Saturday, August 16, 2008

Okay! Enough Is Enough!

Well I got another ultimatum from the "dollies" the other day. All it said was was "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! AND, WE HAVE BEEN PATIENT ENOUGH!"

After I read it I thought, "I guess I have been a little amiss in working on The Dollie Storage Room Blog."

I've just been so busy with all the new patterns and new handmade dolls that I've kind of neglected all the other "dollies" and their blog. And, for sure, they weren't going to let me get away with that!

So, to appease them I told them that I would post some of their wonderful slideshows starting with the scarecrows I have designed and scarecrows I have made based upon other designers patterns.

Hopefully, that should keep them happy for just a little while. We'll see.....