Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh My God, Nana!

The "dollies" got together and decided that they wanted me to add their "The Story Behind My Doll" articles and specific posts just about them from my Linda's Blog to their "The Dollie Storage Room" blog so I told them I would.

Here's a story about my grandson's visit and the "Baby Nicky" doll which is named after him. I hope you enjoy the story.

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday. My 7 year old grandson " Nicky Noodles" surprised me with a visit. I was thrilled to see him and decided I'd show him what I had been working on. I knew he would be surprised and wanted to see his reaction as there is nothing like that of surprise in a child's face.

When he walked into my living room his eyes opened in amazement. He couldn't believe all the new dolls I'd designed and made for my new patterns. His response was "Oh, my God! NANA! Are you crazy?"

I, of course, didn't want my 7 year old grandson to think I was crazy so I replied, "No, of course not. I needed to make some new patterns for my Linda Walsh Originals shop."

I thought for sure he would see the logic in that.

He just looked at me with a look that implied - Yeah! But, did you have to make this MANY! He gave me the same look that I'd seen a thousand times before on his Grandfather.

So, I gave him a look back that implied - Yeah! So I have a FEW new doll designs. What's it to ya? You're just like your Grandfather.

What I'm not telling you is that there are literally hundreds of new dolls and they are all over my living room. There's no place to sit - let alone stand. My grandson did a 360 degree turn and immediately said, "Where's Baby Nicky?"

I, of course, knew what he was talking about. He wanted to see the doll I'd designed and named after him. So, I showed him the "Baby Nicky" doll in my dining room that actually has on an outfit that my grandson wore at 3 months. After checking his doll out he said, "Where's the Baby Nicky pattern?"

Well, that was upstairs. So, up we went to look at it.

Mind you, now, this is not the first time he has asked about his "Baby Nicky" doll. Every time he visits he wants to see it and every time I talk to him on the phone he asks about it.

For those reasons alone the doll and pattern are even more precious to me. I know the "Baby Nicky" doll and pattern are special to my 7 year old Grandson.

In fact, I suspect even his older brother likes the fact that I have a doll and pattern named after him, too. He'd never admit it though.

After viewing the pattern he wanted to see all the pictures of himself that were in the various articles I'd written on my Linda's Blog. So, of course, we had to look at all of them. It never ceases to amaze me how many times he wants to see the same things over and over again. Each and every time it's like he's looking at it for the first time. Each and every time he has a look of amazement and delight on his face. It's just so beautiful to see and so precious. It makes the memory even more precious.

So, of course that got me to thinking about the "Story Behind My Baby Nicky" doll article and my "Create Keepsake Dolls From Your Kids and Grandkids Baby Clothes" articles that I had written for my "Linda's Blog."

My "Baby Nicky" doll has a special place in my heart as do all the dolls I've made from my grandchildrens' clothing over the years. Each and every time I look at one of the dolls I can recall the outfit and the memory. Creating keepsakes is just such a wonderful way to preserve one's memories. Memories tend to fade over time but a visual image brings them right back.

I hope you would agree and hope you enjoy reading the articles again.

After viewing pictures of himself my Grandson said, "NANA, I'm hungry. What do you have to eat?"

So, off we went to the kitchen....