Friday, October 17, 2008

Take A Walk On The Wild Side - The Twin Series

Care to take a walk on the wild side or should we say "wilder" side with the Wilder twins?

If you do, stay tuned. The Wilder twins are going to have some fantastic adventures.


Sorry, I can't tell. I promised Dev or was it Rye Rye? Or did I promise Manda or was it Mish?

I'm so confused. I just can't tell them apart and they won't tell me who is who!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Okay! Enough Is Enough!

Well I got another ultimatum from the "dollies" the other day. All it said was was "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! AND, WE HAVE BEEN PATIENT ENOUGH!"

After I read it I thought, "I guess I have been a little amiss in working on The Dollie Storage Room Blog."

I've just been so busy with all the new patterns and new handmade dolls that I've kind of neglected all the other "dollies" and their blog. And, for sure, they weren't going to let me get away with that!

So, to appease them I told them that I would post some of their wonderful slideshows starting with the scarecrows I have designed and scarecrows I have made based upon other designers patterns.

Hopefully, that should keep them happy for just a little while. We'll see.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meet The Dollies - Brian Snow Buddy

“Brian Snow Buddy” is a 5” snowman from our Winter Series and was one of the first shelf-sitters Linda designed.

Brian Snow Buddy just loves the snow and is a very adventurous snowman. 

He loves to snowboard and is always looking for a challenge. 

He looks for the toughest and steepest hill he can find. 

The steeper and rockier the better. 

He is a bit of a dare devil and, so far, has broken any bones.

He is also a bit of a flirt. All you have to do is look at his "MySpace" page to attest to that.

"And, he LOVES jokes which is why he was the first "dollie" to post in our jokes module. In fact, he loves jokes so much and is so good at playing jokes on everyone that Linda assigned him the task of always making sure the jokes module was up to date. She figured that might keep him out of trouble for awhile.

Well, knowing "Brian Snow Buddy" and his love of jokes, his love of flirting, and his love for adventure - I doubt that will be true for very long.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Story Behind My Brian Snow Buddy

I posted this story on my Linda's Blog but thought you might enjoy reading it here. Here's the story:

The snowguy to the left is called "Brian Snow Buddy" and is named after one of my grandsons.

I named him that because he is just so adorable, as is my grandson.

He's my buddy, as is my grandson.

He's my pal, as is my grandson.

He's so squeezable, as is my grandson.

He's just so huggable, as is my grandson.

He's just so lovable, as is my grandson.

He's so......Stop it, Nana. You're embarrassing me.

Who said that? "Brian Snow Buddy" or my grandson Brian? Both.

Nah! They both love compliments.

"Brian Snow Buddy" is a 5" snowman doll and doll pattern and is actually the first doll pattern in my "stout" doll pattern series. Brian has many more "cousins" from the "stout" family series that are being created as we speak and will be making their debut in the next few weeks.

Brian is a free-standing snowman with a warm & natural cloth body, embroidered face with black eyes, flannel vest, fringed scarf, snow cap with bell , and carries a small I (heart) snow sign. Small bows decorate his vest.

When I was designing this doll he kept telling me "make me like Brian." I know, you think I'm crazy that the dolls talk to me. It's bad enough that they talk to me after they're created but before too. Well, yah.

Anyway, I had to make something that was as adorable, squeezable, lovable and excitable as Brian was as a little boy. Still is for that matter. He had the cutest fiery red cheeks. Talk about excitable. At Christmas time he could barely control himself.

Back to the story. So, "Brian Snow Buddy" became the most adorable lovable, excitable, and squeezable snowman around. Go on, give him a squeeze or a hug. He'll love it. So will you.

Brian Snow Buddy just loves the snow, as does my grandson.

"Brian Snow Buddy" is strong in body, as is my grandson.

He's determined, bold and brave, as is my grandson.

He's stubborn, staunch and firm, as is my grandson.

He's powerful and forceful, as is my grandson.

He's bulky in figure, thick set and corpulent, as is.......OOPS! That's not my grandson.

He's a lean, mean fighting machine and I LOVE HIM.

Stop it, Nana! You're embarrassing me.

Who said that? My grandson or "Brian Snow Buddy?"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Dollie Storage Room Free E-Book Series

Linda just loves to write stories about the "dollies" and life in "The Dollie Storage Room." Two years ago she started a FREE Doll Story E-Book called "The Dollie Storage Room E-Series."

The Introduction and Book One have been available on her "The Dollie Storage Room" page of her main Linda Walsh Originals website.

The "dollies" wanted it available on their "The Dollie Storage Room" blog as well. If you'd like to read the Introduction and Book One just click the links below:

  • The Dollie Storage Room Introduction

  • I Just Can’t Take It Anymore! - Book One

  • Linda is busy working on more chapters. As they become available she will add them to "The Dollie Storage Room" blog. When the whole E-Book is complete Linda promised to convert it to a FREE .pdf E-Book for everyone to download and read.

    “The Dollie Storage Room” E-Series - A Doll Story E-Book E-Series Written By Linda Walsh - Copyright © 2006—2008 All Rights Reserved

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    Meet The Dollies - Baby Nicky

    Let's hear it for the boys! Let's hear it for the boys!

    When I think of the boys I think of that song and then I can't get the tune out of my head. That's a little irritating and so are the boys from time to time. As they say, "Boys will be boys!" And, in "The Dollie Storage Room!" they certainly are.

    That is with the exception of one REALLY, really nice and really behaved boy. He never gets into trouble, like some of the boys who will remain nameless.

    "Baby Nicky" is a B-A-B-Y. How much trouble can he get into? Believe it or not in "The Dollie Storage Room" a LOT! But, he's so nice and so cute. And, he's just a BABY - right!

    Baby Nicky is so adorable you just want to squeeze him. With that massive head of curly hair you can't help but love him. He's the perfect image of a cute baby boy.

    And, he's all ready for his bedtime story. He has his "blankie" and his "teddy" so he's all set to go. Will you read him a story?

    "Baby Nicky" was named after my grandson, Nicky, who I affectionately call "Noodles."

    Like his brother he too is adorable, cuddly, lovable, and has the most enviable head of brown curly hair that you'd ever want to see. I would give my eye teeth, so to speak, for his curly hair.

    He, on the other hand, would probably prefer my straight hair. Well, boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. We always want just the opposite, don't we?

    My grandson "Nicky" was born premature at 31 weeks weighting 3 pounds 1 ounce and spent the first 9 weeks of his life in an intensive care unit. The nurses there were exceptional and treated Nicky as if he were one of their own. In fact, I began to wonder, at times, if they were dragging out his release just because they loved him so.

    Fifteen minutes after Nicky was born his Dad took us in to the intensive care unit to see him. I couldn't get over how humanly perfect he was at just 3 pounds 1 ounce. He just looked like a very, very tiny little man.

    I don't know what I was expecting to see but, he just took my breathe away. Even then he had a full head of brown hair. It wasn't curly just yet but would be within a matter of time.

    His Mom, who was my biggest fan besides my husband and my Mother, used to give me all Nicky's baby clothes and shoes for my dolls. I know she was hoping that they would all come back to her in one way or another in the form of a doll for her house. A lot did.

    In any event, I just loved all Nicky's little baby clothes. There's just something special about tiny little Reeboks and little denims. I can remember shopping with her one day at a "Baby Gap" store. The picture on the right is of the 2nd "Baby Nicky" doll that I made just for me. He is wearing the outfit we bought that day.

    We went in and just laughed and laughed at how tiny everything was. I just loved all the clothes and so did she. We went shopping several times after that for clothes for Nicky and always came away laughing. Sometimes we bought some. Sometimes we just went to look and laugh.

    So, I knew I wanted to create a doll that would remind me of Nicky and his full head of curly brown hair and his most adorable baby clothes. That's how "Baby Nicky" was born. Isn't he adorable?

    Don't you just want to grab all those curls? I do.

    In fact, I used to hate it when his father would cut all his curls off. I tried to teach "Nicky" to tell his Dad "Don't cut my Hair!" It didn't work.

    Maybe someday Nicky will realize how beautiful his head of curly brown hair is and leave it alone.

    Yeah, sure, Nana! Dream on!

    Every time I look at the "baby Nicky" doll I can't help but remember how small and tiny "Nicky" was at 3 pounds 1 ounce and think "how precious life is!"

    Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

    Monday, January 7, 2008

    Meet The Dollies - Andy With A Blue Plaid Shirt and Annie With A Red Bow

    "Annie - With A Red Bow" and "Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt" are two of the newer dolls from my Linda Walsh Originals - "Stout Doll Pattern" series.

    As Raggedies go they are an adorable pair.

    It's not just because they are 7" primitive doll patterns or because they are raggedies It's because they are shelf sitters.

    Annie prides herself on being an adorable shelf sitter with a beautiful red bow.  Just the right compliment for her beautiful red hair.  And, a perfect match to her delightful dress.  As shelf sitters go she can;t be any more adorable than she already is.

    Andy is adorable, too.  He thinks his blue plaid short is THE PERFECT compliment to his red hair.  Annie may have her red bow, but he's got his blue plaid shirt.  He's rather adorable if he doesn't say so himself!

    What do you think?  Red bow or blue plaid shirt?

    Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    Meet The Dollies - Elmer's Little Boy and Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister

    "Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" was named after my grandmother because she looks like some of the pictures I have of my grandmother as a little girl. Just so adorable.

    Doris Marie has a brother, Elmer for which she is very grateful. My real grandmother was an only child and wished and wished and wished she had a brother or sister.

    So, I thought it might please her to know that her "doll pattern" namesake has a brother. Hopefully, this has brought a chuckle to her face wherever she is.

    "Doris Marie - Elmer's Little Sister" is a 10" Victorian girl doll who is every bit as cute as her brother, Elmer, and she knows it.

    She thinks she can sweet talk her way in and out of anything. She's also a bit of a crossword puzzle whiz.

    People always comment about how much Doris Marie and Elmer look alike. Even if they're not seen together, people would know they were brother and sister. They both have the same impish expressions on their faces and a glint in their eyes.

    Doris Marie's glint is born of intelligence. Elmer's glint is born of being an imp.

    As mentioned Doris Marie is very intelligent and is known as a "crossword whiz." You can find her every afternoon in the kitchen doing a cross word puzzle and drinking a cup of tea. Then, she's off to her library to sit in her favorite rocking chair and read, for she's also an avid reader. Or, should we say voracious reader.

    Doris is wearing a green linen dress with her favorite lined vest. It's so bright and cheering she can't help but feel gleeful when she wears it. Plus the lining of her vest matches the lining of her hat and her kerchief. And, she just has on the cutest hat you'd ever want to see. All in all she's a "pretty little package" and is right proud of herself.

    Elmer knows how cute his "little sister is" and has his hands full when it comes to his pals. What Elmer doesn't realize is that Doris Marie has them all wrapped right around her little finger. She lets him think that he's her older brother and is protecting her.

    That's okay, Elmer, you're doing a good job! Doris Marie knows that her intelligence will always keep the boys in line.

    Doris knows that while Elmer is adorable she is not only "cute" she's "brainy." In fact, she's probably the smartest "Dollie" in "The Dollie Storage Room." Don't think you can fool Doris Marie. You won't be able to. She may be "cute as a button", but she'd run circles around you in the "spelling bee."

    Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

    Elmer's Little Boy is so cute you just want to squeeze him. With a big pot belly and big ears he has loads of charm.

    Worse - he knows it and uses it to his every advantage.

    He can charm them young, he can charm them old, male or female. It doesn't matter.

    They all succumb to his charm and that impish gleam in his eyes. Even Linda succumbs to his charm.

    Elmer's Little Boy is a very special doll and one of the first posts in my Linda's Blog was "The Story Behind Elmer's Little Boy."

    In thinking about what to write one day for my blog I thought it might be a good idea to tell the story behind some of the dolls I had created and decided to begin with the story behind Elmer's Little Boy.

    If you'd like to read Elmer's story please CLICK HERE.

    Elmer generally is involved one way or another with just about everything that goes on in "The Dollie Storage Room." Because he has so much charm he can quiet down the rather rambunctious lads and charm the "old biddies" into doing what he wants. He can be a little rambunctious himself and it is usually Doris who bails him out of the trouble he gets into.

    Doris Marie gets annoyed with Elmer from time to time, but he is her "older" brother and she LOVES him. Sometimes though......

    Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    Meet The Dollies - Helena

    Helena is a 12" Colonial doll that is proud of her beautiful grayish white hair. She loves being part of the "Gray Is Beautiful" series of gray or white haired dolls who are all "proud to be senior citizens and proud to be gray!"

    She's a tough old bird and can definitely handle anything that is thrown at her.

    The reason for that is that there is nothing in life that Helena hasn't seen or done. Everything she's learned to do she has taught herself.

    She's street smart, wise, prudent, loyal, feisty, and delicate, too. After all she is a female.

    She may be tough but she still likes frilly, feminine things like lace trimmed dresses and lace shawls.

    Helena kind of reminds me of the two old biddies from the movie "Gone With The Wind." You might see her walking down the street conversing with everyone and definitely letting them know her opinion on different subjects.

    Of course, she's also the one you turn to when you need advice for you can always count on her. If Helena says she'll do something then she will.

    Helena is very much involved with life in the "Dollie Storage Room" and is usually the doll that all the other "dollies" turn to for comfort, advice, money, and, well just about everything. Without Helena the "dollies" would all fall apart.

    Of course, Doris Marie would disagree with that statement. She thinks she's indispensable to all the other "dollies."

    Helena loves all the other "dollies" and loves being a leader. 

    However, sometimes she just wants to be left alone. 

    When those moments appear beware. 

    Watch out everyone there's a senior citizen here and she can be grumpy!

    Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008

    Meet The Dollies - Peter The Primitive Farmer and Margaret The Dutiful Farmer's Wife

    "Peter - The Primitive Farmer" and "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" are both 7" Primitive dolls and doll patterns from my Linda Walsh Originals "Stout Doll Pattern" series.

    Margaret has been wringing her hands with worry regarding her story on my The Dollie Storage Room" blog. 

    She's a nervous Nelly and just doesn't know how she can fit this in during her busy schedule. She has so much to do to get the house ready for Peter.

    Peter, on the other hand, isn't at all concerned. He's a salt-of-the-earth farmer. A little extra time out of his busy farming day doesn't worry him a bit. What doesn't get done today will get done tomorrow is his philosophy.

    "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife" believes she should do everything she can to help her hard-working husband, Peter. So, she always has the house cleaned and a home cooked meal ready for him at the end of a hard day of farm labor. She's always busy tidying this or cleaning that. She just wants everything perfect for Peter.

    If you can't tell already Margaret is a little obsessive about her cleaning. She's starting to wear the skin down on her hands from wringing them so much.

    "Peter - The Primitive Farmer" believes that every day should be spent working hard and providing for your family. Peter is fond of saying, "There is nothing like a good day of hard labor to enrich the soul."

    He believes that the house being neat and tidy is nice but isn't worried about a little dirt here or there. A little dirt never hurt anyone not even Margaret.

    Peter likes to get Margaret's goat every once in awhile by putting his boots up on the coffee table. As Margaret dashes to remove them Peter will start to laugh in a fit of laughter. Then Margaret catches herself and starts to laugh at herself too.
    So what's a little dirt.

    You'd never think by looking at them that Peter and Margaret have a wonderful sense of humor. Margaret can get to laughing so hard she has to leave the room or she'll embarrass herself.

    Peter can get laughing so hard that he'll cause himself to have a case of the hiccups. When that happens, he needs a glass of water and a spoon. It's the only remedy for the hiccups - holding the spoon between your teeth and drinking a glass of water. Works like a charm every time.

    Margaret, being the dutiful wife that she is always has a the glass of water and spoon ready. It may be a tried and true " old wives tale" but, it works.

    Once the laughter dies down Margaret and Peter settle in for the night. Tomorrow will soon be upon them and they will need their energy for another day of hard work and, most likely, more dirt.

    Designer - Linda Walsh Originals