Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Just Not Fair! She's Just an Avatar!

"Everyone is just so hurt by this, Elmer. She's just an avatar. Why would an avatar need furniture? And, Linda is spending way too much time with her," Patience exclaimed. "The "dollies" are really hurt by this. I don't know what to do!"

"She has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even a bathroom. Why does an avatar need with any of this? And, why would she need a bathroom? She's not human, like we are, " Patience exclaimed.

"What should I do Elmer?"

"Well, Patience," Elmer replied "I think you should tell Doris Marie or Helena. They know exactly how to handle Linda and will get to the bottom of this. There has to be a good explanation for this. We all know Linda loves us and wouldn't do anything to hurt our feelings. Certainly not intentionally."

"Yes, I think you should show Doris Marie and Helena the pictures. But, before you do let me see them again."

In looking at the pictures "Elmer's Little Boy" couldn't help but admire Linda's lovely taste in decorating. Her "girlie girl" selection for Linda's YoVille apartment was quite pretty. So, he could understand how the other "dollies" would get hurt by this. After all, "The Dollie Storage Room" hadn't been touched in years. In fact, it wasn't even finished - no decorations at all. Just the bare wood walls of a storage room."

"I do have to say, Patience, that Linda did a nice job with the Linda's YoVille apartment decorations. They really are very pretty, "Elmer exclaimed. "Plus, truth be told, the Linda avatar really is a cutie pie."

"Yes, Elmer the decorations are really pretty. And, I, too love how "girlie girl" they are and know the other "dollies" would love to live in such a place. It's just that Linda has never decorated "The Dollie Storage Room" and the other "dollies" think she's spending way too much time with the Linda avatar in YoVille," Patience replied. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Well, I guess I would have to agree," Elmer responded.

It really had been a long time since Linda has turned her attention to "The Dollie Storage Room. In fact, he was surprised that the "dollies" hadn't revolted already. They were on the verge of it last year and Linda managed to calm them down. But, this might just be the catalyst for a new revolt and Linda may not be able to prevent it.

"Yes, Patience. Definitely show the pictures to Doris Marie and Helena. They will know what to do," Elmer responded as he handed the pretty pictures back to Patience.