Thursday, December 29, 2011

She's A TRAITOR! Off With Her Head!

It was the Monday after Christmas and hubby and I had gone out to buy Christmas paper and ribbons at 50% off as we were running out and would need some next year. We figured - why pay full price next year when we could buy them at 50% off after the holidays? So, we decided to go out for breakfast and then hit the stores.

We were gone about two hours and were having a wonderful time. Unbeknownst to us and while we were gone it seems there was a rally which turned into a near riot going on outside our house. Something had gotten the "dollies" all riled up.

We knew there was a problem the closer and closer we got to the house. There was loud chanting going on. Almost as if someone were using a megaphone. Both hubby and I looked at each other at the same time and said, "When did the "dollies" get a megaphone?" And what were they saying?

As we turned into the driveway we heard loud voices all in unison chanting: "She's A TRAITOR!"

"She's A TRAITOR!"

"She's A TRAITOR!"

Hubby and I just looked at each other wondering what was going on.

Then we heard, "She betrayed us!"

"She's deceived us all these years!"

"She's a hypocrite!"

"She's a scamp!"

"And, look at that dog. Who does he think he is?"

With that last remark I knew what was going on. The "dollies" had discovered Molly and Coconut, the American Girl doll and dog that hubby had given me for Christmas. And, they were not happy about it. Not happy at all.

Then I heard, "How dare she bring a manufactured doll into this house. This is a house of handmades - albeit all handmade by Linda. There is no place here for an American Girl doll. No matter how popular they may be."

"We cannot allow this. SHE CANNOT LIVE HERE. Linda will just have to find another place for her to live."

The "dollies" were all out on the lawn - like some sort of rally. There were thousands of them. Chanting and sputtering under their breath. Prancing and shaking their heads. Hands were balled up in fists and they were shouting, "Off with her head!" "Off with her head!" YIKES!!!!

As we got nearer to the garage we noticed there was a podium and someone was standing at it with a megaphone. It was Doris Marie - my savior. Surely Doris Marie wasn't saying "Off With Her Head!"

I couldn't help but wonder. Whose head were they talking about. Mine or Molly's!!!!

Hopefully not mine. But, I didn't want them to lop off Molly's either. She was just too damn cute!

Then we heard Doris say, "Now, now, settle down everyone. You know Linda loves dolls - all sorts of dolls. And, to be fair, she does have other dolls that she did not create. She's not only a doll maker, but a doll collector. So, of course she's going to get other dolls. Isn't she?"

It was Doris Marie talking.  Thank goodness. She continued, "She just got this doll on Sunday and hasn't had a chance to talk to us yet - let alone introduce her new doll to us. Let's give her a chance to explain. Shall we?"

"Come on now," Doris said. "She always gives us a chance to explain.  We should do the same - shouldn't we?"

The "dollies" all trusted Doris Marie and usually agreed to what she was saying. This time was no different. They all settled down and started back to "The Dollie Storage Room." As they did we heard a little grumbling, as follows:


"Alright! If we have to - but, I still don't like it!"

"She can explain - but it better be good!"


"Gee-wiz. Okay!"

"Alright, Doris Marie, but it better be a good one."

With that last remark I knew I had some pretty BIG explaining to do as to why hubby had bought me an American Girl doll and doggie companion for Christmas.