Monday, June 28, 2010

The Dollies Got Their Way - Again!

As a reader of my Linda's Blog and The Dollie Storage Room Blog you are probably well aware that my dollies have minds of their own. Maybe that's even an understatement. They have strong wills and strong points of view.

Plus, they have a distinct advantage over me in sheer numbers. There are literally thousands of them in the "Dollie Storage Room."

Yes, I know - my creative juices have gotten the better of me in the last few years. I, simply, have made way too many dolls. That's neither here nor there now. The fact is there are a lot of them. And, when they want something - well, THEY WANT IT! They're just so demanding.

The other day I heard rumbling and knew right away that it was coming from "The Dollie Storage Room."The "dollies" were up to something and making a lot of noise. I could only wonder what that was all about. So, what do they want now?

For sure, I knew it would just be a matter of time before they told me - or demanded something.

Well, it seems the "dollies" had gotten together and decided that 4 years was long enough to wait. They wanted to put on another "Dollie Fashion Show."  The last one was in 2006 and this was 2010!

This time they decided they wouldn't even ask me if that was "okay." My opinion, I guess, no longer matters. They wanted to do this, and so they will. Since ours is a democratic household, they out number me 1,000 to 1, there wasn't much I was going to be able to do. Even if my vote were to count double or triple or more, they'd still far out number me.

A little while later I got a message that "Doris Marie" wanted to see me. Whenever the dollies want to smooth things over with me they always sent "Doris Marie."

After all, she is named after my Grandmother and, well, you pay attention to your Grandmother - don't you?. So, Doris Marie came to see me. And, it seems she'd brought a picture, flowers, and a list with her. Hmmmm...... This was interesting..... Hmmmm????

Well, the dollies decided that they really didn't want me to be mad at them or feel excluded. So, since they were going to put on a fashion show (for a good cause - their own!) they decided to smooth things over with me.

They wanted some advice - at least that's what Doris Marie told me. Of course, what they really wanted was me to write about a few of them in a "The Dollie Fashion Show" series on my Linda's Blog  and The Dollie Storage Room Blog .

It seems Doris Marie had brought a framed picture of me in my one and only fashion show, flowers, and a list of the dolls participating in the fashion show. They figured I'd love the flowers - which I did. And, they figured I'd love the picture of myself - which I did. That, of course was over 35 years ago - in my youth when I looked really good. Okay, I still look good - just older and a lot heavier!! Ah, the aging process is wonderful - isn't it?

In any event, the list was so I knew who to write about. After all, each of the "dollies" wanted their own post. With 1, 796 dolls (most of whom were participating) this was going to take a very long time. I only hoped that several would be walking down the runway together so I could write about some of them as a group. One can hope!

Well, Doris Marie is just so darn cute it's hard to refuse her. She knows that I can't win when it comes down to a battle of the brains debate. She always wins. She's just too darn smart. Either that, or I'm too darn old and tired.

In any event, since the "dollies" had already decided they were going to do this whether I liked it or not all I could do was refuse to write about them. But, what good would that do. They'd pout and shout and stamp their feet 24 hours a day 7 days a week and hubby and I would get no sleep - let alone peace in the house. So, I agreed to write about them in another "Dollie Fashion Show" series.

They decided that they wanted the theme of the fashion show to be "Everything and Anything!" With that kind of theme you never know what you're going to see. So, I walked over to "The Dollie Storage Room" and stood on the podium.

"Okay, ladies...Um...I mean "dollies" settle down. Please settle down."

"Ladies, Um..Gentlemen, Um..Girls, Um....Boys, Um..Snowmen, Um...Raggedies. Um... I'd like your attention. I'd like to say a few words to you."

"You're trying my patience!" I said. "If this room does not quiet down in the next minute you are all going to the bottom of the "dollie" scrap material pile - never to be seen or heard from again. Maybe even taken apart to be remade into something else! Like a pillow or a crazy quilt!"

"YIKES!" And, with that statement you could hear a pin drop in "The Dollie Storage Room."

After all, the "dollies" all prided themselves on their own beauty, their own uniqueness, their own wonderfulness, their own individuality. They could never allow themselves to be taken apart for scraps of material to make a pillow or a crazy quilt. No way! Why that was just inhuman!

But, alas, they were only "dollies" and I could do what I wanted with them. Talk about the ultimate power.  I could make them into crazy quilts if I wanted to. But, I wouldn't ever do such a thing - would I?

None of the "dollies" wanted to take that chance and find out. No sireee!!!! None of them. So, they all settled down.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen -- I mean "dollies, animals, snowmen, raggedies, primitives, witches, pumpkins, dolls...." When I say "dollies" I mean all of you, okay? Not male, not female. Not boy, not girl. Not animal, not snowmen. I'm using the term "dollies" to encompass all of you. Okay?"

"If you're in agreement, please raise your hands," I said.

And, with that all of the "dollies" raised their hands (that is, if they had hands). Some of the animals raised their paws and some of the other crafts tipped their heads, bowed, honked or did something to indicate they were in agreement

I said, "I just wanted to let you all know that I think another "Dollie Fashion Show Series" is a fabulous idea. And, if you had come to me to ask if you could do this - I would have said okay and we wouldn't have had all this noise - all this fuss - all this too do."

"I would have said yes right away. See, you don't know me as well as you think you do! "

With that all the "dollies" felt bad and started to rush the podium. I was overrun with "dollies" trying to make amends. Trying to hug and kiss me.

I raised my hand and said, "Stop! I know you all feel bad about this. I really do and I thank you for wanting to hug and kiss me but, you can't all do it at once. So, just blow me a kiss and that will be enough."

Well, with the number of "dollies" all blowing a kiss at the same time I knew there would be a wind gust. So, I held on to the podium and smiled and thanked them and then went to comb my hair.

I guess it's time for more fashion shows. I'd better get to writing.........