Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shadows On The Wall

As we were unloading the groceries from the car I noticed a strange shadow moving across the dining room wall.


Should I be afraid?

Was it a burglar?

Were we being robbed?

In the middle of the day?

So, of course, I asked hubby to check it out.

Well, he came back and reported that he hadn't seen anything.

I, of course, thought that was strange.

I knew I had seen a shadow moving across the wall.

And, then, there it was AGAIN!

Slowly moving across the dining room wall.

What the.........???

There was something there.

Just look at those shadows.

Claw like, bat like.... MONSTER LIKE! And, getting bigger!

Definitely  kind of eerie if not downright FRIGHTENING!

So, of course, I ran behind hubby and said, "There is something there.  Go look!"

As to be expected he came back and said, "There's NOTHING there!"

Now I know I'm not bats, even if the shadows look like bats or claws or even MONSTERS!

I knew I wasn't losing my mind!

So, I begged hubby to take a look AGAIN.

And, then something very, very strange happened.

Hubby, started humming .....ta da da dum,  .....ta da da dum

and, started tip toeing into the dining room in a very CREEPY manner.

If I was losing my mind seeing shadows on the wall, well - he had definitely lost his......ta da da dum,.....ta da da dum

Then I heard it.

The music was the same as "The Addams Family" but, the words were a little different.

Yet, I couldn't quite make them out from where I was standing.

I had to get closer.

So, I started towards the dining room.

Then, all of a sudden I found myself tip toeing into the dining room, too.

.....ta da da dum, .....ta da da dum

And, then I saw the shadows, quickly followed by a shape.

It was greenish...... ICK!!!!

Yet, it was a familiar shape.

I knew I had seen it before.

It was dark in the dining room so the images were kind of blurry at first, but I knew I had seen them before.

Then it hit me .....ta da da dum, .....ta da da dum

.....ta da da dum, .....ta da da dum

I should have know it. This was September 1st after all and the start of the "dollies" favorite season - Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

When the room brightened enough so that I could see I was surrounded by witches, scarecrows, ghosts, goblins, Frankensteins and mummies all CREEPING and tip toeing around.

Everywhere I looked there was a "dollie."

They were having a really, really good time.  Singing.........

.....ta da da dum, .....ta da da dum

They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky,

They're all together ooky, The DOLLIE Family.

Their house is a museum Where people come to see 'em




They really are a scream--The DOLLIE Family.

So get a witches shawl on

A broomstick you can crawl on

We're gonna pay a call on The DOLLIE Family.

.....ta da da dum, .....ta da da dum