Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Husbands & Wives

"It's not right! It's just totally unfair, Linda." exclaimed Peter - The Primitive Farmer. "We're hard working and, well, we are responsible for rearing the next generation aren't we? Surely that entitles us to our own category, doesn't it?"

Linda really didn't have time for this now, but Peter was such a likable and hard-working farmer that she had to talk to him about this. He was clearly very upset by this so she said, "Well, I don't know Peter. You are extremely hard-working and, yes, you and your wife, Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife, are responsible for rearing the next generation. It's just that this category business could really get out of hand! Let me think about it for a minute."

"Okay, Linda," Peter replied, "I have to water my vegetable garden. I'll be back in two minutes and you can let me know what you've decided. Okay?"

"Okay, Peter. I'll let you know in two minutes."

Well, Linda knew she had to think quickly. Peter - The Primitive Farmer was not only hard-working, but he was extremely punctual and would be back in exactly two minutes.

"So, what's the big deal if I add another category called "Husbands & Wives?" she asked herself. " What's the harm?"

"I already have "Brothers & Sisters" and "Grandma's & Grandpa's." What's one more category?"

So, she thought about it and decided she would add this one category for Peter. But, she decided that's it. She was NOT going to add "Aunts & Uncles", "Mothers & Daughters", "Fathers & Sons", "Grandparents and Grandchildren", or "Friends and Foes." It could get downright ridiculous and she wasn't going to allow that to happen. But, Peter was such a hard-working farmer and he and his wife, Margaret, hardly ever asked for anything. She'd do this for Peter - but, no one else.

Well, just as she had predicted Peter was back in exactly two minutes. "Have you decided, Linda"Peter asked.

"Well, yes I have, Peter," Linda replied, "and I'm going to create a "Husbands & Wives" category just for you. You are so hard-working and never ask for much so I will do this for you. But, Peter, you MUST make it clear to the other "dollies" in "The Dollie Storage Room" that this is it. There will be no more categories created. OKAY?"

"OKAY! OKAY! I'll make it clear," Peter responded, "to all the other dollies. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. You won't regret this, Linda. You're a good woman. You've got a good soul, you're beautiful, you're .......

"That's enough, Peter," Linda interrupted, "I get the picture! Off with you now."

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, Linda," Peter kept saying as he ran over to tell his wife Margaret.

Linda knew this was probably a BIG mistake. To give in to one "dollie" was ALWAYS a problem. The other "dollies" were just so jealous. They could never be happy for a fellow "dollie," They always had to think of themselves first. Jealousy amongst "dollies" is not a pretty thing. It can get downright vicious and Linda knew it. She had seen it first hand. But, she didn't want to think about that now. As Scarlett would say, "I'll think about that tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is another day!"

Surely, nothing would happen right away. Or would it?

Monday, June 11, 2007

An Obsession With Brothers and Sisters! No Way!

My husband thinks I have an obsession. Then again, he thinks I have many obsessions. My primary being dolls and doll making. My secondary begin genealogy, my third being books, and my fourth being floral design. He wishes I had an obsession with housecleaning.

He told me this while moving my books, yet again, from one bookcase to another yesterday. You see, my brother had made me some more bookcases for my doll and craft books and I wanted to get them all sorted and organized by category. I know that does sound obsessive.

In any event along with my obsession with books he told me he thinks I have an obsession with "brothers & sisters!" I asked them why he thought that and he said, "Just look at ALL 200+ of the dolls you just made and tell me how many of your NEW dolls and soon to be doll e-patterns are "brothers & sisters." So, I of course, went to count and prove him wrong. I hadn't made that many NEW "brothers & sisters" - or had I?

Well, I started to count. YIKES! The number was getting up there. I started to move backwards and, of course, backed right into hubby.

He stood there with a look I know you all are familiar with. It says "told you so!" without even saying so. My response, which I sure is your response too, was a look that said "SO! So what!"

He just smiled and left the room. He was satisfied he was right - once again.

To my obsession I say, "So what! I come from a big family. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, 3 sisters-in-law, and 1 brother-in-law. That's a LOT of brothers and sisters don't you think? Just one BIG happy family. Maybe that's why my doll creations reflect so many brothers and sisters.

However, I know it has to do primarily with my older brother and I. You see we are "Irish twins." He's 10 months older than I and I never have known a time without him. We were like "two peas in a pod" growing up. He, of course, always got me in trouble. I would have been the "perfect" child if it wasn't for him. I can hear my Mother reading this now. "Yeah, sure, Linda! Guess again," she'd say "dream on!"

In any event I figure my obsession isn't necessarily about "brothers & sisters" as it is about "pairs." For every "ying" there's a "yang." After all I do have quite a few NEW "Grandma's & Grandpa's," too. And, don't forget the NEW "Husbands & Wives." PAIRS! I'm obsessed with pairs.

In thinking about my NEW doll pattern designs I began to wonder if I was going to have a problem with my existing groups of "Brothers & Sisters", "Grandma's and Grandpa's", and "Husband's and Wives." So, I thought I'd be pre-emptive and showcase these three groups of doll patterns and handmade dolls & crafts before I had a "dollie" riot coming out of "The Dollie Storage Room!"
The dolls won't have anything to complain about if I showcase them before I promote my new doll designs and new handmade dolls. After all, I'm still a few months away from finishing all my new designs so there's plenty of time for showcasing everyone else now. Wouldn't you agree? I hope the "dollies" do?

Stay tuned.....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I Think Linda's Off Her Rocker

Psst! Psst! We have to do something quick. I think Linda's off her rocker!" whispered Uncle Warren - A True Patriot. "Why, she has to be. There's no other explanation for her being so far off the seasons. She's posting about NEW Santa's, Pilgrims, and even "Bunnies" which is the season that just ended. What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know," replied Anna. "Let's ask "James" maybe he'll know. We're both graduating but he's the valedictorian. He's the smartest one in the class. Surely he would know!"

"Yes, yes! Let's do that "Anna." Uncle Warren replied.

So off they went to find James. They were very concerned. Nothing could be wrong with Linda. She was their creator after all. What would they do if there were something wrong with her. Why - there just couldn't be. Surely she had a good explanation for promoting so far off-season. At least they hoped she did.

James was nowhere to be found. "He must be off working on his speech for the graduation" Anna said.

"Yes, yes! That must be it!" Uncle Warren replied. "What should we do now? Should we put our thinking caps on? Wait! Anna you've already got your thinking cap on - don't you?"

"Don't be silly, Uncle Warren. This is a graduation cap - not a thinking cap!" Anna replied.

"Well, you had to think to graduate - didn't you? So, therefore it's a "thinking cap" too - isn't it?" Uncle Warren asked.

"Yes, yes! Uncle Warren! Now you've got me saying that. I have to concede that your argument is logical. I did have to think to be able to graduate so I guess I'm wearing a "thinking cap. Now, what were we talking about?" Anna answered.

"Why, Anna - I'm not sure I remember. I think it was something about Linda." Uncle Warren replied.

"That's right Uncle Warren. It was about Linda. We were thinking she was off her rocker. She's promoting NEW dolls off season," replied Anna. "And we were looking for James."

"Let's check over in the "dollie library." That's a room just off "The Dollie Storage Room." Maybe he's in there."

"Yes, yes, let's! We must make sure there's nothing wrong with Linda. She can't be off her rocker! Or can she?"

Stay tuned......