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“I Just Can’t Take It Anymore!” - The Dollie Storage Room” E-Book E-Series - Book One

"Patience, Patience, what is it?" "What's the matter?" "We never see you cry." asked Doris Marie.

"I just can't take it anymore" replied Patience.

"Take what, Patience?" responded Doris Marie. "You have all the patience in the world. What could be wrong?"

"Linda, I can't take Linda anymore." "Oh, Doris Marie what can we do? She's our creator. But, I can't take it anymore." cried Patience.

Doris Marie was unsure what to do next. She had NEVER seen Patience cry. Why she had all the "patience" in the world. "What could possibly have her rattled so?" Doris Marie wondered.

So, Doris Marie decided to ask the other "dollies" if they knew what was wrong with "Patience." When she found out her blood started to boil. How could Linda do such a thing? It was down right mean.

It seems Linda had promoted two new scarecrow dolls, one witch, and one ghost during the SPRING. The SPRING. That was "Bunny" time. That was "Patience's" time. "But, what could they do about this?" Doris Marie asked as she paced around “The Dollie Storage Room.”

Everyone who could walk started pacing with Doris Marie. Pretty soon there were 200 hundred "dollies" pacing around “The Dollie Storage Room” with Doris Marie. Once, when Doris Marie stopped short all the "dollies" fell on each other. It took several minutes before they could all regain their composure.

"Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt" didn't like seeing "Patience" cry. She was such a "sweet" bunny after all. And, so, so.... well "patient."

"Hey, Doris Marie. What's wrong with Patience?" Andy cried. "Yeah, what's wrong with "Patience" all the "dollies" cried?"

Doris Marie wanted to be careful what she said for she didn't want to create a "dollie" riot. That could get out of control and would not be good. Linda might get mad and then they all might end up in the trash or going to a "dollie correctional facility." She, knew she didn't want that. Linda would never do that Doris Marie thought. She loves us all too much. "Hmm....." "Or would she?"

So, Doris Marie decided to be level headed and cautious in what she was going to tell Andy and the rest of the "dollies." "Well," Doris Marie exclaimed. "Patience is upset over something Linda did."

"Oh, good, good! Tell, tell!" Andy cried. He just loved gossip. Especially "dollie gossip."

"Well," Doris Marie exclaimed. "Linda did something just dreadful and hurtful to Patience. Simply dreadful."

Andy was getting a little exasperated with Doris Marie. "Just spit it out, Doris Marie," Andy exclaimed.

"Okay, okay, don't rush me!" Doris Marie cried. "Can't you see I'm trying to stop a "dollie" riot here and trying to console "Patience" at the same time?" "It seems that Linda decided to promote two new scarecrow dolls, one new witch, and one new ghost on her DOLLS BLOG and Linda's Blog this week. In the SPRING. That's bunny time. That's Patience's time. That's why she's so upset."

"I see," Andy exclaimed. Coolness, and level-headedness was what was needed. Both qualities Andy did not possess. He didn't want to get more of the "dollies" upset, especially his sister "Annie-With A Red Bow" She had more than she could handle worrying about her kidnapped legs. So Andy said,"Doris I think we should just ask Linda why she did that. Don't you?"

Doris Marie thought about it and decided that was a good idea. Linda was reasonable. She'd explain herself. But, then "they" walked into “The Dollie Storage Room!” The four culprits. Punky-Elmer's Little Scarecrow, Hazard-A Guess What I Am?, William Come or Won't they?, and Mabel-I Won't Cast A Spell? When the rest of the "dollies" saw them "dollie" mayhem started.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Doris Marie exclaimed. We can't blame the new "dollies" for this. It's not fair. It's not their fault. Linda's the boss. She decided this all on her own."

"You're right," Andy said. Besides he liked Punky-Elmer's Little Scarecrow. He just looked like such a chipper fella. Someone Andy could talk to. And, William - Come or Won't They?" looked like he couldn't hurt a fly, let alone a crow. Plus, Hazard-A Guess What I Am? looked like a ghost who was afraid of himself. Andy was unsure of "Mabel-I Won't Cast A Spell?" She was a witch after all. Witches can cast spells.

"It's not their fault," Andy said and started to welcome the 4 culprits into the inner sanctuary of the "dollie" storage room. When the rest of the "dollies" saw what Andy-Withe A Blue Plaid Shirt was doing they joined in to welcome the new dolls. After all, they were all "dollies" of one sort or another and "dollies" are known to be friendly and open-minded. Even "Patience" welcomed the culprits.

Doris Marie was relieved. The riot had been squashed and the crisis had been avoided. But, she also knew that there was an underlying tension in “The Dollie Storage Room” and anything, just anything could set it off again. The "dollies" did have some grievances with Linda. From time to time Linda had done some things that upset the "dollies." She should know she did this. They should tell her.

So, Doris Marie decided that she'd talk to all the rest of the "dollies" and put together a list of all the things that were bothering them. A list of "grievances" or "demands." She'd call it the "Dollie Demands." She'd do that later on. Now she had to find room for all the new dolls in “The Dollie Storage Room.” She knew that would be difficult as their home was getting quite crowded. So, She made a mental note to add that to the list.

So, Doris gathered all the "dollies" around her and proceeded to introduce them one by one to the group. All was right, for now, in “The Dollie Storage Room.”

Stay tuned to Book Two “The Dollie Storage Room” Children’s E-Book E-Series ….”They Looked Good!”

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