Sunday, April 23, 2006


At first the soft rustling sound started slowly as Baptist and Jael sat there grinning from ear to ear. Then it grew louder and louder. Pretty soon Baptist and Jael couldn't even hear each other. Even that didn't stop them from beaming from ear to ear!

"What do you think they're whispering about?" Jael asked her older brother. Baptist responded, "I don't really care, Jael. Did you see our picture in the Spring issue of Mercantile Gatherings? I LOOKED GOOD! Didn't I?"

"Well, Baptist, I'd have to say we both LOOKED GOOD!" Jael said trying not to smile any more than she already was. "Annie at Folkart Square did a really good job with the Folkart Square Ad and their Pattern-Central picture. Don't you think, Baptist?" responded Jael.

"Yep! She did at that!" Baptist responded. "I LOOK REALLY GOOD!" Baptist said once again beaming from ear to ear." Just as he did that the whispers got louder and louder in Linda's dollie storage room.

"Oh, Baptist! I think the other dollies are talking about us" said Jael. "I don't like that. Not one bit!"

"Who cares, Jael!" Baptist responded. "I LOOKED GOOD! " And, once again, his famous grin could be seen from ear to ear. "I sure am one HANDSOME PRIMITIVE" he stated. "Why, yes, yes I am."

Jael knew there was no talking to her older brother, Baptist. He was just too darn pleased with himself and his picture. But, Jael was concerned. She was a little on the shy side and really didn't like the other dollies talking about her. It was hard enough trying to co-exist with hundreds of other dollies in Linda's dollie storage room. This really didn't help she thought. Even though Annie really did do a wonderful job on the ad. Jael decided that was the last ad she was going to be in. Little did she know what Annie and Linda had in store for her.

So, she sighed and took one last look at her picture before she started to put the magazine away. "Oh, my!" she had to admit. "I DO LOOK GOOD!" With that, Jael started grinning from ear to ear. And then the whispering began again...Psssst... Pssst....

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