as to how Zinnia would be handling this.  She came through like a trooper and to my sister's delight was very attentive to her baby.

Here's what my sister had to say, "She is here! Rock Garden Alpacas Perucoyo Petunia! Dam is Rock Garden Alpacas Perucoyo Zinnia and Sire is Accoyo Cuba Libre of Ideuma Creek Alpacas. A special thanks to my good friend Denise at Ideuma Creek for talking me through staying calm as Zinnia is a first time mom and I was not sure it was moving along as it should."

Welcome to the world Petunia.  Great job Zinnia.

Monday, May 26, 2014

They're Skinny Mini's

As Doris Marie came around the corner of the Dollie Storage Room she saw Patience pacing back and forth looking at a picture.  She was jumping from one bunny foot to the other.  Definitely not a good situation for such a timid, shy, worry wart of a bunny.  So, she decided to ask Patience what the matter was.

"Oh, Doris Marie I'm so happy you stopped to ask me.  Look at this picture of our alpaca cousins. Somethings happened to them.  Why they're almost naked and so skinny,"  Patience exclaimed. "Make that they are naked and are definitely skinny mini's.  What should we do, Doris Marie?  How can we help them?  Are Debbie and Karl not feeding them?  You don't think they're abusing them do you?"

"Oh, for goodness sake, Patience.  Don't be silly," Doris Marie replied.  "They're just been shorn."

"Shorn?" "What's that?" Patience asked.  "Is that the same as starving?"

"Absolutely not, Patience.  Let's just say they've had a really, really good haircut," Doris said. "And, don't worry.  Debbie and Karl feed them plenty of grass and hay.  They are far from starving."

"That's so good to know, Doris Marie.  But, you can see Roxy's ribs.  And, Sunflower has no top.  I really hope they don't get cold," Patience cried.

"Not to worry, Patience," Doris Marie responded.  "They're alpacas and are used to this."

"They don't shear bunnies do they Doris Marie," Patience wondered? "I certainly wouldn't want that to happen to me."

"Not to worry, Patience.  Linda has no plans to shear you," Doris Marie replied. "And, I know you get plenty of food."

"Oh,what a relief that is," Patience said. "That makes me feel so much better."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meet The "Egg Muff Series" of Dolls

Meet the "Egg Muff Series" of new handmade cloth dolls and e-patterns.

"Toni E. Hawk"and Tom A. Hawk are members of the "Egg Muff Series" of cloth dolls. Toni E. Hawk happens to be "Tom A. Hawk's" twin sister.

"Nancy Dew Drop"and "Spike A Peek"  are also members of the "Egg Muff Series" of cloth dolls.

They are a fun loving group of dolls that love to sneak around and maybe, every once in awhile, drop in unexpectedly.

You might find them peeking around a corner, peeking over the windowsill, peeking through a keyhole in a door, or sneaking into your room. You just never know.

Sometimes you might just catch a glimpse of their eyes and hair as they try to sneak a peek. If you listen carefully, you might even hear them laughing, even chuckling away.

Sometimes you might even catch them doing a little jig. You just never know what they may do.

They love to laugh. They love to have fun. But, most of all they love to play hide and peek! No, not hide and seek! Hide and peek!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet the Dollies - It's Time For Primitive Annie's Story

"Primitive "Annie" is on the shy side, just like "Primitive Andy" who is her prince charming. While he is the shyest "dollie" on the planet she is the sweetest "dollie" on the planet. And, both got embroiled in the "dollie stories" fiasco on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and Linda's Blog. She, to, doesn't like any attention being brought to herself and knows she didn't write the notes back then. So, she was happy when Primitive Andy told her that I wasn't going to release the identify of the note writer back then.

It had been 10 years since her creation and, to date, she still has no story. Some of the "dollies" feel this isn't right. It doesn't bother "Primitive Annie." She's far too sweet to let anything like that bother her. She knows that I would tell her story in due course.

When Primitive Annie read Primitive Andy's post yesterday she knew hers was about to be released, too. It was time and Primitive Annie was happy with that.

Here's "Primitive Annie's" story:

"Primitive Annie" was the 2nd primitive doll that Linda designed, but her first "raggedy Annie."

Sometimes you find someone who is just plain sweet. Someone who always thinks of others before herself, always tries to do the right thing, always tries to be polite and respectful of her elders, and who always tries to be the best she can be.

Well, "Primitive Annie" is such a person - or, such a "dollie!"  She is just the sweetest and nicest "dollie" you ever could meet. And, she's in love with her prince charming - "Primitive Andy.

"Primitive Annie" likes to pretend that she's Cinderella and that "Primitive Andy" is her prince charming. She dreams of a beautiful future and life together. The problem is that "Primitive Andy" is so shy that it's almost impossible for her to get near him. In fact, he is the shyest "dollie" on the planet.

Primitive Annie has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with two-buttoned eyes, and oodles of freckles. She is wearing a coffee stained, tattered, and fringed dress with 3/4 length fringed sleeves. She is also wearing gathered bloomers and a tattered and fringed apron. She has a small tattered ribbon tied around her neck, patches on her clothes and raggedy red looped hair along the sides and top of her head. Floss is sewn to her feet and legs for her raggedy red stripes.

"Primitive Annie" may be wearing tattered clothes, but she is sweetness in life.  And, she has a dilemma. How can he know how wonderful she is if she can't even get to talk to him? How can Cinderella meet her Prince Charming when he's so shy?

Can you help her?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet The Dollies - It's Time For Primitive Andy's Story

There are shy people and there are really, really, really shy people. Primitive Andy is one of those people. He could very well be the shyest person in the world.

Well, maybe we should clarify that. He could very well be the shyest "dollie" in the world.

He just hates to draw attention to himself, hates to be the center of attention, hates talking before an audience, hates to have his picture taken, and hates having things written about him. The latter is why he has gone 10 years without a story.

Seven years ago a lot of attention was draw to 3 of the "raggedies" who had written notes to me demanding Linda tell their story. She posted about the latest "dollie stories" fiasco on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog and my Linda's Blog back in 2011.

Linda never disclosed who wrote the letters.  What all the "dollies" don't know is that Primitive Andy asked her not to write a story about him. He told her he was just too shy and would prefer not to have a story written about him. So, Linda took pity upon him back then and didn't write his story. However, he's not a kid anymore and has grown up a lot in the last three and is just so adorable she decided it was time to tell his story.

Here's his story:

"Primitive Andy" has the distinct honor of being the first primitive doll that Linda designed and likes to pride himself on being small, lean, and, well, adorable. Just don't tell anyone he said that and just don't draw any attention to him. "Primitive Andy" is probably the shyest "dollie" in the world. And, he's just fine with that.

He just hates to draw attention to himself, hates to be the center of attention, hates talking before an audience, hates to have his picture taken, and hates having things written about him. It was tough enough for him to have his picture taken for his pattern. He was on edge for several days before and sick to his stomach. But, Linda assured him there would only be two people in the studio taking pictures. She would be there and "Primitive Andy" would be there. No one else.

So, "Primitive Andy" agreed.

"Primitive Andy" has a coffee stained cloth body, embroidered face with two-button eyes, and loads of freckles. He's wearing a coffee stained and fringed shirt with 3/4 length fringed sleeves, buttons and patches. His tattered and fringed pantaloons are gathered at the waist and middle of his calves and have patches. He has a small tattered ribbon tied around his neck, and raggedy red cut hair along the sides and top of his head. Floss is sewn to his feet and legs for his raggedy red stripes.

If you look closely at "Primitive Andy's" pictures you may see a little trepidation in his face. He could barely muster a smile when Linda said, cheese!" He knows there's only Linda and himself in the studio taking his picture, but he's just so shy. He really would prefer not to be photographed at all.

He's just unbelievably shy. Probably the shyest "dollie" in the world. But, he's just fine with that! Not everyone needs there 15 minutes of fame! Certainly not "Primitive Andy."