Monday, December 31, 2007

Meet The Dollies - Baptist And Jael - A Walk On The Wild Side

"Baptist and His Smile" and "Jael Loves Her Smile" are brother and sister and are very alike in many ways and very different in other ways.

They both have flaming red hair which they get from their mother's side of the family. She's 2ND generation Irish and very, very proud of it. When they smile things just start to unravel.

Baptist is an 18" primitive boy doll and is the wildest primitive you'd ever want to meet.

He's so wild his hair just sticks straight out of his head. It cannot be controlled. He's a dare devil and you are just as likely to find him climbing a tree, in his "Sunday Best Clothes" or rolling around in the mud.

Needless to say, his mother is never amused but, she loves her son. She can't help it - he's her "wild child."

Jael, on the other, is a wee bit more conservative than her brother "Baptist."

She's an 18" primitive girl doll who is a little on the shy side until you get her to smile. Then, look out! She can be every bit as wild as her brother "Baptist."

You may just find her climbing a tree. Her mother does not like this at all as she feels girls shouldn't climb trees, especially if they're wearing a dress.

When she smiles her hair sticks straight out and can't be controlled either which is why her mother can't stay mad at her for very long.

When "Baptist and Jael" get going their mother always ends up with a migraine. Wild children tend to have that affect on their parents.

"Their mother shouldn't be surprised as she used to have this very same effect on her own mother. Now her own mother just smiles from ear to ear as she watches her daughter trying to control her own children - her grandchildren.

Her mother used to tell her, "One day you'll be a mother too and you'll understand how difficult being a mother can be." She never believed her because she always thought her children would be perfect angels.

Actually, when she thinks about it they really are. That is until they start to smile. Then, look out.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Meet The Dollies - A Little Tact and Kindness Goes A Long Way! - Patience Is A Virtue!

The "dollies" thought you might enjoy meeting some of them and learning a little bit about them. Of course, this was their way to get an article written about each of them in their new "The Dollie Storage Room" blog.

Given there are 1,796 of them that would mean 1,796 articles which I refused to do. I'd be doing nothing but writing stories about them for years.

They, of course, couldn't understand that. They said, "After all, we have our own "The Dollie Storage Room" blog now. It should contain the stories we want."

To that I replied; "That's true, but I'm the one doing the writing. Whenever one of your develops the ability to do that then you can have the final say in what is written for your blog!"

Helena decided to step in at this point and said, "Okay, Linda! You don't have to be so snippy about it! You don't have to point out the "dollies" obvious flaws. They do try so hard to mimic you and be human. A little tact and kindness goes a long way."

So, I thought about that and, of course, she was right. I apologized to the "dollies" for being snippy and said we'd work something out. I told them we'd start with some of the more familiar names and faces from our "The Dollie Storage Room" stories so far and then go from there.

I decided to begin with one of the sweetest, kindest, and happiest of dolls - "Patience Is A Virtue."

So, I'd like you to meet "Patience - Is a Virtue." Patience is a primitive bunny and is so happy-go-lucky that she has a hard time controlling herself.

She just hops from here to there without a care in the world. Hop, hop, hop! Down the lane she goes. Hop, hop, hop! La dee da! La dee da!

If you ask her, "Patience, where are you going?" she replies, "Just anywhere!" Hop, hop, hop!

If you ask, "Why are you going?" she just replies, "To make everyone happy!" Hop, hop, hop!

If you respond, "That's impossible!" she just smiles and replies, "I have all the time in the world." Hop, hop, hop!

Down the lane she goes. Hop, hop, hop! La dee da! La dee da!

Now why can't I be more like that. Not a care in the world. La-dee-dah! Oh, the life of a doll.

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

Friday, December 28, 2007

We Have A NEW Blog - "The Dollie Storage Room" Blog - Isn't That WONDERFUL?

Well the "dollies" have finally had their way!

They'd been angling for this for over a year now and decided that the day after Christmas was the best time to ask Linda for their own blog.

They figured that after the mad rush and craziness of the holiday season when Linda was finally able to relax was the best time to attack. She'd be in such a good mood that she wouldn't be able to refuse them.

They all agreed that was a good time, but who would do the asking? None of them wanted to get on the bad side of Linda. No, no that was not a good place to be.

So, they thought about it and decided it should be someone so sweet and kind that Linda wouldn't have the heart to turn her down.

They decided it should be "Patience Is A Virtue." Linda just loved her and loved her wonderful carefree attitude. With "Patience" anything was possible. Including a new blog for the "dollies."

"Patience" decided that she would hop on over to Linda's study and ask her when she was reading some of her favorite blogs. She knew that was how Linda unwinds from a tiring day and figured it would be the perfect time to ask her.

Before she got to the study she could hear Linda laughing and knew that this was the perfect time to strike. Laughter was the best medicine after all.

"Hello, Linda," Patience said. "You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Well, hello Patience," Linda Replied. "I am. What's up?"

"Not too much," Patience replied. "I wanted to know if this was a good time to talk to you about something I've been thinking about for a long time."

"Sure! Shoot!"

Patience decided to get comfortable first and hopped up on the sofa next to Linda. Then while giving Linda her sweetest smile she said, "Well, you know that your blog readers just love the stories about the "dollies" and I thought that it might be a really good idea to showcase them and life in "The Dollie Storage Room" within their own blog."

When Linda turned to look at her she smiled the sweetest smile you'd ever want to see and said, "The "dollies" blog could be called "The Dollie Storage Room" and would be about them and their lives in "The Dollie Storage Room."

Linda was listening so she continued, "It could be a fun blog for children and parents to visit. It would be filled with everything and anything concerning the dollies - doll stories, doll graphics, doll stitcheries, favorite "dollie" books, favorite "dollie" movies, FREE E-Coloring pages, FREE E-Book, FREE E-Doodles, FREE E-Patterns, FREE Craft Projects and ideas, etc. "

Linda was still listening so she continued, "The dollies would be in charge and the content to include would be up to them. They'd do all the work. That is, all the work they were capable of doing. So, what do you think, Linda? Isn't that a wonderful idea? It is, isn't it Linda?"

Patience was really giving Linda her sweetest, kindest, perkiest smile ever. She couldn't get any cuter and Linda loved her for it. Linda, of course, already knew that Patience was going to ask her this. After all you don't live in a house with 1,796 dolls without having your spies amongst them. She'd never tell who it was, but it was more than one doll. And, one of them was a male doll.

In any event, Linda had been secretly working on the new "The Dollie Storage Room" blog for awhile now with Helena as she loved the idea of the "dollies" having their own blog.

She'd already started filling it up with some of the stories that she had written about the "dollies' on her Linda's Blog.

She also included her FREE “The Dollie Storage Room” E-Series - A Children’s Doll Story E-Book E-Series Introduction and Book One that she had written and stories about the "personalized" dollie graphics. And, she included some of the "The Story Behind My Doll Series" of articles from her blogs, too.

Linda had already consulted Helena on this and they had so many plans for fun things for everyone to enjoy. Of course, all the fun things Patience mentioned to Linda were the ideas Linda and Helena had talked about. Helena, of course, being a wise old senior had talked to Patience about this before she hopped over to ask Linda.

She figured that Patience wouldn't give it another thought and would think it was her idea. Patience and the rest of the "dollies" would think that they would be in charge and, to a degree, they would be. Helena and Linda both thought that the "dollies" involvement should make for a very interesting and fun filled blog.

So, she replied, "Okay, Patience. That's a fabulous idea."

"It is? Oh, Linda," Patience said, "I'm so happy that you agree. The rest of the "dollies" will be so happy to hear that. I just know they will. Why, I'll just hop right over and tell them"

"They already know, Patience," Linda replied. "Just turn around and look and you'll see what I mean."

Patience didn't realize it but all 1796 dolls had sneaked over to Linda's study to see what Linda's reaction would be and to support Patience if need be. Linda, of course, had heard them. There was no way 1,796 dolls could get out of "The Dollie Storage Room", down Linda's hall, and into the study without making a racket. Linda just hoped that her husband hadn't heard them as well.

Patience was so focused on what she was doing that she hadn't heard them at all.

Patience turned and with the sweetest smile you'd ever want to see said, "EVERYONE! I have wonderful, wonderful news. Linda has agreed that we could have our own blog. It will be called "The Dollie Storage Room" blog. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't Linda just the BEST?"

With that last remark all the "dollies" tried to enter Linda's study and hug Patience for asking and hug Linda for agreeing. Of course, 1796 dolls can't all fit in the study, let alone all through the doorway at once.

So, Linda said, "Okay, everyone. I know you're happy. I'm happy, too. Here's what I want you all to do. Turn around and go back to "The Dollie Storage Room" and start to think about what else you want in your blog. I'll need lots and lots of ideas for fun-filled articles and things to do."

"Oh, great idea, Linda."

"Yes, great idea, Linda."

"Let's see. I want a story about me, first."

"No, me!"

"No, me!"

"Hey, I'm the oldest. It should be me!"

"Well, how about some dollie interest stories. Or dollie news. Or dollie events. Or............

"No, I want.....

Linda knew that this would keep the "dollies" busy for weeks on end and give her time to finalize all the details of the new blog. Ah, just what Linda needed. Another blog. Ah, but what fun this blog would be.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Story Behind My "Anna" and "James" Dolls

This is the story behind my "James" and "Anna" graduation doll patterns and involves my Dad, my niece, and my twin granddaughters.

When both my twin granddaughters and my niece were graduating from high school and college, respectively, I wanted to give them something special. For me, that usually involves something crafty that I'd made or, and this may come as a surprise to all of you, a doll. So, I decided on a doll. But, I didn't want just any graduation doll. I thought how about taking their graduation picture and transposing that onto a doll's head using iron on transfer paper. It was a nice idea, but a bad application from the start.

So, I set about to design a stand alone graduation doll that would have each of their respective graduation gown colors. I knew I wanted the doll to be stand alone and wanted the body bottoms to be made out of denim. I decided that I would use popcorn kernels to weight the bodies down. So, I began by scanning in their respective graduation pictures and then setting about to crop the images and adjust the image size until their faces would fit on my graduation doll patterns head. I should have known right from the start that this was going to be a disaster. I just couldn't seem to get the right size face with the right size head. In any event, I finally had something I could work with and transferred the face to my cloth head piece.

Then I put the three dolls together using my rough draft pattern pieces. The doll's bodies and graduation gowns came out wonderful. Their faces were an entirely different story almost bordering on scary. See for yourself. What do you think? Scary, frightening, yuck?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh My God, Nana!

The "dollies" got together and decided that they wanted me to add their "The Story Behind My Doll" articles and specific posts just about them from my Linda's Blog to their "The Dollie Storage Room" blog so I told them I would.

Here's a story about my grandson's visit and the "Baby Nicky" doll which is named after him. I hope you enjoy the story.

I had a wonderful surprise yesterday. My 7 year old grandson " Nicky Noodles" surprised me with a visit. I was thrilled to see him and decided I'd show him what I had been working on. I knew he would be surprised and wanted to see his reaction as there is nothing like that of surprise in a child's face.

When he walked into my living room his eyes opened in amazement. He couldn't believe all the new dolls I'd designed and made for my new patterns. His response was "Oh, my God! NANA! Are you crazy?"

I, of course, didn't want my 7 year old grandson to think I was crazy so I replied, "No, of course not. I needed to make some new patterns for my Linda Walsh Originals shop."

I thought for sure he would see the logic in that.

He just looked at me with a look that implied - Yeah! But, did you have to make this MANY! He gave me the same look that I'd seen a thousand times before on his Grandfather.

So, I gave him a look back that implied - Yeah! So I have a FEW new doll designs. What's it to ya? You're just like your Grandfather.

What I'm not telling you is that there are literally hundreds of new dolls and they are all over my living room. There's no place to sit - let alone stand. My grandson did a 360 degree turn and immediately said, "Where's Baby Nicky?"

I, of course, knew what he was talking about. He wanted to see the doll I'd designed and named after him. So, I showed him the "Baby Nicky" doll in my dining room that actually has on an outfit that my grandson wore at 3 months. After checking his doll out he said, "Where's the Baby Nicky pattern?"

Well, that was upstairs. So, up we went to look at it.

Mind you, now, this is not the first time he has asked about his "Baby Nicky" doll. Every time he visits he wants to see it and every time I talk to him on the phone he asks about it.

For those reasons alone the doll and pattern are even more precious to me. I know the "Baby Nicky" doll and pattern are special to my 7 year old Grandson.

In fact, I suspect even his older brother likes the fact that I have a doll and pattern named after him, too. He'd never admit it though.

After viewing the pattern he wanted to see all the pictures of himself that were in the various articles I'd written on my Linda's Blog. So, of course, we had to look at all of them. It never ceases to amaze me how many times he wants to see the same things over and over again. Each and every time it's like he's looking at it for the first time. Each and every time he has a look of amazement and delight on his face. It's just so beautiful to see and so precious. It makes the memory even more precious.

So, of course that got me to thinking about the "Story Behind My Baby Nicky" doll article and my "Create Keepsake Dolls From Your Kids and Grandkids Baby Clothes" articles that I had written for my "Linda's Blog."

My "Baby Nicky" doll has a special place in my heart as do all the dolls I've made from my grandchildrens' clothing over the years. Each and every time I look at one of the dolls I can recall the outfit and the memory. Creating keepsakes is just such a wonderful way to preserve one's memories. Memories tend to fade over time but a visual image brings them right back.

I hope you would agree and hope you enjoy reading the articles again.

After viewing pictures of himself my Grandson said, "NANA, I'm hungry. What do you have to eat?"

So, off we went to the kitchen....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Get The Popcorn! Linda's Showing A Movie!

Helena decided she was going to attempt to get up on the podium so she could address the "dollies" in "The Dollie Storage Room." There were so many things so on these days involving them that she didn't want anyone to miss anything. Her only problem was that the step to the podium was so tall and she was - well, rather short. Her legs just wouldn't stretch that far.

Now that's rather silly she thought to herself. I don't have legs. I'm a standalone shelf-sitter type of doll. Maybe I can just hop up on the podium. I don't know - it's rather steep.

Where are all those boys when you need them. Probably over playing on Linda's computer again. Boys will be boys. If Linda catches them there will be........

Helena didn't want to think about that. She had one task to do today and that was to tell everyone about Linda resuming the fashion shows that she started  last year and about tonight's movie.

Linda was going to show an old 8mm movie of some of the handmade primitive dolls that she made.

Helena had seen it already and had to agree that it was a wonderful slide show for the primitives in old 8mm format. She thought everyone would like it for sure and that it showcased some of Linda's new pictures so well.

Now, how am I going to get up on that podium? Boys, boys, where are you??????

Picture Courtesy of

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our Personalized Graphics - How Cute Are They!

"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

"I feel that that phrase is ringing in my ears," said Helena.

"Curse you, Baptist and His Smile," she crumbled. "I can't get that out of my head!"

"Oh, Helena! Don't be so grumpy," said Doris Marie.

"I just LOVE all the new "personalized graphics" that Linda bought from Neenee (AKA Denise Bailey of  The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog). They really capture all our images so perfectly. Don't you think?"

"Yes, Doris Marie," responded Helena. "You're right as usual. "

"Just look at my new graphic image compared to my picture. In my real life image I look like a grumpy old "biddy" and in my personalized graphic I look like a grumpy old "biddy." "

"Yes, yes, I have to thank Neenee for such a wonderful job. She captured my essence of "biddydom" perfectly."

"Now, Helena, you really are being a grumpy old "biddy."

"Neenee is a FANTASTIC artist and she did a wonderful job with all of us. I know that I'm very, very pleased with my image."

"It really captures me and my personality so perfectly. And, I know that "Baby Nicky" and "Elmer's Little Boy" feel the same way."

" Plus," Doris Marie responded, "Jael Loves Her Smile is so in love with her graphic she can't stop smiling."

To which Helena replied, "Of course Jael Loves Her Smile can't stop smiling. That's the way she is. She has a HUGE smile."

"Why, it would be that way whether she liked the graphic image or not!" barked Helena.

She continued, " As for Baby Nicky and Elmer's Little Boy they LOVE everything Linda does. She can do no wrong as far as they are concerned."

"However," she continued, " I do have to admit, though, that they both came out rather cute. Even I have to admit that I like them."

"WOW," Doris Marie responded," that is quite a compliment for Neenee."

"Helena liked them. Unbelievable."

"I'll make sure that Linda tells her that even the old "biddy", Helena, like the new "dollie" graphics. She'll be happy to hear that I'm sure."

"Well, she'd better be," Helena responded. "I don't give out compliments very often, but they were good."

"Both actually came out very, very cute. I'm sure Linda's Grandson, Nicky, will like the graphic of his doll. He's as cute a graphic as he is in real life and as cute as his handmade doll is. I'm sure that his new graphic will put a smile on his face and Linda will have to email it to him."

"Plus, Elmer's Little Boy is just so "impish" and "cute" anyway. His graphic is just as cute and reflects his impish personality perfectly. Do you know if he's seen it yet," Helena asked, "Doris Marie?"

Doris Marie turned around and said, "I don't think either Baby Nicky or Elmer's Little Boy have seen their new personalized graphic yet. I bet they'll be thrilled when they do."

"However, the other "dollies" will be even more jealous than they already are. Linda's going to have a problem on her hands with this. Everyone is going to want their own personalized image. But, with 1496 dollies I don't think they are all going to get one. Linda will be in the poor house if she tried to do that."

"Don't be silly, Doris Marie. Linda is too practical to do such a thing. She might LOVE her "dollies" and want to do everything she can for them, but that's going a little overboard. Maybe she'll have a drawing or something to determine which dollies will get graphic images. Maybe I'll mention that to her. Hmmm....." maybe I will said Helena. "Ya, I'll mention that to her. She'll appreciate that. Or, will she. Hmmmmm......"

Graphics Made By Denise Bailey (aka Neenee) of The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog for Linda Walsh Originals.Handmade Doll and Graphic Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

"Hey, everyone. Gather around."

"You won't believe this!"

"I couldn't believe it when I saw mine!"

"I'm So Cute! I'm So Cute! I'm Just The Cutest Thing!"

Baptist and His Smile was having a hard time controlling himself. He could hardly believe how "cute" he looked and could hardly wait to show all the other "dollies."

You see Linda had Neenee (AKA Denise Bailey of KKL Kreations, KKL Primitives, KKL Graphics Blog, KKL Kreations Blog, and the The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog) create some "personalized graphics" of some of her "dollies" for her. Linda is Neenee's #1 fan and just loves everything that Neenee creates, especially the "dollie" graphics so when Neenee started offering her "personalized graphics" service on her KKL Kreations website Linda jumped at the chance to buy some for her "dollies."

Neenee also offers a "personalized photo" service that Linda has for an idea for Christmas presents for her grandchildren. She wouldn't tell us what that was because her grandchildren read her blogs so we'll have to wait until after Christmas to find out what she did.

In the meantime, Baptist now had 596 of the "dollies" clamouring to see what he was talking about.

He kept repeating, "I'm so cute! I'm so cute! I'm just the cutest thing! Look how much the graphic looks like me. Neenee did a FABULOUS job!"

Baptist Loves His Smile was getting a little carried away with himself so his sister, Jael Loves Her Smile asked, "Who else did Linda create graphics for, Baptist?"

To which Baptist replied, "Well, she did one of you Jael, and one of Elmer's Little Boy, one of Baby Nicky, one of Doris Marie, and one of Helena. She's going to post about us in separate articles on her Linda's Blog.

"Well, of course she did one of me!" Helena barked. "She couldn't survive without me."

Clearing her throat Doris Marie replied, "Just you Helena?"

"Er, er..... make that Linda couldn't survive without the help of both you and I Doris Marie," Helena replied.

"Why did she do them?" someone asked Baptist.

"Well," Baptist responded, "she wanted to have them for our "The Dollie Storage Room" series of books and articles and to add to her various blogs. I think it was a FABULOUS idea."

"Of course you would, Baptist. You're such a kiss ....." one of the handmade witches shouted.

"Now, now. We don't allow such language here," Helena scolded.

"Hey, are we all going to get personalized graphics?" someone shouted.

"I want one!"

"I want one, too!"

"Me, too!""No, I did!"

"Stop shoving!"

"She'd better not forget me!"

"Or me!"

"Or me, either!"

"Tee he he! Hey, Doris Marie," Helena said, "Won't it be fun to see how Linda talks her way around this problem. I dare say she won't be buying personalized graphics for all 1,496 dollies. Do you?"

"I don't think so," Doris Marie replied. "I wonder how she's going to explain this. Tee he he! Do you think she may buy a few more?"

"Probably, Doris Marie," Helena replied. "You know how she LOVES graphics. I wonder which dollies she'll choose. Hmmm......"

Graphics Made By Denise Bailey (aka Neenee) of KKL Kreations for Linda Walsh Originals.
Handmade Doll and Graphics Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved - Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

WOW! WOW! Have You Seen Yours, Yet?

"Everyone, everyone! Gather around. Wait until you see these." "They're FANTASTIC! Just like Linda said they would be."

"Why, we look FABULOUS!"

" Just look at some of the group shots from the NEW pictures that Linda took. Aren't they wonderful?" Rag-doll Anthony asked.

"Rag-doll Anthony where did you get those?" Helena barked.

"Why, from Linda's study. They were just lying on her desk," Rag-doll Anthony responded. "I didn't think she'd mind if we took a look at a few of the group shots. She took thousands of NEW pictures. What could it hurt to take a peek at a few? "

"Well, that wasn't a smart idea Anthony. Linda will mind. We shouldn't be looking at the NEW pictures until she's ready to show us and post them. She won't like this a bit," Helena replied.

"Okay, Okay. Hold on to your girdle Helena. I'll get them back asap," Rag-doll Anthony responded. "But, first DON'T we look FANTASTIC?"

Helena had to admit they did, but Linda wouldn't like them looking at the NEW pictures.

"WOW, we all look FANTASTIC!" she quietly whispered.

"Hey, everyone gather around real quickly and take a look at these....."

I want one! I want one! Where's mine? Did Linda do one for me? Hey, stop shoving me! Cut it out! I want to see my picture! Where's mine? Did you see me? Stop pushing me. Hey, stop it. There's not enough room for all of us here. Quit shoving..............

Monday, August 6, 2007

Have You Seen Yours? Have You Seen Yours, Yet? Well, Have Ya?

Linda couldn't believe her eyes when she opened the door to "The Dollie Storage Room."

The house was shaking and it was being caused by all 1,496 dolls jumping up and down. Even "Helena" and "Doris Marie" were jumping up and down, up and down, going round and round. Now that was sight. Two old "biddies" holding hands and jumping up and down.

She rubbed her eyes. Maybe she wasn't seeing what she thought she was. No, they were laughing and holding hands and going round and round. Skipping and hopping like two little girls playing "ring around the rosy" and repeating "Have you seen yours? Have you seen yours? Well, have ya?"

"What is going on in HERE! Linda yelled. "What on earth are you doing Helena and Doris Marie?"

With that all 1,496 dolls stopped moving and looked at each other with "YIKES! We've been caught expressions." You know - the looks little children give their parents when they've been caught doing something they shouldn't. Well, to see 1,496 expressions like that almost made Linda laugh. Especially seeing Doris Marie and Helena with the same expression. She tried not to laugh and said, "This better be good!"

"Now Linda, dear. Don't get yourself all in a tither. The dollies are all so happy with something you did that they just couldn't control themselves. You have made them SO HAPPY. They wanted to all go and hug you, but I thought you might be smothered by that so we told them to expel all that HAPPY energy by jumping up and down. Too bad we couldn't bottle it and sell it. In any event, they LOVE you for what you did for them." Helena responded.

Well, this was a FIRST. The dolls were in love with Linda and happy about something she did. Maybe she ought to call the Guinness Book of World records for this was surely a first. The dolls were happy with Linda.

Well, she was not happy with them shaking the house so she said," I'm so happy that you like what I just finished and I LOVE all of you, too. But, you can't all jump up and down. You're shaking the house and the foundation can't support that. And, YOU KNOW WHO isn't going to tolerate this shaking much longer. He's threatening to move and you all know what that means - STORAGE FACILITY. "

"Linda, tell him to calm down. At his age he'll have a heart attack," Doris Marie responded. "Okay, everyone back to you respective areas. Linda's here now and we can all thank you properly."

With that statement Doris Marie went over and gave Linda a kiss on the cheek and handed her a dozen red roses. "We love you Linda and wanted to thank you for what you did. Each and everyone of us is thrilled! You couldn't have made us any happier."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda for all you did. We LOVE you. You're the best CREATOR in the world!" all 1,496 dollies said in unison.

Linda blushed and thanked Doris Marie and all 1,496 dollies and said," Oh, my! I am so touched by this. I didn't realize how much this would mean to all of you. They came out wonderful and you all look FABULOUS. I can hardly wait to post them all. Thank you, thank you, thank you all."

"You needn't worry about the house shaking any more, Linda," Doris Marie responded. "The dollies have gotten that out of their system and really just wanted to thank you from the bottoms of their hearts - which they just did. They'll behave now so you can tell hubby to calm himself. No sense getting riled up at his age. "

"I will, Doris Marie. Everyone - THANK YOU for the roses and your warm affection. It means a LOT to me to hear that," Linda responded. With that statement she turned and left "The Dollie Storage Room." But, as she did she thought she heard the sounds of muffled laughter. Or was that muffled chatter. Psst.... Have you seen yours? Have you seen yours? Well, have ya? Hmmm....

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The House Is Shaking!

"Linda, Linda wake up! Wake up, the house is shaking!"

"What? What? What is it dear?" Linda asked as she was rudely awakened from a sound sleep. To say she was annoyed at being awoken was putting it mildly. After all she was dreaming about her favorite actor and just hated to be awoken from that.

"The house is shaking. Can't you feel it?" Linda's dear husband responded.

"Well, I can NOW!" Linda responded as she was getting out of bed.

"What is going on, dear? Is it an earthquake?" her husband asked.

"How would I know, dear. You just woke me up. It can't be an earthquake. We live in New England for goodness sakes. When was the last time there was an earthquake here?" Linda barked back.

"Well, you don't have to be so snippy. Actually New England does have earthquakes. The last one was back in the 1950's. I'm concerned about the house falling down from all this shaking. Don't tell me you can't feel THAT!" Linda's husband said.

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, dear. You're right. THE HOUSE IS SHAKING!" Linda said as she stood in the middle of their bedroom. "It seems to be coming from The Dollie Storage Room. Oh, Lord! What are the dollies doing now?"

"I'm telling you, Linda that those dolls are going to destroy this house. If they do and we have to move then they are all going to a storage shed. I will not move into another house just to have it destroyed by dollies!" he responded.

"Okay! Okay, dear! Calm down! The house is not going to fall down and we are not going to move." Linda replied. She wanted to say "and the dollies aren't going into a storage facility, but she knew that her husband was in no mood to start arguing about that.

She had to admit that her husband was "really, really good" about housing all 1,496 dolls and putting up with all their antics. She even thought he was starting to like them. If they destroyed the house he wouldn't like them one bit. That's for sure. So, she had to find out what they were doing now and put a stop to it.

As she headed to "The Dollie Storage Room" she decided she'd better grab onto to something or she'd fall down. The shaking was getting so intense that she could barely stay on her feet. It took a few minutes, but she finally got her hand on the knob of door to "The Dollie Storage Room." She turned the knob and opened the door.

Stay tuned..........

Friday, July 13, 2007

YIKES! New Dolls!, But We're Already Overcrowded In The Dollie Storage Room!

"PSST! PSST! Shhh! They'll hear us."

"No they won't. They're too busy taking pictures."

"YES they will. Linda HEARS everything, KNOWS everything, and SEES everything. Why, she's like the all powerful Oz!"

"Well, just be as quiet as you can, Elmer!" Doris said.

"I'll try, Doris," said Elmer, "You know that I'm not too light on my feet!"

"Just do the best you can, Elmer. I don't want Linda to hear us," Doris replied.

"Okay, okay. I will. Just stop nagging me," Elmer exclaimed.

"What are they doing?"

"Shhhhhh... keep it quiet back there," said an exasperated Doris. "Do you want her to hear us?" " Do you really want to disturb Linda when she's busy?" "I didn't think so."

Doris rolled her eyes as hundreds of dollies all nodded "no" in unison. She knew that Linda probably would hear them, but they had to know what was going on. Linda had been at her sewing machine for months now and they'd been hearing rumblings in the next room for days now. Linda had gotten the backdrops and white steps out of storage and that meant that pictures were being taken in Linda's picture studio under the skylight.

They had to find out what was going on. After all, if they were going to have to share their already overcrowded "Dollie Storage Room" humble abode with more dolls they had a right to know.

After all they're the ones that lived there. They're the ones who have to make room for more "dollies." More dolls means more food, more supplies, more showers, more toiletries, more hair dryers, more activities to keep everyone busy and maintain "peace" in The Dollie Storage Room, more expense, more beds, more disputes to settle, more everything.

For sure it meant they needed more bathrooms. It was already difficult enough for all 1,496 "dollies" to share one bathroom. Did Linda really think she could add hundreds of more dolls without providing them with another bathroom?

For Doris more "dollies" just meant ONE BIG HEADACHE. Doris felt that Linda should have consulted her before she went ahead and designed more new dolls. Well, maybe not at the design stage, but surely she should have consulted her before she sewed hundreds of new dolls. Shouldn't she? Doris certainly thought so.

Plus, Doris knew that Linda's husband certainly must have thought she already had enough dolls and didn't have anymore room in "The Dollie Storage Room" for new ones.

Of course, Linda disagreed. Doris knew that the minute she saw the 20+ storage boxes outside their room. 20 more boxes! Where would they put 20 more boxes filled with hundreds of new dolls. Doris could only hope the dolls were small. But, even small dolls had need of food, supplies, bathrooms, etc. More dolls no matter what the size was a problem.

So, Doris and Elmer and all hundred or so of the "dollies" decided to sneak over to the next room to see what all the ruckus was about. Plus, they just had to find out what their new "competition" was.


"PSST! PSST! Shhh! They'll hear us."

"Shhhh.......Linda will hear us!" Stay tuned........

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Husbands & Wives

"It's not right! It's just totally unfair, Linda." exclaimed Peter - The Primitive Farmer. "We're hard working and, well, we are responsible for rearing the next generation aren't we? Surely that entitles us to our own category, doesn't it?"

Linda really didn't have time for this now, but Peter was such a likable and hard-working farmer that she had to talk to him about this. He was clearly very upset by this so she said, "Well, I don't know Peter. You are extremely hard-working and, yes, you and your wife, Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife, are responsible for rearing the next generation. It's just that this category business could really get out of hand! Let me think about it for a minute."

"Okay, Linda," Peter replied, "I have to water my vegetable garden. I'll be back in two minutes and you can let me know what you've decided. Okay?"

"Okay, Peter. I'll let you know in two minutes."

Well, Linda knew she had to think quickly. Peter - The Primitive Farmer was not only hard-working, but he was extremely punctual and would be back in exactly two minutes.

"So, what's the big deal if I add another category called "Husbands & Wives?" she asked herself. " What's the harm?"

"I already have "Brothers & Sisters" and "Grandma's & Grandpa's." What's one more category?"

So, she thought about it and decided she would add this one category for Peter. But, she decided that's it. She was NOT going to add "Aunts & Uncles", "Mothers & Daughters", "Fathers & Sons", "Grandparents and Grandchildren", or "Friends and Foes." It could get downright ridiculous and she wasn't going to allow that to happen. But, Peter was such a hard-working farmer and he and his wife, Margaret, hardly ever asked for anything. She'd do this for Peter - but, no one else.

Well, just as she had predicted Peter was back in exactly two minutes. "Have you decided, Linda"Peter asked.

"Well, yes I have, Peter," Linda replied, "and I'm going to create a "Husbands & Wives" category just for you. You are so hard-working and never ask for much so I will do this for you. But, Peter, you MUST make it clear to the other "dollies" in "The Dollie Storage Room" that this is it. There will be no more categories created. OKAY?"

"OKAY! OKAY! I'll make it clear," Peter responded, "to all the other dollies. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. You won't regret this, Linda. You're a good woman. You've got a good soul, you're beautiful, you're .......

"That's enough, Peter," Linda interrupted, "I get the picture! Off with you now."

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, Linda," Peter kept saying as he ran over to tell his wife Margaret.

Linda knew this was probably a BIG mistake. To give in to one "dollie" was ALWAYS a problem. The other "dollies" were just so jealous. They could never be happy for a fellow "dollie," They always had to think of themselves first. Jealousy amongst "dollies" is not a pretty thing. It can get downright vicious and Linda knew it. She had seen it first hand. But, she didn't want to think about that now. As Scarlett would say, "I'll think about that tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is another day!"

Surely, nothing would happen right away. Or would it?

Monday, June 11, 2007

An Obsession With Brothers and Sisters! No Way!

My husband thinks I have an obsession. Then again, he thinks I have many obsessions. My primary being dolls and doll making. My secondary begin genealogy, my third being books, and my fourth being floral design. He wishes I had an obsession with housecleaning.

He told me this while moving my books, yet again, from one bookcase to another yesterday. You see, my brother had made me some more bookcases for my doll and craft books and I wanted to get them all sorted and organized by category. I know that does sound obsessive.

In any event along with my obsession with books he told me he thinks I have an obsession with "brothers & sisters!" I asked them why he thought that and he said, "Just look at ALL 200+ of the dolls you just made and tell me how many of your NEW dolls and soon to be doll e-patterns are "brothers & sisters." So, I of course, went to count and prove him wrong. I hadn't made that many NEW "brothers & sisters" - or had I?

Well, I started to count. YIKES! The number was getting up there. I started to move backwards and, of course, backed right into hubby.

He stood there with a look I know you all are familiar with. It says "told you so!" without even saying so. My response, which I sure is your response too, was a look that said "SO! So what!"

He just smiled and left the room. He was satisfied he was right - once again.

To my obsession I say, "So what! I come from a big family. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, 3 sisters-in-law, and 1 brother-in-law. That's a LOT of brothers and sisters don't you think? Just one BIG happy family. Maybe that's why my doll creations reflect so many brothers and sisters.

However, I know it has to do primarily with my older brother and I. You see we are "Irish twins." He's 10 months older than I and I never have known a time without him. We were like "two peas in a pod" growing up. He, of course, always got me in trouble. I would have been the "perfect" child if it wasn't for him. I can hear my Mother reading this now. "Yeah, sure, Linda! Guess again," she'd say "dream on!"

In any event I figure my obsession isn't necessarily about "brothers & sisters" as it is about "pairs." For every "ying" there's a "yang." After all I do have quite a few NEW "Grandma's & Grandpa's," too. And, don't forget the NEW "Husbands & Wives." PAIRS! I'm obsessed with pairs.

In thinking about my NEW doll pattern designs I began to wonder if I was going to have a problem with my existing groups of "Brothers & Sisters", "Grandma's and Grandpa's", and "Husband's and Wives." So, I thought I'd be pre-emptive and showcase these three groups of doll patterns and handmade dolls & crafts before I had a "dollie" riot coming out of "The Dollie Storage Room!"
The dolls won't have anything to complain about if I showcase them before I promote my new doll designs and new handmade dolls. After all, I'm still a few months away from finishing all my new designs so there's plenty of time for showcasing everyone else now. Wouldn't you agree? I hope the "dollies" do?

Stay tuned.....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I Think Linda's Off Her Rocker

Psst! Psst! We have to do something quick. I think Linda's off her rocker!" whispered Uncle Warren - A True Patriot. "Why, she has to be. There's no other explanation for her being so far off the seasons. She's posting about NEW Santa's, Pilgrims, and even "Bunnies" which is the season that just ended. What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know," replied Anna. "Let's ask "James" maybe he'll know. We're both graduating but he's the valedictorian. He's the smartest one in the class. Surely he would know!"

"Yes, yes! Let's do that "Anna." Uncle Warren replied.

So off they went to find James. They were very concerned. Nothing could be wrong with Linda. She was their creator after all. What would they do if there were something wrong with her. Why - there just couldn't be. Surely she had a good explanation for promoting so far off-season. At least they hoped she did.

James was nowhere to be found. "He must be off working on his speech for the graduation" Anna said.

"Yes, yes! That must be it!" Uncle Warren replied. "What should we do now? Should we put our thinking caps on? Wait! Anna you've already got your thinking cap on - don't you?"

"Don't be silly, Uncle Warren. This is a graduation cap - not a thinking cap!" Anna replied.

"Well, you had to think to graduate - didn't you? So, therefore it's a "thinking cap" too - isn't it?" Uncle Warren asked.

"Yes, yes! Uncle Warren! Now you've got me saying that. I have to concede that your argument is logical. I did have to think to be able to graduate so I guess I'm wearing a "thinking cap. Now, what were we talking about?" Anna answered.

"Why, Anna - I'm not sure I remember. I think it was something about Linda." Uncle Warren replied.

"That's right Uncle Warren. It was about Linda. We were thinking she was off her rocker. She's promoting NEW dolls off season," replied Anna. "And we were looking for James."

"Let's check over in the "dollie library." That's a room just off "The Dollie Storage Room." Maybe he's in there."

"Yes, yes, let's! We must make sure there's nothing wrong with Linda. She can't be off her rocker! Or can she?"

Stay tuned......

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey, Everyone - Did You Hear?

"It's a podcast! It's a podcast!"

"Hey, Everyone - Did You Hear Linda's On A Podcast?"

"Did You Hear Her?"

"Did you?"

"Do you think she mentioned us?"

"Do you?"

"What did he say, Margaret?" Peter - The Primitive Farmer asked his wife "Margaret - The Dutiful Farmer's Wife!" "Did Linda have a podcast?" What's a podcast?" Did she have a baby?"

"I don't know, Peter!" Margaret replied. "I never heard of a podcast and Linda's too old to have a baby!" "I don't know what he's talking about!"

Doris hated when the dolls were being nonsensical and even more so when they were getting all riled up. There wasn't a lot of room in "The Dollie Storage Room" and when they all started moving about there was even less. So she had to ask Baptist and His Smile, "Baptist you're getting all the "dollies" all riled up. What are you talking about?"

"Oh, Doris. The most wonderful news. Linda was on a podcast. She was the FEATURED CRAFTER on Prim Talk Radio this week. She was on a podcast! Linda was on a podcast!"

"Do you think she mentioned us? Do you think she mentioned us?"

"Baptist, stop fidgeting!" You're making me queasy. Sit down and explain this to me" Doris replied. "Sit down!"

"Okay, okay, Doris! "Don't get yourself all in a tither!" Baptist responded.

Baptist started to explain, "Here's the deal, Doris. Linda was interviewed by Angie Wenke on the Prim Talk Radio show this week. Prim Talk Radio is a podcast which offers direct downloading or streaming of the radio show. In essence, the radio show is a media file distributed over the Internet using syndicated feeds. It can be played back on portable media players and personal computers."

Doris hated it when she was unfamiliar with something and especially hated it when one of the other dolls knew more about something than she did. However, she couldn't really get angry with Baptist. It was her own fault she hadn't kept up with the computer technology and the Internet.

Baptist had kept up - along with several of his pals. They were always sneaking over to use Linda's computer and always "surfing the web!" What they were looking at she'd never know. In any event, she made a mental note to bring herself up to speed on all of this as soon as possible. She couldn't have the other "dollies" thinking she wasn't the smartest doll in the group.

"Okay, everyone! Settle down now. Baptist is going to tell everyone what he's so excited about," Doris exclaimed. "Go ahead Baptist."

"Everyone, I have the BEST news to tell you. Linda is the FEATURED Crafter onAngie Wenke's Prim Talk Radio Podcast this week. She's on a podcast. If you don't know what a "podcast" is just think "radio show. Except it's on the computer." Baptist explained.

All Baptist could hear was "Hmmm... podcast? Radio show? Computer? Hmmm..." as the information was digested and passed amongst the 1,496 dolls in "the Dollie Storage Room."

He waited a few minutes for the information to be distributed and then continued, "I know that you can hardly wait to hear what Linda said and listen to her interview. So, I borrowed her computer and will have it all hooked up in just a minute. Then we can all listen to what she had to say."

Baptist was hoping that Linda wouldn't notice that her computer was missing. And, if she did he was hoping she wouldn't get mad at them for wanting to hear her interview. He had to bring the computer here. After all "The Dollie Storage Room" was the only room big enough for them all to fit into. They certainly couldn't all fit into her study - now could they?

"Okay, everyone!" Baptist said. "We're all hooked up now. Just give me a second to get there. If we want to hear Linda's interview we have to just CLICK HERE to go to the Prim Talk Radio Blog. She's on Prim Talk Radio Show 55 - April 27Th, 2007."

"Then we just need to scroll down until we see the little brown speaker and arrow pointing to the right. We then click on the arrow pointing to the right and we'll be able to hear the show on the computer. If we want to download the MP3 version we can also do that for all the "dollies" that have MP3 players. We would just need to click on the Click here to download today's show link.

Baptist continued, "Linda's interview is about 24 minutes into the show. After the show starts we can drag the little brown rectangle along the time line until we get to 24 minutes. Her interview is about 10 minutes in length."

"Also, Angie read one of Linda's "The Love of Crafting" articles that she wrote for Primitive Times Magazine April E-Zine in the business segment towards the end of the show. It's around 58 minutes. So, after we hear the interview we'll skip to the end of the show. We can then go back and play the show from the beginning for everyone who wants to listen to the whole show."

"Okay, everyone! Quiet down. The show is about to start." Baptist said as he "shushed" the "dollies."

The show began. Then they all heard "Hi, everyone this is Angie Wenke and from Prim Talk Radio and I am here today with our featured crafter - Linda Walsh............"

And for the next ten minutes you could hear a pin drop in "The Dollie Storage Room."

Little did the dollies know that Linda was anxiously pacing back and forth just outside "The Dollie Storage Room." She knew that Baptist had borrowed her computer and was anxiously awaiting the "dollies" reaction. She nervous about the show and wanted to know what they all thought. It was going to be a long ten minutes to wait....... Would they like what she said. Hmmmm.........

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

He's Doing An Irish Jig Again - Watch Out!

I was sitting at my computer the other night working when I suddenly heard a sound that was muffled at first and then grew louder and louder. I couldn't make it out at first. I thought it sounded like laughter. Then it sounded like foots stomping. Then it sounded like a herd of wild buffalo at my door! "What is that" I wondered?

I had to get up and investigate which if you know me then you know that when I'm working I don't like to be disturbed. It's hard enough living in a household with 1,496 dolls. All I ask is that when I'm working that I be allowed to work in peace. Is that too much to ask?

Yeah! Dream on, Linda! You think the "Dollies" care that you're working. That’s highly unlikely.

"Well, they will when I get through with them", I said out loud. Of course there was no one there but me to hear that outburst. I know, I'm really brave when I'm talking to myself. It's another story when I'm surrounded by 1,496 dolls.

So, I got up to investigate. Of course, the sound was coming from "The Dollie Storage Room." I should have known. By the time I got over there the stomping was so intense that the floor was shaking. Good grief! The whole house was shaking.

"They're going to ruin the foundation", I exclaimed. "My husband won't like that one bit." He'll say, "We don't have the structural support to handle all that stomping." I had to put a stop to it right away. I didn't want to give my husband yet another reason to get rid of all the "dollies."

It became apparent to me the closer I got to "The Dollie Storage Room" that there was also "Irish" music playing. "Who's playing Irish music", I wondered? Then it hit me. There could only be one culprit. I had only made one of them - two would be more than I could handle. It had to be him.

It had to be "I’m So Lucky Johnny Boy!" - The leprechaun I had made based upon a Sparkles N Spirit Design.

He is a 21” cloth and wood leprechaun with lined boots, leggings, leprechaun outfit, gloves, lined hat, pipe, and shamrock decorations. And, there is only one of him because I couldn't handle more than one leprechaun in my household.

It's bad enough that my husband's grandparents came over on the boat from Ireland and he has a twinkle in his eye and can be every bit as mischievous as a leprechaun. I didn't need a bunch of leprechaun dolls, too. So, I only made one.

Well, given all the racket it was obvious that even one leprechaun in a household could be one too many.

I knew when I finished him that "I'm So Lucky Johnny Boy" could be a charmer. He was every bit as devilish in nature as any leprechaun could be? The twinkle in his eyes could charm the socks off of you? All he had to do was look at you with his rosy cheeks and that twinkle in his eye and you were his volunteering to be his "slave" forever.

He was cunning! He was mischievous! He was resourceful! He could lure "dollies' from far and wide with his promise of "a pot of gold." And, the "Dollies" all loved him. I had to admit that despite all that he was a right fine cobbler by trade. And, if there's one thing I like besides dolls, floral arrangements, and genealogy - its shoes!

So, what had "I'm So Lucky Johnny Boy" done to get the "dollies" all riled up?

I had my hand on the knob to the door of "The Dollie Storage Room" when I heard a loud burst of clapping. "Clapping?" "Who was clapping and what were they clapping for?"

I wasn't prepared for what I saw as I slowly opened the door to "The Dollie Storage Room". "I'm So Lucky Johnny Boy" was sitting on the sidelines clapping at something that was going on in the center of a large circle of dolls. They were all having a "foot-stomping" time with whoever was in the middle of the circle.

I knew I had only made one leprechaun and he was on the sidelines. "Who was causing the dollies to get all riled up if not my leprechaun?" So, I approached the circle and the dollies parted like the parting of the red sea. I couldn't believe my eyes.

In the middle of the circle of "Dollies" was my dear husband dancing a jig. An Irish jig. "What are you doing", I asked him? "Are you out of your mind?"

As he turned to face me he gave me one of his devilish grins. The twinkle in his green eyes was every bit as beguiling as "I'm So Lucky Johnny Boy."

"Why, hello dear", he said. "Won't you come join us?"

"What are you doing, darling", I asked, again?

"Why, I'm doing an Irish jig, of course", he replied. "Come join Me."

"Why are you doing an Irish jig", I responded?

"For the pot of gold, of course", he responded.

I just knew it. "I'm So Lucky Johnny Boy" had somehow lured my husband with the promise of "a pot of gold." I don't know how he did it, but I was determined to find out. As I turned around to confront "I'm So Lucky Johnny Boy" he just vanished.

He'd once again fooled us and then disappeared. I wasn't worried - I knew he'd be back. After all, who can resist 1,496 other "dollies" who just love you and love you and love you some more. Even the most mischievous leprechaun can’t. Why even his pot of gold can't buy love like that.

I closer the door and went back to work.