Friday, June 23, 2006

Pick! Me! No, Pick Me!

I don't believe it. I just don't believe it. What am I talking about? Well, can you believe that the boy dolls are just as bad as the girl dolls? I never would have thought that. Well, I was wrong. They are just as catty, just as jealous, and just as devious as the girl dolls. And, here I was thinking I was doing a good thing by writing a a series of articles about the boy dolls entitled "The Boys Are Back In Town!"

Who knew that things would get this out of control. Certainly not I. Well, given that I've been around the block a few years I probably should have known. Here's what has happened so far.

I decided to write a series of articles about some of the boy dolls to show my appreciation for the important part that they play in my house with keeping the girls dolls happy. So, I told them I would write articles on 11 out of the 34 boys. The boys decided to pick names out of a hat and decided that Helena could be trusted to draw the names. No problem, right? Wrong, Linda.

Right off the bat the boys started to grumble. They didn't like the paper. It was too thin. You could see right through it. They didn't like the ink. It looked invisible. They couldn't decide who was going to write the names down? What order would be used? Whose name would come first? Whose name would be last?

Could the person writing the names be trusted to write them all the same size or would some of the names be bigger than others? Would this be a tipoff to Helena to draw that name?

How would they fold the paper. In half? In quarters? Double folded? Triple folded? In a ball? How would the papers be placed in the hat? In what order? Should they be allowed to spit on their piece of paper for good luck? On, and on, and on it went.

I told them that this was getting ridiculous. We were just drawing names out of a hat. What's the big deal? Well, to the boys, there is drawing names out of a hat and there is DRAWING names out of a hat. There was a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it and EVERYTHING had to be negotiated. I told them, "Fine. keep arguing, or should I say - negotiating. At this rate I won't have to write the articles for my "The Boys Are Back In Town" series until next spring." And, with that I walked out of the Dollie Storage Room.

As I was leaving one of the boy dolls slipped me a note. I waited until I had left the Dollies Storage Room to read it as I didn't want to acknowledge having secretly received a note. It simply said "PICK ME to be first and I will sing your praises from the highest mountaintop!" Hmmm! Intriguing. I could stand my praises being sung from that highest moutaintop. Hmmm! I will have to ponder this.

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