Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meet The Dollies - Elmer's Little Boy and Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister

"Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" was named after my grandmother because she looks like some of the pictures I have of my grandmother as a little girl. Just so adorable.

Doris Marie has a brother, Elmer for which she is very grateful. My real grandmother was an only child and wished and wished and wished she had a brother or sister.

So, I thought it might please her to know that her "doll pattern" namesake has a brother. Hopefully, this has brought a chuckle to her face wherever she is.

"Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" is a 10" Victorian girl doll who is every bit as cute as her brother, Elmer, and she knows it.

She thinks she can sweet talk her way in and out of anything. She's also a bit of a crossword puzzle whiz.

People always comment about how much Doris Marie and Elmer look alike. Even if they're not seen together, people would know they were brother and sister. They both have the same impish expressions on their faces and a glint in their eyes.

Doris Marie's glint is born of intelligence. Elmer's glint is born of being an imp.

As mentioned Doris Marie is very intelligent and is known as a "crossword whiz." You can find her every afternoon in the kitchen doing a cross word puzzle and drinking a cup of tea. Then, she's off to her library to sit in her favorite rocking chair and read, for she's also an avid reader. Or, should we say voracious reader.

Doris is wearing a green linen dress with her favorite lined vest. It's so bright and cheering she can't help but feel gleeful when she wears it. Plus the lining of her vest matches the lining of her hat and her kerchief. And, she just has on the cutest hat you'd ever want to see. All in all she's a "pretty little package" and is right proud of herself.

Elmer knows how cute his "little sister is" and has his hands full when it comes to his pals. What Elmer doesn't realize is that Doris Marie has them all wrapped right around her little finger. She lets him think that he's her older brother and is protecting her.

That's okay, Elmer, you're doing a good job! Doris Marie knows that her intelligence will always keep the boys in line.

Doris knows that while Elmer is adorable she is not only "cute" she's "brainy." In fact, she's probably the smartest "Dollie" in "The Dollie Storage Room." Don't think you can fool Doris Marie. You won't be able to. She may be "cute as a button", but she'd run circles around you in the "spelling bee."

Elmer's Little Boy is so cute you just want to squeeze him. With a big pot belly and big ears he has loads of charm.

Worse - he knows it and uses it to his every advantage.

He can charm them young, he can charm them old, male or female. It doesn't matter.

They all succumb to his charm and that impish gleam in his eyes. Even Linda succumbs to his charm.

Elmer's Little Boy is a very special doll and one of the first posts in my Linda's Blog was "The Story Behind Elmer's Little Boy."

In thinking about what to write one day for my blog I thought it might be a good idea to tell the story behind some of the dolls I had created and decided to begin with the story behind Elmer's Little Boy.

If you'd like to read Elmer's story please CLICK HERE.

Elmer generally is involved one way or another with just about everything that goes on in "The Dollie Storage Room." Because he has so much charm he can quiet down the rather rambunctious lads and charm the "old biddies" into doing what he wants. He can be a little rambunctious himself and it is usually Doris who bails him out of the trouble he gets into.

Doris Marie gets annoyed with Elmer from time to time, but he is her "older" brother and she LOVES him. Sometimes though......

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