Friday, July 13, 2007

YIKES! New Dolls!, But We're Already Overcrowded In The Dollie Storage Room!

"PSST! PSST! Shhh! They'll hear us."

"No they won't. They're too busy taking pictures."

"YES they will. Linda HEARS everything, KNOWS everything, and SEES everything. Why, she's like the all powerful Oz!"

"Well, just be as quiet as you can, Elmer!" Doris said.

"I'll try, Doris," said Elmer, "You know that I'm not too light on my feet!"

"Just do the best you can, Elmer. I don't want Linda to hear us," Doris replied.

"Okay, okay. I will. Just stop nagging me," Elmer exclaimed.

"What are they doing?"

"Shhhhhh... keep it quiet back there," said an exasperated Doris. "Do you want her to hear us?" " Do you really want to disturb Linda when she's busy?" "I didn't think so."

Doris rolled her eyes as hundreds of dollies all nodded "no" in unison. She knew that Linda probably would hear them, but they had to know what was going on. Linda had been at her sewing machine for months now and they'd been hearing rumblings in the next room for days now. Linda had gotten the backdrops and white steps out of storage and that meant that pictures were being taken in Linda's picture studio under the skylight.

They had to find out what was going on. After all, if they were going to have to share their already overcrowded "Dollie Storage Room" humble abode with more dolls they had a right to know.

After all they're the ones that lived there. They're the ones who have to make room for more "dollies." More dolls means more food, more supplies, more showers, more toiletries, more hair dryers, more activities to keep everyone busy and maintain "peace" in The Dollie Storage Room, more expense, more beds, more disputes to settle, more everything.

For sure it meant they needed more bathrooms. It was already difficult enough for all 1,496 "dollies" to share one bathroom. Did Linda really think she could add hundreds of more dolls without providing them with another bathroom?

For Doris more "dollies" just meant ONE BIG HEADACHE. Doris felt that Linda should have consulted her before she went ahead and designed more new dolls. Well, maybe not at the design stage, but surely she should have consulted her before she sewed hundreds of new dolls. Shouldn't she? Doris certainly thought so.

Plus, Doris knew that Linda's husband certainly must have thought she already had enough dolls and didn't have anymore room in "The Dollie Storage Room" for new ones.

Of course, Linda disagreed. Doris knew that the minute she saw the 20+ storage boxes outside their room. 20 more boxes! Where would they put 20 more boxes filled with hundreds of new dolls. Doris could only hope the dolls were small. But, even small dolls had need of food, supplies, bathrooms, etc. More dolls no matter what the size was a problem.

So, Doris and Elmer and all hundred or so of the "dollies" decided to sneak over to the next room to see what all the ruckus was about. Plus, they just had to find out what their new "competition" was.


"PSST! PSST! Shhh! They'll hear us."

"Shhhh.......Linda will hear us!" Stay tuned........