Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey, Everyone - Did You Hear?

"It's a podcast! It's a podcast!"

"Hey, Everyone - Did You Hear Linda's On A Podcast?"

"Did You Hear Her?"

"Did you?"

"Do you think she mentioned us?"

"Do you?"

"What did he say, Margaret?" Peter - The Primitive Farmer asked his wife "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife!" "Did Linda have a podcast?" What's a podcast?" Did she have a baby?"

"I don't know, Peter!" Margaret replied. "I never heard of a podcast and Linda's too old to have a baby!" "I don't know what he's talking about!"

Doris hated when the dolls were being nonsensical and even more so when they were getting all riled up. There wasn't a lot of room in "The Dollie Storage Room" and when they all started moving about there was even less. So she had to ask Baptist and His Smile, "Baptist you're getting all the "dollies" all riled up. What are you talking about?"

"Oh, Doris. The most wonderful news. Linda was on a podcast. She was the FEATURED CRAFTER on Prim Talk Radio this week. She was on a podcast! Linda was on a podcast!"

"Do you think she mentioned us? Do you think she mentioned us?"

"Baptist, stop fidgeting!" You're making me queasy. Sit down and explain this to me" Doris replied. "Sit down!"

"Okay, okay, Doris! "Don't get yourself all in a tither!" Baptist responded.

Baptist started to explain, "Here's the deal, Doris. Linda was interviewed by Angie Wenke on the Prim Talk Radio show this week. Prim Talk Radio is a podcast which offers direct downloading or streaming of the radio show. In essence, the radio show is a media file distributed over the Internet using syndicated feeds. It can be played back on portable media players and personal computers."

Doris hated it when she was unfamiliar with something and especially hated it when one of the other dolls knew more about something than she did. However, she couldn't really get angry with Baptist. It was her own fault she hadn't kept up with the computer technology and the Internet.

Baptist had kept up - along with several of his pals. They were always sneaking over to use Linda's computer and always "surfing the web!" What they were looking at she'd never know. In any event, she made a mental note to bring herself up to speed on all of this as soon as possible. She couldn't have the other "dollies" thinking she wasn't the smartest doll in the group.

"Okay, everyone! Settle down now. Baptist is going to tell everyone what he's so excited about," Doris exclaimed. "Go ahead Baptist."

"Everyone, I have the BEST news to tell you. Linda is the FEATURED Crafter onAngie Wenke's Prim Talk Radio Podcast this week. She's on a podcast. If you don't know what a "podcast" is just think "radio show. Except it's on the computer." Baptist explained.

All Baptist could hear was "Hmmm... podcast? Radio show? Computer? Hmmm..." as the information was digested and passed amongst the 1,496 dolls in "the Dollie Storage Room."

He waited a few minutes for the information to be distributed and then continued, "I know that you can hardly wait to hear what Linda said and listen to her interview. So, I borrowed her computer and will have it all hooked up in just a minute. Then we can all listen to what she had to say."

Baptist was hoping that Linda wouldn't notice that her computer was missing. And, if she did he was hoping she wouldn't get mad at them for wanting to hear her interview. He had to bring the computer here. After all "The Dollie Storage Room" was the only room big enough for them all to fit into. They certainly couldn't all fit into her study - now could they?

"Okay, everyone!" Baptist said. "We're all hooked up now. Just give me a second to get there. If we want to hear Linda's interview we have to just CLICK HERE to go to the Prim Talk Radio Blog. She's on Prim Talk Radio Show 55 - April 27Th, 2007."

"Then we just need to scroll down until we see the little brown speaker and arrow pointing to the right. We then click on the arrow pointing to the right and we'll be able to hear the show on the computer. If we want to download the MP3 version we can also do that for all the "dollies" that have MP3 players. We would just need to click on the Click here to download today's show link.

Baptist continued, "Linda's interview is about 24 minutes into the show. After the show starts we can drag the little brown rectangle along the time line until we get to 24 minutes. Her interview is about 10 minutes in length."

"Also, Angie read one of Linda's "The Love of Crafting" articles that she wrote for Primitive Times Magazine April E-Zine in the business segment towards the end of the show. It's around 58 minutes. So, after we hear the interview we'll skip to the end of the show. We can then go back and play the show from the beginning for everyone who wants to listen to the whole show."

"Okay, everyone! Quiet down. The show is about to start." Baptist said as he "shushed" the "dollies."

The show began. Then they all heard "Hi, everyone this is Angie Wenke and from Prim Talk Radio and I am here today with our featured crafter - Linda Walsh............"

And for the next ten minutes you could hear a pin drop in "The Dollie Storage Room."

Little did the dollies know that Linda was anxiously pacing back and forth just outside "The Dollie Storage Room." She knew that Baptist had borrowed her computer and was anxiously awaiting the "dollies" reaction. She nervous about the show and wanted to know what they all thought. It was going to be a long ten minutes to wait....... Would they like what she said. Hmmmm.........