Monday, August 6, 2007

Have You Seen Yours? Have You Seen Yours, Yet? Well, Have Ya?

Linda couldn't believe her eyes when she opened the door to "The Dollie Storage Room."

The house was shaking and it was being caused by all 1,496 dolls jumping up and down. Even "Helena" and "Doris Marie" were jumping up and down, up and down, going round and round. Now that was sight. Two old "biddies" holding hands and jumping up and down.

She rubbed her eyes. Maybe she wasn't seeing what she thought she was. No, they were laughing and holding hands and going round and round. Skipping and hopping like two little girls playing "ring around the rosy" and repeating "Have you seen yours? Have you seen yours? Well, have ya?"

"What is going on in HERE! Linda yelled. "What on earth are you doing Helena and Doris Marie?"

With that all 1,496 dolls stopped moving and looked at each other with "YIKES! We've been caught expressions." You know - the looks little children give their parents when they've been caught doing something they shouldn't. Well, to see 1,496 expressions like that almost made Linda laugh. Especially seeing Doris Marie and Helena with the same expression. She tried not to laugh and said, "This better be good!"

"Now Linda, dear. Don't get yourself all in a tither. The dollies are all so happy with something you did that they just couldn't control themselves. You have made them SO HAPPY. They wanted to all go and hug you, but I thought you might be smothered by that so we told them to expel all that HAPPY energy by jumping up and down. Too bad we couldn't bottle it and sell it. In any event, they LOVE you for what you did for them." Helena responded.

Well, this was a FIRST. The dolls were in love with Linda and happy about something she did. Maybe she ought to call the Guinness Book of World records for this was surely a first. The dolls were happy with Linda.

Well, she was not happy with them shaking the house so she said," I'm so happy that you like what I just finished and I LOVE all of you, too. But, you can't all jump up and down. You're shaking the house and the foundation can't support that. And, YOU KNOW WHO isn't going to tolerate this shaking much longer. He's threatening to move and you all know what that means - STORAGE FACILITY. "

"Linda, tell him to calm down. At his age he'll have a heart attack," Doris Marie responded. "Okay, everyone back to you respective areas. Linda's here now and we can all thank you properly."

With that statement Doris Marie went over and gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and handed her a dozen red roses. "We love you Linda and wanted to thank you for what you did. Each and everyone of us is thrilled! You couldn't have made us any happier."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda for all you did. We LOVE you. You're the best CREATOR in the world!" all 1,496 dollies said in unison.

Linda blushed and thanked Doris Marie and all 1,496 dollies and said," Oh, my! I am so touched by this. I didn't realize how much this would mean to all of you. They came out wonderful and you all look FABULOUS. I can hardly wait to post them all. Thank you, thank you, thank you all."

"You needn't worry about the house shaking any more, Linda," Doris Marie responded. "The dollies have gotten that out of their system and really just wanted to thank you from the bottoms of their hearts - which they just did. They'll behave now so you can tell hubby to calm himself. No sense getting riled up at his age. "

"I will, Doris Marie. Everyone - THANK YOU for the roses and your warm affection. It means a LOT to me to hear that," Linda responded. With that statement she turned and left "The Dollie Storage Room." But, as she did she thought she heard the sounds of muffled laughter. Or was that muffled chatter. Psst.... Have you seen yours? Have you seen yours? Well, have ya? Hmmm....

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