Tuesday, August 7, 2007

WOW! WOW! Have You Seen Yours, Yet?

"Everyone, everyone! Gather around. Wait until you see these." "They're FANTASTIC! Just like Linda said they would be."
"Why, we look FABULOUS!"

" Just look at some of the group shots from the NEW pictures that Linda took. Aren't they wonderful?" Rag-doll Anthony asked.

"Rag-doll Anthony where did you get those?" Helena barked.

"Why, from Linda's study. They were just lying on her desk," Rag-doll Anthony responded. "I didn't think she'd mind if we took a look at a few of the group shots. She took thousands of NEW pictures. What could it hurt to take a peek at a few? "

"Well, that wasn't a smart idea Anthony. Linda will mind. We shouldn't be looking at the NEW pictures until she's ready to show us and post them. She won't like this a bit," Helena replied.

"Okay, Okay. Hold on to your girdle Helena. I'll get them back asap," Rag-doll Anthony responded. "But, first DON'T we look FANTASTIC?"

Helena had to admit they did, but Linda wouldn't like them looking at the NEW pictures.

"WOW, we all look FANTASTIC!" she quietly whispered.

"Hey, everyone gather around real quickly and take a look at these....."

I want one! I want one! Where's mine? Did Linda do one for me? Hey, stop shoving me! Cut it out! I want to see my picture! Where's mine? Did you see me? Stop pushing me. Hey, stop it. There's not enough room for all of us here. Quit shoving..............

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