Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our Personalized Graphics - How Cute Are They!

a href="">"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

"I feel that that phrase is ringing in my ears," said Helena.

"Curse you, Baptist and His Smile," she crumbled. "I can't get that out of my head!"

"Oh, Helena! Don't be so grumpy," said Doris Marie.

"I just LOVE all the new "personalized graphics" that Linda bought from Neenee (AKA Denise Bailey of  The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog). They really capture all our images so perfectly. Don't you think?"

"Yes, Doris Marie," responded Helena. "You're right as usual. "

"Just look at my new graphic image compared to my picture. In my real life image I look like a grumpy old "biddy" and in my personalized graphic I look like a grumpy old "biddy." "

"Yes, yes, I have to thank Neenee for such a wonderful job. She captured my essence of "biddydom" perfectly."

"Now, Helena, you really are being a grumpy old "biddy."

"Neenee is a FANTASTIC artist and she did a wonderful job with all of us. I know that I'm very, very pleased with my image."

"It really captures me and my personality so perfectly. And, I know that "Baby Nicky" and "Elmer's Little Boy" feel the same way."

" Plus," Doris Marie responded, "Jael Loves Her Smile is so in love with her graphic she can't stop smiling."

To which Helena replied, "Of course Jael Loves Her Smile can't stop smiling. That's the way she is. She has a HUGE smile."

"Why, it would be that way whether she liked the graphic image or not!" barked Helena.

She continued, " As for Baby Nicky and Elmer's Little Boy they LOVE everything Linda does. She can do no wrong as far as they are concerned."

"However," she continued, " I do have to admit, though, that they both came out rather cute. Even I have to admit that I like them."

"WOW," Doris Marie responded," that is quite a compliment for Neenee."

"Helena liked them. Unbelievable."

"I'll make sure that Linda tells her that even the old "biddy", Helena, like the new "dollie" graphics. She'll be happy to hear that I'm sure."

"Well, she'd better be," Helena responded. "I don't give out compliments very often, but they were good."

"Both actually came out very, very cute. I'm sure Linda's Grandson, Nicky, will like the graphic of his doll. He's as cute a graphic as he is in real life and as cute as his handmade doll is. I'm sure that his new graphic will put a smile on his face and Linda will have to email it to him."

"Plus, Elmer's Little Boy is just so "impish" and "cute" anyway. His graphic is just as cute and reflects his impish personality perfectly. Do you know if he's seen it yet," Helena asked, "Doris Marie?"

Doris Marie turned around and said, "I don't think either Baby Nicky or Elmer's Little Boy have seen their new personalized graphic yet. I bet they'll be thrilled when they do."

"However, the other "dollies" will be even more jealous than they already are. Linda's going to have a problem on her hands with this. Everyone is going to want their own personalized image. But, with 1496 dollies I don't think they are all going to get one. Linda will be in the poor house if she tried to do that."

"Don't be silly, Doris Marie. Linda is too practical to do such a thing. She might LOVE her "dollies" and want to do everything she can for them, but that's going a little overboard. Maybe she'll have a drawing or something to determine which dollies will get graphic images. Maybe I'll mention that to her. Hmmm....." maybe I will said Helena. "Ya, I'll mention that to her. She'll appreciate that. Or, will she. Hmmmmm......"

Graphics Made By Denise Bailey (aka Neenee) of The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog for Linda Walsh Originals.Handmade Doll and Graphic Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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