Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Hey, What About Us! The Other Dolls" Series

Just when you think things are calm they suddenly explode. I survived the near riot in "The Dollie Storage Room." Then I survived the "Boys Are Back In Town" series fiasco. And, then I survived "The Dollie Fashion Show" ultimatum. Now this.

First the dolls of my own creation turn on me and now the dolls that I've made based on other designers patterns are turning on me. What is going on?

Well, it seems that dollie jealousy just loves to rear its ugly head. The "Other" dolls - you know, the ones I made based on other designers patterns decided that they'd had enough of all this attention being paid to the dolls I'd designed. The "Other" dolls wanted their fair share of attention. "After all, we're human, too! We deserve some attention being paid to us. We're not second rate citizens!" they said.

Well, while I might agree I think we need to correct that statement. They're "dollies" too. Human, definitely not. Just because jealousy is a human trait that does not make them human and citizens would imply that they had rights. They are neither human nor do they have any rights. I think there's a word for that - personification. Isn't that projecting human qualities on to an inanimate object? Giving an inanimate object a human personality? I believe so. And, as inanimate objects they have no rights. I think that's a correct statement. Doris Marie would know. Maybe I'll ask her.

In any event, when I gave it careful consideration I had to agree with the "Others." They were suffering from a lack of attention.

Plus, by sheer numbers they outnumbered even all of my doll designs. I really couldn't afford to have the "Other Dolls" fighting with my designs. The Dollie Storage Room wasn't big enough for that. It needed "peace and harmony" at all times.

So, I agreed to do a series of articles entitled "Hey What About Us! The Other Dolls" Series on  my Linda's Blog .

Plus, some of the "Others" really did have some interesting stories to tell. In fact, they were such an eclectic mix I'm sure they would have wonderful stories to tell. Just don't tell my doll designs I said so. They are just so finicky. Yes, definitely very difficult to please. So, please don't tell them and, certainly, don't show them this blog article. Boy, I hope they don't see it.

Actually, I'm looking forward to writing the "Others" stories. The stories should be as varied as the dolls are. With the "Others" we have Victorian dolls, Colonial dolls, Country dolls, Primitive dolls, Raggedies (i.e.: Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls), Boy dolls, Girl dolls, Animals, Woodland dolls, and Clowns. We also have Fall dolls, Winter dolls, Summer dolls, Spring dolls. Plus, there are Halloween dolls, Thanksgiving doll, Christmas dolls, 4th of July dolls, ornaments, and other holiday dolls.

This means we have dolls of every kind of every conceivable kind to chose from including scarecrows, witches, ghosts, pilgrims, Victorians, Colonial women and Colonial men, Frankenstein's, Santa's, angels, Uncle Sam's, snowmen, snow-ladies, pumpkins, dogs, cats, bears, clowns, reindeer, deer or moose, penguins, ewe's, rabbits or bunnies, Dracula's, turkeys, elves, ornaments, carolers, and leprechauns.

This will be fun. I'm looking forward to starting it. But, please don't tell my designs I said so. Are you satisfied now? You're gonna get your "Other Dolls" series. Well, are you happy now?

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