Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Boys Are Back In Town! Series

Come on, sing along.... The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town! No? Well how about....... Let's hear it for the boys! Come on now....Let's hear it for the boys! Bet you have both of those tunes in your head now, don't you?

Lets face it. For the most part there are not a lot of doll patterns out there for boys. That's one of the reasons why I like to make boy patterns to accompany my girl patterns. Plus, I have a very selfish reason. It keeps the peace in my house. The girls are so busy trying to charm the boys and get their attention that they don't have any time to fight amongst themselves. After all, with hundreds of female dolls in my house it can get down right ugly!

The boy doll patterns reminded me that there were 34 of them which was 38% of my total of 90 patterns. Given that the boys play such an important part in our house they felt that it would only be fair to write an article or two, or even three about them on my Linda's Blog.

Well, given their numbers I told them I couldn't do stories right now on all 34 of them. They countered," Geez, Linda, why not? You have enough websites, don't you?" I told them while that was true that I just did not have enough time right now to do that. They would have to pick up to 11 boys and I would do a series of three or four articles for them but that was it.

So, they grumbled and mumbled and said a few choice words under their breath that I didn't hear - which is a good thing or there wouldn't be any stories. When they had finished crumbling they talked among themselves and reluctantly agreed.

The problem was how to decide who to pick. What criteria should they use? Looks, strength, personality, IQ, charm, age, income, etc? What? After much negotiation they agreed that they would put everyone's name on a piece of paper, fold the paper, and put it into a hat. The first 11 numbers picked would be the winners.

That would work, but who should they chose to pick the numbers? Who was honest and trustworthy? Certainly not Linda they thought? Who then? They decided that it had to be a "dollie." But, which dollie?

"Ambrose - With the Big Eyes" suggested that maybe out of respect they should choose one of the dolls from the "Gray is Beautiful" Series. They were the oldest dolls, after all. So, the boys talked amongst themselves. After much heated discussion the boys finally agreed. But, which one of the five should they chose?

"Magdalene - The Drama Queen" was too much of a drama queen. Not her. "Sweet Julianna" was much too shy. She never wanted to intrude so, not her. "Mabel - I Might" could do anything but she was working in the rivet factory. Not her. That left "Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray" and "Helena." "Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray" was too much of a snob. She wouldn't associate with some of them so, not her. That left "Helena." Helena was a tough old bird and could certainly handle a lottery for a group of 34 boys.

They all agreed that "Helena" was perfect. But, would she do it? And, who should ask her? None of them wanted to get their heads bitten off by a tough old bird. So, they decided that "Elmer's Little Boy" should ask his sister "Doris Marie" to ask "Helena" which she did. "Helena" agreed of course. After all, there wasn't anything she hadn't done or seen in her life. She couldn't certainly handle a little lottery.

"Helena" knew the female "dollies" might get their noses all out of joint since the series wasn't about them so she decided to garner some support for the boys. She said, "So, what do you say ladies? Let's hear it for the boys!!!!" At that, the "dollies" started to sing, the music started to play and the "dollies" started to dance. Yes, was going to be a "hot time in the dollie storage room tonight!"

Come on, ladies! Let's hear it for the boys!........ The boys are back in town......The boys are back in town...

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