Saturday, August 11, 2007

Get The Popcorn! Linda's Showing A Movie!

Helena decided she was going to attempt to get up on the podium so she could address the "dollies" in "The Dollie Storage Room." There were so many things so on these days involving them that she didn't want anyone to miss anything. Her only problem was that the step to the podium was so tall and she was - well, rather short. Her legs just wouldn't stretch that far.

Now that's rather silly she thought to herself. I don't have legs. I'm a standalone shelf-sitter type of doll. Maybe I can just hop up on the podium. I don't know - it's rather steep.

Where are all those boys when you need them. Probably over playing on Linda's computer again. Boys will be boys. If Linda catches them there will be........

Helena didn't want to think about that. She had one task to do today and that was to tell everyone about Linda resuming the fashion shows that she started  last year and about tonight's movie.

Linda was going to show an old 8mm movie of some of the handmade primitive dolls that she made.

Helena had seen it already and had to agree that it was a wonderful slide show for the primitives in old 8mm format. She thought everyone would like it for sure and that it showcased some of Linda's new pictures so well.

Now, how am I going to get up on that podium? Boys, boys, where are you??????

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