Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

"Hey, everyone. Gather around."

"You won't believe this!"

"I couldn't believe it when I saw mine!"

"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

Baptist and His Smile was having a hard time controlling himself. He could hardly believe how "cute" he looked and could hardly wait to show all the other "dollies."

You see Linda had Neenee (AKA Denise Bailey of KKL Kreations, KKL Primitives, KKL Graphics Blog, KKL Kreations Blog, and the The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog) create some "personalized graphics" of some of her "dollies" for her. Linda is Neenee's #1 fan and just loves everything that Neenee creates, especially the "dollie" graphics so when Neenee started offering her "personalized graphics" service on her KKL Kreations website Linda jumped at the chance to buy some for her "dollies."

Neenee also offers a "personalized photo" service that Linda has for an idea for Christmas presents for her grandchildren. She wouldn't tell us what that was because her grandchildren read her blogs so we'll have to wait until after Christmas to find out what she did.

In the meantime, Baptist now had 596 of the "dollies" clamouring to see what he was talking about.

He kept repeating, "I'm so cute! I'm so cute! I'm just the cutest thing! Look how much the graphic looks like me. Neenee did a FABULOUS job!"

Baptist Loves His Smile was getting a little carried away with himself so his sister, Jael Loves Her Smile asked, "Who else did Linda create graphics for, Baptist?"

To which Baptist replied, "Well, she did one of you Jael, and one of Elmer's Little Boy, one of Baby Nicky, one of Doris Marie, and one of Helena. She's going to post about us in separate articles on her Linda's Blog.

"Well, of course she did one of me!" Helena barked. "She couldn't survive without me."

Clearing her throat Doris Marie replied, "Just you Helena?"

"Er, er..... make that Linda couldn't survive without the help of both you and I Doris Marie," Helena replied.

"Why did she do them?" someone asked Baptist.

"Well," Baptist responded, "she wanted to have them for our "The Dollie Storage Room" series of books and articles and to add to her various blogs. I think it was a FABULOUS idea."

"Of course you would, Baptist. You're such a kiss ....." one of the handmade witches shouted.

"Now, now. We don't allow such language here," Helena scolded.

"Hey, are we all going to get personalized graphics?" someone shouted.

"I want one!"

"I want one, too!"

"Me, too!""No, I did!"

"Stop shoving!"

"She'd better not forget me!"

"Or me!"

"Or me, either!"

"Tee he he! Hey, Doris Marie," Helena said, "Won't it be fun to see how Linda talks her way around this problem. I dare say she won't be buying personalized graphics for all 1,496 dollies. Do you?"

"I don't think so," Doris Marie replied. "I wonder how she's going to explain this. Tee he he! Do you think she may buy a few more?"

"Probably, Doris Marie," Helena replied. "You know how she LOVES graphics. I wonder which dollies she'll choose. Hmmm......"

Graphics Made By Denise Bailey (aka Neenee) of KKL Kreations for Linda Walsh Originals.
Handmade Doll and Graphics Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

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