Wednesday, February 6, 2008

LOL and Send Us Your Jokes!


You may have noticed that we have a module in the sidebar for "jokes" and have been posting new ones every season.

The "dollies" just love to laugh and love to tell jokes. So, they thought maybe you might like to participate, too.

They all got together and voted and decided that we should let all "The Dollie Storage Room" blog readers participate in the jokes by sending us your favorites. They'll vote on the ones they like the best and include them in the module of the sidebar. Of course, your name will be included next to your joke so you get credit for it. Won't that be fun?

Please email The Dollie Storage Room Jokes with your jokes and suggestions. The "dollie's" will all vote on their favorite jokes and add the winners to the jokes module on the sidebar.

Come on now - send the "dollies" your jokes!

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