Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Meet The Dollies - Helena

Helena is a 12" Colonial doll that is proud of her beautiful grayish white hair. She loves being part of the "Gray Is Beautiful" series of gray or white haired dolls who are all "proud to be senior citizens and proud to be gray!"

She's a tough old bird and can definitely handle anything that is thrown at her.

The reason for that is that there is nothing in life that Helena hasn't seen or done. Everything she's learned to do she has taught herself.

She's street smart, wise, prudent, loyal, feisty, and delicate, too. After all she is a female.

She may be tough but she still likes frilly, feminine things like lace trimmed dresses and lace shawls.

Helena kind of reminds me of the two old biddies from the movie "Gone With The Wind." You might see her walking down the street conversing with everyone and definitely letting them know her opinion on different subjects.

Of course, she's also the one you turn to when you need advice for you can always count on her. If Helena says she'll do something then she will.

Helena is very much involved with life in the "Dollie Storage Room" and is usually the doll that all the other "dollies" turn to for comfort, advice, money, and, well just about everything. Without Helena the "dollies" would all fall apart.

Of course, Doris Marie would disagree with that statement. She thinks she's indispensable to all the other "dollies."

Helena loves all the other "dollies" and loves being a leader. However, sometimes she just wants to be left alone. When those moments appear beware. Watch out everyone there's a senior citizen here and she can be grumpy!

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