Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If They Think I Won't Find Out Who Wrote The Note.......

Yesterday I found the following note on my computer chair. Of course, I was not amused. I might agree with it, but I'm not amused! If the "dollies" think I won't find out who write the note - well, I will...... There's always one "dollie" tattling on another. Just like children!

Here's the story I posted on my Linda's Blog:

Finally, A Story For Three Very Special Primitives!

You know that you're in trouble with the "dollies" when you find a note on your computer chair. It simply said, "You need to do something to resolve this situation. It has gone on way too long."


What does that mean?

What could they be talking about?

As I had no idea what the "dollies" were talking about and who had left the note I decided to just do what I always do with the "dollies" notes and ignore this.

Well, several days later I received another note. This time it said, "You cannot ignore this like all the other things you have ignored! They need a story! They've gone 7 years without one!"


A clue.

Which "dollies" had gone seven years without a story?


Many, actually, as most of the dolls that I created back in 2004 didn't have stories to accompany their patterns or handmade dolls. So, knowing that narrowed the field considerably. However, that could still mean 23 different dolls.

However, 20 of those dolls were Victorian "Ladies" and I knew they would never in a million years complain or send me a note. They were "ladies" after all and had manners.

So, it had to be my original 3 "raggedies." They were the only ones without stories out of all the rest of the dolls I had created.

Now I knew who it was. I knew for sure that neither of these three dolls had written the note themselves. They were just too timid. It had to have been written by someone else.

Exactly who, I don't know as of yet - but, I will find out. My "dollie spies" will tell me. That's for sure.

So, I'll wait to find out who wrote the note. However, despite the fact that I was annoyed that I had received a note I did have to agree with it that it was about time. Seven years is a long time to go especially if you're having seven years of bad luck. I hope by relaying their stories now that I'm not going to jinx things.

We'll find out in time - I'm sure.

In any event, I knew who the three "dollies" were. And, despite what all the "dollie" thought these three did have stories. I just hadn't conveyed them as of yet.

I guess now is as good a time as any.

Stay tuned for their stories.....