Monday, December 31, 2007

Meet The Dollies - Baptist And Jael - A Walk On The Wild Side

"Baptist and His Smile" and "Jael Loves Her Smile" are brother and sister and are very alike in many ways and very different in other ways.

They both have flaming red hair which they get from their mother's side of the family. She's 2ND generation Irish and very, very proud of it. When they smile things just start to unravel.

Baptist is an 18" primitive boy doll and is the wildest primitive you'd ever want to meet.

He's so wild his hair just sticks straight out of his head. It cannot be controlled. He's a dare devil and you are just as likely to find him climbing a tree, in his "Sunday Best Clothes" or rolling around in the mud.

Needless to say, his mother is never amused but, she loves her son. She can't help it - he's her "wild child."

Jael, on the other, is a wee bit more conservative than her brother "Baptist."

She's an 18" primitive girl doll who is a little on the shy side until you get her to smile. Then, look out! She can be every bit as wild as her brother "Baptist."

You may just find her climbing a tree. Her mother does not like this at all as she feels girls shouldn't climb trees, especially if they're wearing a dress.

When she smiles her hair sticks straight out and can't be controlled either which is why her mother can't stay mad at her for very long.

When "Baptist and Jael" get going their mother always ends up with a migraine. Wild children tend to have that affect on their parents.

"Their mother shouldn't be surprised as she used to have this very same effect on her own mother. Now her own mother just smiles from ear to ear as she watches her daughter trying to control her own children - her grandchildren.

Her mother used to tell her, "One day you'll be a mother too and you'll understand how difficult being a mother can be." She never believed her because she always thought her children would be perfect angels.

Actually, when she thinks about it they really are. That is until they start to smile. Then, look out.

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