Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey, Have You Noticed The JOKES!

"I'm not sure they've noticed!"

"Why, of course they have, Brian Snow Buddy!"

"Are you sure, Jael?"

"Are you sure?"

Are Your really SURE, Jael?"

"Absolutely, 100% sure," Jael replied.

"100% sure. Really?"

"Yes, Brian Snow Buddy. I am VERY, VERY, VERY sure that The Dollie Storage Room Blog readers have noticed the new "Jokes for the Kids" module on the sidebar of the blog," Jael responded. "Why are you so concerned?"

"Well," Brian Snow Buddy responded, "I worked so hard on finding the snowman jokes that I wanted to make sure everyone liked them. That they make all the kids laugh. Do you think they laughed, Jael?"

"Of course they did, Brian Snow Buddy. Why, you and I both laughed - didn't we? Who can resist snowman jokes?"

"Okay, Jael - if you're sure. I just want to make sure they noticed," Brian Snow Buddy replied.

"They did, Brian Snow Buddy. They did, "Jael responded. "Now let's go read them again and then start working on the "bunny" jokes for the Spring."

"Yes, let's. I love "bunny" jokes, too," Brian Snow Buddy cried.

"In fact, let's go find "Patience Is A Virtue." I'm sure she'd want to help us with the bunny jokes. She must have a bunch up her sleeve, or pouch, or wherever she might hide them."

"Do you think she'd want to help?"

"Do you?"

"Do you thinks so, Jael?"

"Yes, Brian Snow Buddy, I'm sure she'd like to help."

"Are you sure, Jael?"

"Are you sure?"

"Brian....... I'M SURE," Jael responded. She didn't mean to snap at Brian Snow Buddy. It's just at times......."

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