Monday, December 9, 2013

Baptist and Jael - Just Who Do They Think They Are?

At first I thought all the muttering and sputtering that I was hearing from "The Dollie Storage Room" was due to my using the little red wagon for my Fall decorations seasonal scene which I had posted about HERE.

However, that was days ago and I thought the boy "dollies" had already gotten over that. So, if it wasn't that what was all the clamor about?

I didn't have to wait long to find out.

The "dollies" were annoyed that not only had I given chairs from the group of chairs my sister had gotten for me to Baptist and Jael but they now were prominently displayed on top of the book shelves in the upstairs hall.

"Just Look At Them," one of the "dollies" said. "Just Who Do They Think They Are?"

Oh, boy! The "dollies" weren't happy about this.

Of course, the "dollies" aren't happy unless they're all included. Well, with 1,796 dolls of my own creation there was no way I was going to give each of them their own chair.

So, I explained to the "dollies" who had gathered in the upstairs hall that the chairs didn't belong to Baptist and Jael. I was going to use the two wonderful chairs Baptist and Jael were sitting in to display some of the other dolls from time to time.

The "dollies" that had gathered in the upstairs hall seemed pleased with this idea.

That is, until they returned to "The Dollie Storage Room" and told the others. I should have know what was going to happen. It had happened before with the boy dolls." The "dollies" wanted to know how I was going to decide who should be featured and when.

They were all yelling and stammering and jumping about so as to get noticed. When this happens the only thing to do is to shut the door and walk away. The "dollies" would have to figure this out on their own.

So, I shut the door and started to walk downstairs. As I passed Baptist and Jael in the upstairs hall I couldn't help but think how adorable they looked in the chairs. Perhaps I'd teach the "dollies" a lesson and give the chairs to Baptist and Jael after all. If all the clamoring in "The Dollie Storage Room" didn't stop soon that was exactly what I would do.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I looked up and could see Baptist and Jael smiling from ear to ear. They were thrilled with their chairs and the possibility of their chairs becoming their permanent seats.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gotta Love Little Red Wagons and Doll Chairs

I just love surprises - don't you?

For the "dollies" and me it's even more delightful when it's something they can use. They're so demanding and spoiled it's hard to keep them happy.

So, when my sister told me she had a friend who was moving and who had a gift shop full of inventory that she needed to sell that included doll chairs and wanted to know if I was interested I said, "absolutely!"

I was getting these sight unseen and had no idea how many chairs and what types they were. It would definitely be a surprise. And, surprised I was. Actually, "delighted" is a better word.

Tucked inside the box was the most adorable little red wagon. My sister thought I could use it for the "dollies" so she grabbed it for me. Of course, I loved it and immediately put it to good use in my Fall decorations seasonal scene. I thought it would look cute carrying a pumpkin.

Of course, when the boy "dollies" found out I was using it for one of my seasonal displays there was a lot of stomping, banging and clanging coming from "The Dollie Storage Room." I knew it was the boy "dollies" showing their displeasure with my using the little red wagon that way. So I just ignored them. I'm sure they weren't happy about that, but sometimes I just have to have the upper hand.

Hubby, of course, said , "The boys aren't going to let this go. They're very unhappy!"

To which I replied, "Well, they can't always have their way."

To which he replied, "You're gonna regret this."

I was determined not to let the boy "dollies" get their way but knew hubby was probably right. The "dollies" always got their way.