Saturday, June 15, 2013

A New Baby Girl Alpaca Cousin Named Dahlia

The "dollies" have been jumping up and down with joy the last few days.  The reason?  Well, they have a new baby girl alpaca cousin named "Dahlia."  And, she couldn't be more adorable.

Roxy and her new baby girl - Dahlia.

 Mom and daughter enjoying the sun.

 A tender kiss from  Mom.

How adorable is she?  Beautiful Dahlia.

Dahlia was born at Rock Garden Alpacas the afternoon of June 12th. By the evening she was out running in the fields.

Of course, all the "dollies" want to go visit their new alpaca cousin. With 1,796 of them that isn't going to happen any time soon.  So, of course, they're already bugging me about Dahlia's Alpacas Rock products.  I'm ignoring the"dollies" for now which is never a good idea, but she and her Mom, Roxy, are on the "to do" list.  So, stay tuned.

If you'd like to read more about the "dollies" new cousin "Dahlia" please visit Rock Garden Alpacas post "Introducing Rock Garden Alpacas Dahlia!"

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