Thursday, September 13, 2012

You're All Invited To The Dollie House Of Horrors

The Dollie House of Horrors

Pretty soon the month of October will be here and that means the "dollies" favorite holiday will be here - HALLOWEEN.  Now you might be wondering why the "dollies" love Halloween so much.

Well, they get to have a little fun.  You see, it's the one and only time of the year that I let them party.  And, party they do.

That is - until the house starts shaking.

Then, hubby, puts his foot down.  Or lets say he tries to put his foot down.  When the "dollies" get going they don't listen to anyone.  Well, maybe someone - ME!!!!

When they get out of hand and get a little too exuberant I have to gently remind them that since I put them together I can take them apart.  For them that's tantamount to a death sentence. So, they pay attention and calm down just a bit.  At least the house stops shaking.


You're All invited! So, come on - let's party!

CLICK HERE or click the picture above to start the show.