Monday, November 27, 2006

What To Do! What To DO!

I was wringing my hands and the "HOT Flashes" were coming fast and furious the past few days. I knew I was too tense.

This pending confrontation between my husband and the "dollies" in "The Dollie Storage Room" was getting to be too much for me. Something was going to explode and I hoped it wasn't going to be me.

But, I still didn't know what to do!

What should I DO?

How should I handle this?

I certainly can't chose between my "husband - my soul mate!" and my "dollies - the very essence of me!" Could I? Would they really want me to?

I knew that if I were to tell my husband about the notes and the "dollies" concerns that he would tell me, "I'm not going to spend money to provide air conditioning and heat for inanimate objects. It's bad enough that I'm paying for a house that is WAY TOO BIG just to house all 1,496 of the "dollies." Why, they're lucky they have a room of their own."

Plus, since we'd just come back from a visit to my family I was sure he'd add, "It's bad enough I have to put up with all four of my brother's-in-law unmerciful teasing about living in a "doll house." I am not going to spend my "hard-earned" money to pay for the electrical costs of heating and air conditioning "The Dollie Storage Room."

If I thought about it from a mature and sensible manner I would have to agree that he was right. They were inanimate objects after all. But, I had made them. They were part of me. I couldn't let them down. It would be like letting myself down. Wouldn't it?

I also knew that if I pushed my husband to far he would threaten to sell all the "dollies" at the next garage sale and he was usually true to his word. I, of course, would not allow that to happen which would create a HUGE rift between us. I had to act quickly.

Plus, I had finally found out what the "SPCD" was and I knew I didn't want them involved in what I considered to be "a FAMILY matter."

If you've been following all the posts on this saga of "The Dollie Storage Room" you have to be wondering what the "SPCD" is. Right?

Okay, I'll tell you. It's "The Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Dollies!" I'll bet you've never heard of it either? Have you?

Well, I knew I hadn't. After further research I decided that I didn't want them involved. We were going to have to settle this by ourselves. And, QUICKLY?

So, I devised a plan........

Monday, November 13, 2006

We're Going To The SPCD!

Things had been calm for a few days before I received the SECOND note.

This note was neatly folded and left under my pillow with a chocolate. I thought the chocolate was a nice touch even though I have acid reflux and can't eat chocolate. It was still a nice gesture.

This time the note was printed on a pretty blue flowered stationary and, again, written in the same beautiful calligraphy. I made a mental note that I absolutely HAD to find out who was so talented and where did they learn their calligraphy? Plus, this note also contained the most wondrous scent. Who was the perfume designer?

Once again, this note was addressed "Confidential - To Linda - For Your Eyes Only!"

It simply said:

We know you love him dearly!
And, he is your husband of many, many, many years!
And, we guess, technically he's - OUR DAD!
He is becoming obsessed with the electric meter!"

It went on further.

Do you know how many times a day this past summer he went out to look at the electric meter?

Do you know that sometimes when he looks at it he stays there for a long period of time as if he's in a trance from the spinning meter - all the while mumbling incoherent curse words?

When he comes out of his trance he starts cursing, swearing, stomping, and jumping up and down. Like a maniac!!!!! Like a mad leprechaun with smoke coming out his ears!!!!!

He then makes a beeline into the house and the next thing we know it's boiling in here.


We simply cannot have him doing this with the heat in the winter. The results would be catastrophic.

Our hands are tied. Unless someting is done you leave us with no alternative. We will have no choice but to take this to "SPCD."

Well, now I knew where the note was coming from.

I still didn't know who was writing the note in that wonderful, wonderful calligraphy. Or, where they got the money to buy the stationary in the first place? Or, who the perfume designer was? Or, what the "SPCD" was.

All I knew was they were getting desperate and I had to do something right away. Bad news all around.

However, the good news was that I knew the note was coming from someone in "The Dollie Storage Room."

You see, the electric meter is right outside the "The Dollie Storage Room" and the dolls are all well positioned to see it and my husband's maniacal behavior.

I had to admit he really was becoming obsessed with the electric meter and the weather. Retirement was getting the better of him.

I thought to myself, "He needs a JOB!!!! Something to occupy his mind besides the electric bill and the weather."

I started to wring my hands and with the tension could feel a "hot flash" coming on. This wasn't good - I HATE hot flashes!

And, yes something HAD to be done.

However, it was going to take delicate diplomacy. My husband versus my "dollie" children - the very essence of me! Hmmm.......

Did this then mean it was going to be a confrontation between my husband and the "dollies?"

If so, WHO WOULD WIN? Would there be a winner? And, what would the outcome be?

I only hoped it would not come down to a choice between them or my husband. And, what was the "SPCD?"

I knew 'd better try to find that out right away. I surmised it had to do with a "governmental" agency and I knew I didn't need that.

So, I entered "SPCD" into my "Google" browser window. The results were surprising. I'd never heard of such an agency!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Something Has To Be Done About Him!

Since I'd started to write the dolls' stories on my blogs I thought everything was quiet and calm in "The Dollie Storage Room." Little did I know another storm was brewing - and it had to do with my HUSBAND!

I had been merrily blogging away on my computer when I suddenly noticed a piece of blue stationary underneath my computer keyboard. I didn't know what it was or why it was there. So, I pulled it out.

It was a neatly folded piece of stationary that was handwritten in the most beautiful calligraphy that you'd ever want to see. It was addressed "Confidential - To Linda - For Your Eyes Only!" Hmmmm.......

Several thoughts were running through my mind. What was this about? Who sent it? And, where did they learn to do write such beautiful calligraphy?

So, I opened the stationary. Inside was a note to me that simply said:

Something must be done about him!
About the curmudgeon!
He has gone too far this time and is carrying conservation to the extreme!
We don't want to, but we may have to take this to the "SPCD!"
Please help us!

I was curious on several counts. Not as to who the curmudgeon was - I knew who that was.
But, I was curious for several reasons. Who had written the note in beautiful calligraphy? Whose stationary was that and where did they get it? What fragrance did they use to create such a wonderful smelling piece of paper? And, what was the SPCD?

I wasn't as worried about their demands or what the issue was since I knew who the curmudgeon was and I was sure if it involved him - it wasn't good.
So, I decided to wait a few more days to see if there would be another note.
I went back to blogging.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We're Lost Our Place In Her Heart!

Well, the dolls have finally decided to revolt on me. They told me last week that they'd had enough of my writing for all my other blogs and "NOTHING, NOTHING" being written about them.

"What about our Dollie Fashion Show Series?" they asked. "What about The Boys Are Back In Town Series? And, what about the Hey What About Us - The Other Dolls Series!!!" they cried. "You've neglected us for far too long!" "Far too long!"

With that final statement they all started sobbing, and sobbing, and sobbing enmasse. Thousands of dolls just crying their eyes out. What a sight to see.

Given that I was only one person and that there were 1,000's of them at the door to my office I decided the most prudent course of action was to accede to their demands and start writing about them. Plus, I really didn't like the idea that I was making them unhappy and I really was spending toooooooo much time on my other blogs.

After all, the dolls are my creations. In effect, they are my children. You never want your children to be unhappy, do you? And, truth be told, they really have been very patient with me. It has been months since I'd agreed to write about them and, after all, Linda Walsh Originals is all about them.

They actually accused me of falling in love with my other blogs and falling out of love with them. I was crushed. "How could they think such a think of me?" "I'm their creator! I absolutely love them! I'm their mother. I was hurt beyond repair. Or, at least I put on a good front.

I, of course, told them that was ridiculous they were and always would be my first love. I've loved them since I was a little girl and that was not going to change. "Rest assured", I told them,"You'll always be number #1 in my heart."

A couple of the dolls in the "Dollie Senate" who were and always are the leaders gave me a questionable look - not totally sure they believed me. The rest of the dolls looked to them. If the "Dollie Senate" believed it then the rest would follow suit.

What they didn't know was the "Dollie Senate" was no match for me when I was speaking from my heart. I did my best to reassure them all that what I was saying was truly heartfelt. I was hurt and taken aback that they would accuse me of such a thing - their creator, their mother.

"Not love them anymore!" I cried. "How could you say or even think such a thing!" I wailed. I told them that not loving them would be like not loving myself anymore. They are, after all, the very essence of me! They might as well have ripped my heart out.

Of course, by this time all the "softies" were patting my head and trying to hug me - to console me. "Don't cry, Linda! We didn't mean it!" They were crying. I was crying! I was surrounded by "dollies" all crying and trying to console me.

They were in my lap, surrounding my chair, patting my head, sitting on the bookcase, lying on the computer keyboard, hanging off the lamps, sitting and jumping on my desk, just everywhere. Crying dollies everywhere. Another sight to behold.

Some of the boys, of course, took the opportunity to surf the web while I was distracted and off the computer. They, of course, were NOT crying. They would later argue that they were crying, too, but I knew better. Besides, I checked my IE history trail and there were websites there I know I don't frequent. BOYS will be BOYS!!! And, my boys love their computer games. In fact, they want me to get them Xbox. This I absolutely refuse to do.

Back to the story. So, the whole house was crying, except my husband, of course. He was just looking at all this and shaking his head. "Women! Dollies! Too much estrogen in this house!" he said. "We don't have enough tissues for all this crying!" He, of course, had remained at the back of the crowd.

So, I dried my tears and they ALL dried their tears. Even the "Dollie Senators" dried their eyes. We had to dry our tears on our sleeves, used tissues, our shirts, the computer paper. Whatever was available as we seemed to be out of enough tissues to go around. But, we'd all had a good cry and definitely felt better. You always fell better after crying.

So, with a renewed understanding that I would begin to immediately write about them they decided to go back to "The Dollie Storage Room!"

However, their return to "The Dollie Storage Room" was not going to be easy. You see, the problem was that all 1,496 of them had stomped over to my office which has a long narrow hall off of it. With thousands of dolls jammed in the hallway it was a nightmare scenario trying to turn them all around to go backwards.

They were falling all over each other. The dolls in the back were still trying to come forwards to hug me and the dolls in my study were trying to leave. What a nightmare! Of course, my husband left immediately as he had predicted this would happen when he saw all 1,496 dolls marching out of "The Dollie Storage Room!" I suspect he chuckled as he left. Plus I suspect he hid all the tissue boxes deliberately. Men!!!!

After several hours of logistics they were all turned around and heading back to "The Dollie Storage Room."

Phew! Another nightmare avoided. Another revolt squashed.

My children still love me and I still love them.

Now, I'd better get to writing.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Dollie Fashion Show Series- Setting the Guidelines!

"Okay, ladies...Um...I mean "dollies" settle down. We can't discuss this until everyone is settled down."

"Ladies..Um.."dollies" please let's settle down. I'd like to get this meeting started."

"Ladies, Um..Gentlemen, Um..Girls, Um....Boys, Um..Snowmen, Um...Raggedies. Um... Let's all get in our seats, please! We can't get this meeting started until it's a little quieter in here and everyone is settled down."

"Please, would everyone please take their seats!"

"Ladies...Um..."Dollies" PLEASE settle down."

"ALL RIGHT! THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Linda said. "If this room does not quiet down in the next minute you are all going to the bottom of the "dollie" scrap material pile - never to be seen or heard from again. Maybe even taken apart to be remade into something else! Like a pillow or a crazy quilt!"

"YIKES!" And, with that statement you could hear a pin drop in "The Dollie Storage Room."

After all, the "dollies" all prided themselves on their own beauty, their own uniqueness, their own wonderfulness, their own individuality. They could never allow themselves to be taken apart for scraps of material to make a pillow or a crazy quilt. No way! Why that was just inhuman!

But, alas, they were only "dollies" and Linda could do what she wanted with them. Even make them into crazy quilts if she wanted to. But, she wouldn't ever do such a thing - would she?

None of the "dollies" knew and none of them wanted to take that chance and find out. No sireee!!!! None of them. So, they all settled down and the meeting began.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen -- I mean "dollies, animals, snowmen, raggedies, primitives, witches, pumpkins, dolls...." When I say "dollies" I mean all of you, okay? Not male, not female. Not boy, not girl. Not animal, not snowmen. I'm using the term "dollies" to encompass all of you. Okay?"

"If you're in agreement, please raise your hands," Linda said.

And, with that all of the "dollies" raised their hands (that is, if they had hands). Some of the animals raised their paws and some of the other crafts tipped their heads, bowed, honked or did something to indicate they were in agreement.

"So, let's get this meeting started," Linda said. "We're here to discuss the parameters or guidelines for "The Dollie Fashion Show!" "Here's what I think we should do," Linda said. "I think we should....."

"Excuse me, excuse me!" the Victorian Linda doll said as she rose. "Don't you think someone with "Fashion Show" experience should decide how a "Fashion Show" is run?"

The other dolls all thought that the Victorian Linda doll was very brave to confront the human Linda on this. But, then again, she was named after the human Linda so who better to confront the human Linda then Linda - the Victorian Linda.

"Why, YES I do," Linda said. "That's why I'm setting the guidelines and the parameters. So, can we continue?"

"Wait a minute," Doris Marie cried. "That implies that you have "Fashion Show" experience. Do you? Is that true?"

"Yeah, is that true?" Celia chirped in.

"I bet she doesn't have any," Rag-doll Anthony stated and then sat down quickly so the Linda wouldn't know that who said that.

"Yeah! Yeah! We need experience," the "dollies" all started chanting. " We need experience!" "Someone who has actually been in a "Fashion Show" or two, or three." "Yeah, someone with experience should set the parameters and guidelines." Yeah!"

Linda raised her hand and, once again, you could hear a pin drop in "The Dollie Storage Room."

"Why, as a matter of fact I do have "Fashion Show" experience," the human Linda stated.

"You do? You do? You do?" they all exclaimed. "Prove it!"

"Okay, smarty pants! If you don't believe me take a look at your computer monitors," Linda stated.

And with that a collective "gasp!" was heard in "The Dollie Storage Room!"

On their computer screens was a picture of a beautiful, statuesque young woman who was obviously modeling in a "Fashion Show."

"Who is that?" Jael Loves Her Smile asked her brother "Baptist and His Smile."

"You don't recognize her Jael?" Baptist replied. "Why, that's Linda. The human Linda"

"It is," Jael replied and looked very closely at her monitor.

It was definitely, Linda. Albeit 35 years ago. But, it was definitely Linda. All 5' 10" of her. Definitely, model height. Model weight. Definitely modeling in a fashion show. Definitely had "Fashion Show" experience.

Boy, the styles 35 years ago would be right in fashion today. Wouldn't they? Hey, you know. What's in fashion is out of fashion, then in fashion, then out of fashion. On and on it goes.

But, the picture was definitely Linda. No one could believe how wonderful Linda looked. Was this a compliment?

"So," the real Linda asked "does anyone else in this room have any "Fashion Show" experience besides me?" "If you do, then please raise your hands."

No one did. Not one "dollie." No one.

"That's what I thought," Linda said. "So, where was I? Ah, yes. Setting the guidelines and parameters for "The Dollie Fashion Show."

And with that stated the meeting began again ......

Sunday, June 25, 2006

"The Dollie Fashion Show" Series

As a reader of my Linda's Blog you are probably well aware that my dollies have minds of their own. Maybe that's even an understatement. They have strong wills and strong points of view.

Plus, they have a distinct advantage over me in sheer numbers. There are literally thousands of them in the "Dollie Storage Room." Yes, I know - my creative juices have gotten the better of me in the last few years. I, simply, have made way too many dolls. That's neither here nor there now. The fact is there are a lot of them. And, when they want something - well, THEY WANT IT! So demanding.

So, what is it that they want now. The dollies all got together the other night - while I was sleeping - and decided that they were going to put on a "Dollie Fashion Show." They decided that they wouldn't even ask me if that was "okay." My opinion, I guess, no longer matters. They want to do this, so they will. In a democratic household they outnumber me 1,000 to 1. Even if my vote were to count double or triple or more, they'd still far outnumber me.

Besides, when my husband was in the "Dollie Storage Room" the other day, which he rarely if ever is, they asked HIM! And, guess what he said? He said, "Why, that's a marvelous idea! You should definitely have a "Dollie Fashion Show."

So, the dollies were happy with that. They had permission. Not from me - which didn't matter. They'd at least asked one human. What more did I want? Well, I could be very unhappy with that as I know that the dollies know that I would have said no and they decided to play us against each other anyway. "Your husband said we could!!!!!!" Talk about a bunch of children or should I say "dollies." They knew better then to pull a stunt like this.

Of course, when I got my husband aside a little later I told him that we had to have a solid front with the dollies. We could not let them pit us against each other. Whether we agreed or not we still had to support the other and back each other up or there would be no living with the "dollies." He agreed and said, "I'll try to do better next time, dear! They just seemed so happy and excited about the prospect of a fashion show. I didn't want to disappoint them."

A little while later I got a message that "Doris Marie" wanted to see me. Whenever the dollies want to smooth things over with me they always sent "Doris Marie." After all, she is named after my Grandmother and, well, you paid attention to my Grandmother. So, Doris Marie came to see me. And, it seems she'd brought a list with her. Hmmmm...... What was on the list? Hmmmm????

Well, the dollies decided that since they were going to put on a fashion show (for a good cause - their own!) they needed some "Goodwill", some "PR", some "By Word Of Mouth", some "Advertising." All of this was a way of telling me that they wanted "press reviews". In other words, they wanted me to write about a few of them in a "The Dollie Fashion Show" series.

I was so tired at this point that I just agreed. Plus, Doris Marie is just so darn cute it's hard to refuse her. She knows that I can't win when it comes down to a battle of the brains debate. She always wins. She's just too darn smart. Either that, or I'm too darn old and tired.

In any event, she won the debate or, should I say, lack of debate. The dollies would get their fashion show series. They decided that they wanted the theme of the fashion show to be "A Little Of This and A Little Of That!" With that kind of theme you never know what you're going to see. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Pick! Me! No, Pick Me!

I don't believe it. I just don't believe it. What am I talking about? Well, can you believe that the boy dolls are just as bad as the girl dolls? I never would have thought that. Well, I was wrong. They are just as catty, just as jealous, and just as devious as the girl dolls. And, here I was thinking I was doing a good thing by writing a a series of articles about the boy dolls entitled "The Boys Are Back In Town!"

Who knew that things would get this out of control. Certainly not I. Well, given that I've been around the block a few years I probably should have known. Here's what has happened so far.

I decided to write a series of articles about some of the boy dolls to show my appreciation for the important part that they play in my house with keeping the girls dolls happy. So, I told them I would write articles on 11 out of the 34 boys. The boys decided to pick names out of a hat and decided that Helena could be trusted to draw the names. No problem, right? Wrong, Linda.

Right off the bat the boys started to grumble. They didn't like the paper. It was too thin. You could see right through it. They didn't like the ink. It looked invisible. They couldn't decide who was going to write the names down? What order would be used? Whose name would come first? Whose name would be last?

Could the person writing the names be trusted to write them all the same size or would some of the names be bigger than others? Would this be a tipoff to Helena to draw that name?

How would they fold the paper. In half? In quarters? Double folded? Triple folded? In a ball? How would the papers be placed in the hat? In what order? Should they be allowed to spit on their piece of paper for good luck? On, and on, and on it went.

I told them that this was getting ridiculous. We were just drawing names out of a hat. What's the big deal? Well, to the boys, there is drawing names out of a hat and there is DRAWING names out of a hat. There was a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it and EVERYTHING had to be negotiated. I told them, "Fine. keep arguing, or should I say - negotiating. At this rate I won't have to write the articles for my "The Boys Are Back In Town" series until next spring." And, with that I walked out of the Dollie Storage Room.

As I was leaving one of the boy dolls slipped me a note. I waited until I had left the Dollies Storage Room to read it as I didn't want to acknowledge having secretly received a note. It simply said "PICK ME to be first and I will sing your praises from the highest mountaintop!" Hmmm! Intriguing. I could stand my praises being sung from that highest mountaintop. Hmmm! I will have to ponder this.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Hey, What About Us! The Other Dolls" Series

Just when you think things are calm they suddenly explode. I survived the near riot in "The Dollie Storage Room." Then I survived the "Boys Are Back In Town" series fiasco. And, then I survived "The Dollie Fashion Show" ultimatum. Now this.

First the dolls of my own creation turn on me and now the dolls that I've made based on other designers patterns are turning on me. What is going on?

Well, it seems that dollie jealousy just loves to rear its ugly head. The "Other" dolls - you know, the ones I made based on other designers patterns decided that they'd had enough of all this attention being paid to the dolls I'd designed. The "Other" dolls wanted their fair share of attention. "After all, we're human, too! We deserve some attention being paid to us. We're not second rate citizens!" they said.

Well, while I might agree I think we need to correct that statement. They're "dollies" too. Human, definitely not. Just because jealousy is a human trait that does not make them human and citizens would imply that they had rights. They are neither human nor do they have any rights. I think there's a word for that - personification. Isn't that projecting human qualities on to an inanimate object? Giving an inanimate object a human personality? I believe so. And, as inanimate objects they have no rights. I think that's a correct statement. Doris Marie would know. Maybe I'll ask her.

In any event, when I gave it careful consideration I had to agree with the "Others." They were suffering from a lack of attention.

Plus, by sheer numbers they outnumbered even all of my doll designs. I really couldn't afford to have the "Other Dolls" fighting with my designs. The Dollie Storage Room wasn't big enough for that. It needed "peace and harmony" at all times.

So, I agreed to do a series of articles entitled "Hey What About Us! The Other Dolls" Series on  my Linda's Blog .

Plus, some of the "Others" really did have some interesting stories to tell. In fact, they were such an eclectic mix I'm sure they would have wonderful stories to tell. Just don't tell my doll designs I said so. They are just so finicky. Yes, definitely very difficult to please. So, please don't tell them and, certainly, don't show them this blog article. Boy, I hope they don't see it.

Actually, I'm looking forward to writing the "Others" stories. The stories should be as varied as the dolls are. With the "Others" we have Victorian dolls, Colonial dolls, Country dolls, Primitive dolls, Raggedies (i.e.: Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls), Boy dolls, Girl dolls, Animals, Woodland dolls, and Clowns. We also have Fall dolls, Winter dolls, Summer dolls, Spring dolls. Plus, there are Halloween dolls, Thanksgiving doll, Christmas dolls, 4th of July dolls, ornaments, and other holiday dolls.

This means we have dolls of every kind of every conceivable kind to chose from including scarecrows, witches, ghosts, pilgrims, Victorians, Colonial women and Colonial men, Frankenstein's, Santa's, angels, Uncle Sam's, snowmen, snow-ladies, pumpkins, dogs, cats, bears, clowns, reindeer, deer or moose, penguins, ewe's, rabbits or bunnies, Dracula's, turkeys, elves, ornaments, carolers, and leprechauns.

This will be fun. I'm looking forward to starting it. But, please don't tell my designs I said so. Are you satisfied now? You're gonna get your "Other Dolls" series. Well, are you happy now?

Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Boys Are Back In Town! Series

Come on, sing along.... The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town! No? Well how about....... Let's hear it for the boys! Come on now....Let's hear it for the boys! Bet you have both of those tunes in your head now, don't you?

Lets face it. For the most part there are not a lot of doll patterns out there for boys. That's one of the reasons why I like to make boy patterns to accompany my girl patterns. Plus, I have a very selfish reason. It keeps the peace in my house. The girls are so busy trying to charm the boys and get their attention that they don't have any time to fight amongst themselves. After all, with hundreds of female dolls in my house it can get down right ugly!

The boy doll patterns reminded me that there were 34 of them which was 38% of my total of 90 patterns. Given that the boys play such an important part in our house they felt that it would only be fair to write an article or two, or even three about them on my Linda's Blog.

Well, given their numbers I told them I couldn't do stories right now on all 34 of them. They countered," Geez, Linda, why not? You have enough websites, don't you?" I told them while that was true that I just did not have enough time right now to do that. They would have to pick up to 11 boys and I would do a series of three or four articles for them but that was it.

So, they grumbled and mumbled and said a few choice words under their breath that I didn't hear - which is a good thing or there wouldn't be any stories. When they had finished crumbling they talked among themselves and reluctantly agreed.

The problem was how to decide who to pick. What criteria should they use? Looks, strength, personality, IQ, charm, age, income, etc? What? After much negotiation they agreed that they would put everyone's name on a piece of paper, fold the paper, and put it into a hat. The first 11 numbers picked would be the winners.

That would work, but who should they chose to pick the numbers? Who was honest and trustworthy? Certainly not Linda they thought? Who then? They decided that it had to be a "dollie." But, which dollie?

"Ambrose - With the Big Eyes" suggested that maybe out of respect they should choose one of the dolls from the "Gray is Beautiful" Series. They were the oldest dolls, after all. So, the boys talked amongst themselves. After much heated discussion the boys finally agreed. But, which one of the five should they chose?

"Magdalene - The Drama Queen" was too much of a drama queen. Not her. "Sweet Julianna" was much too shy. She never wanted to intrude so, not her. "Mabel - I Might" could do anything but she was working in the rivet factory. Not her. That left "Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray" and "Helena." "Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray" was too much of a snob. She wouldn't associate with some of them so, not her. That left "Helena." Helena was a tough old bird and could certainly handle a lottery for a group of 34 boys.

They all agreed that "Helena" was perfect. But, would she do it? And, who should ask her? None of them wanted to get their heads bitten off by a tough old bird. So, they decided that "Elmer's Little Boy" should ask his sister "Doris Marie" to ask "Helena" which she did. "Helena" agreed of course. After all, there wasn't anything she hadn't done or seen in her life. She couldn't certainly handle a little lottery.

"Helena" knew the female "dollies" might get their noses all out of joint since the series wasn't about them so she decided to garner some support for the boys. She said, "So, what do you say ladies? Let's hear it for the boys!!!!" At that, the "dollies" started to sing, the music started to play and the "dollies" started to dance. Yes, was going to be a "hot time in the dollie storage room tonight!"

Come on, ladies! Let's hear it for the boys!........ The boys are back in town......The boys are back in town...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm Being Replaced!

I'm being replaced!" "I'm being replaced!" "You're replacing ME!" the little girl cried.

"No, you're not. I am NOT!" I answered.

"Yes, I Am!" "Yes, you are!" she replied stomping her foot, acting just like a spoiled little girl.

"NO, YOU ARE NOT! And, NO I am not!" I answered. "Now stop this, right now!" "What is the matter with you?" I asked. "You're our Linda Walsh Originals logo. The very image of Linda Walsh Originals. Why, on earth would you think we'd replace you?"

"Because, because!" she whimpered. "Because I saw her?"

"Saw, who?" I asked. "What are you talking about? You're really trying my patience, Little Girl!"

"I saw the Victorian Woman. The beautiful Victorian Woman. The one on the new aqua colored banner. The one you're replacing me with!" she cried. "She's so beautiful I don't blame you for wanting to replace me."

"Oh, for goodness sake, Little Girl. I'm not replacing you. She's not more beautiful than you are. We just wanted a little older image for the new club we are starting. Don't worry. She's not going to replace you. And, don't ever think that you're not beautiful. You are. You're our beautiful Little Girl."

"Oh, Linda. I'm so sorry I bothered you with this. I just saw the poster and jumped to conclusions. She's so beautiful I just thought....." said the Little Girl.

"That's okay, Little Girl," Linda responded. "I would never replace you. I love you. Now, run along."

And, with that the Little Girl ran along to tell the other "dollies" they were wrong. She wasn't being replaced like they said. They got her all upset for nothing. See, Linda would never replace her. They'd see.

So, off she went to the "Dollie Storage Room." But, when she got there what she saw just took her breathe away. The Victorian Woman was in the "Dollie Storage Room" talking to the other "dollies." Everyone was looking at the Victorian Woman. How could they not? She was just so beautiful.

"Who is she? And, what club was Linda talking about?" the Little Girl wondered. "Maybe Doris Marie might know. I'll ask Doris Marie. But, where is she?"

Sunday, April 23, 2006


At first the soft rustling sound started slowly as Baptist and Jael sat there grinning from ear to ear. Then it grew louder and louder. Pretty soon Baptist and Jael couldn't even hear each other. Even that didn't stop them from beaming from ear to ear!

"What do you think they're whispering about?" Jael asked her older brother. Baptist responded, "I don't really care, Jael. Did you see our picture in the Spring issue of Mercantile Gatherings? I LOOKED GOOD! Didn't I?"

"Well, Baptist, I'd have to say we both LOOKED GOOD!" Jael said trying not to smile any more than she already was. "Annie at Folkart Square did a really good job with the Folkart Square Ad and their Pattern-Central picture. Don't you think, Baptist?" responded Jael.

"Yep! She did at that!" Baptist responded. "I LOOK REALLY GOOD!" Baptist said once again beaming from ear to ear." Just as he did that the whispers got louder and louder in Linda's dollie storage room.

"Oh, Baptist! I think the other dollies are talking about us" said Jael. "I don't like that. Not one bit!"

"Who cares, Jael!" Baptist responded. "I LOOKED GOOD! " And, once again, his famous grin could be seen from ear to ear. "I sure am one HANDSOME PRIMITIVE" he stated. "Why, yes, yes I am."

Jael knew there was no talking to her older brother, Baptist. He was just too darn pleased with himself and his picture. But, Jael was concerned. She was a little on the shy side and really didn't like the other dollies talking about her. It was hard enough trying to co-exist with hundreds of other dollies in Linda's dollie storage room. This really didn't help she thought. Even though Annie really did do a wonderful job on the ad. Jael decided that was the last ad she was going to be in. Little did she know what Annie and Linda had in store for her.

So, she sighed and took one last look at her picture before she started to put the magazine away. "Oh, my!" she had to admit. "I DO LOOK GOOD!" With that, Jael started grinning from ear to ear. And then the whispering began again...Psssst... Pssst....

Saturday, April 1, 2006

“I Just Can’t Take It Anymore!” - The Dollie Storage Room” E-Book E-Series - Book One

"Patience, Patience, what is it?" "What's the matter?" "We never see you cry." asked Doris Marie.

"I just can't take it anymore" replied Patience.

"Take what, Patience?" responded Doris Marie. "You have all the patience in the world. What could be wrong?"

"Linda, I can't take Linda anymore." "Oh, Doris Marie what can we do? She's our creator. But, I can't take it anymore." cried Patience.

Doris Marie was unsure what to do next. She had NEVER seen Patience cry. Why she had all the "patience" in the world. "What could possibly have her rattled so?" Doris Marie wondered.

So, Doris Marie decided to ask the other "dollies" if they knew what was wrong with "Patience." When she found out her blood started to boil. How could Linda do such a thing? It was down right mean.

It seems Linda had promoted two new scarecrow dolls, one witch, and one ghost during the SPRING. The SPRING. That was "Bunny" time. That was "Patience's" time. "But, what could they do about this?" Doris Marie asked as she paced around “The Dollie Storage Room.”

Everyone who could walk started pacing with Doris Marie. Pretty soon there were 200 hundred "dollies" pacing around “The Dollie Storage Room” with Doris Marie. Once, when Doris Marie stopped short all the "dollies" fell on each other. It took several minutes before they could all regain their composure.

"Andy - With A Blue Plaid Shirt" didn't like seeing "Patience" cry. She was such a "sweet" bunny after all. And, so, so.... well "patient."

"Hey, Doris Marie. What's wrong with Patience?" Andy cried. "Yeah, what's wrong with "Patience" all the "dollies" cried?"

Doris Marie wanted to be careful what she said for she didn't want to create a "dollie" riot. That could get out of control and would not be good. Linda might get mad and then they all might end up in the trash or going to a "dollie correctional facility." She, knew she didn't want that. Linda would never do that Doris Marie thought. She loves us all too much. "Hmm....." "Or would she?"

So, Doris Marie decided to be level headed and cautious in what she was going to tell Andy and the rest of the "dollies." "Well," Doris Marie exclaimed. "Patience is upset over something Linda did."

"Oh, good, good! Tell, tell!" Andy cried. He just loved gossip. Especially "dollie gossip."

"Well," Doris Marie exclaimed. "Linda did something just dreadful and hurtful to Patience. Simply dreadful."

Andy was getting a little exasperated with Doris Marie. "Just spit it out, Doris Marie," Andy exclaimed.

"Okay, okay, don't rush me!" Doris Marie cried. "Can't you see I'm trying to stop a "dollie" riot here and trying to console "Patience" at the same time?" "It seems that Linda decided to promote two new scarecrow dolls, one new witch, and one new ghost on her DOLLS BLOG and Linda's Blog this week. In the SPRING. That's bunny time. That's Patience's time. That's why she's so upset."

"I see," Andy exclaimed. Coolness, and level-headedness was what was needed. Both qualities Andy did not possess. He didn't want to get more of the "dollies" upset, especially his sister "Annie-With A Red Bow" She had more than she could handle worrying about her kidnapped legs. So Andy said,"Doris I think we should just ask Linda why she did that. Don't you?"

Doris Marie thought about it and decided that was a good idea. Linda was reasonable. She'd explain herself. But, then "they" walked into “The Dollie Storage Room!” The four culprits. Punky-Elmer's Little Scarecrow, Hazard-A Guess What I Am?, William Come or Won't they?, and Mabel-I Won't Cast A Spell? When the rest of the "dollies" saw them "dollie" mayhem started.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Doris Marie exclaimed. We can't blame the new "dollies" for this. It's not fair. It's not their fault. Linda's the boss. She decided this all on her own."

"You're right," Andy said. Besides he liked Punky-Elmer's Little Scarecrow. He just looked like such a chipper fella. Someone Andy could talk to. And, William - Come or Won't They?" looked like he couldn't hurt a fly, let alone a crow. Plus, Hazard-A Guess What I Am? looked like a ghost who was afraid of himself. Andy was unsure of "Mabel-I Won't Cast A Spell?" She was a witch after all. Witches can cast spells.

"It's not their fault," Andy said and started to welcome the 4 culprits into the inner sanctuary of the "dollie" storage room. When the rest of the "dollies" saw what Andy-Withe A Blue Plaid Shirt was doing they joined in to welcome the new dolls. After all, they were all "dollies" of one sort or another and "dollies" are known to be friendly and open-minded. Even "Patience" welcomed the culprits.

Doris Marie was relieved. The riot had been squashed and the crisis had been avoided. But, she also knew that there was an underlying tension in “The Dollie Storage Room” and anything, just anything could set it off again. The "dollies" did have some grievances with Linda. From time to time Linda had done some things that upset the "dollies." She should know she did this. They should tell her.

So, Doris Marie decided that she'd talk to all the rest of the "dollies" and put together a list of all the things that were bothering them. A list of "grievances" or "demands." She'd call it the "Dollie Demands." She'd do that later on. Now she had to find room for all the new dolls in “The Dollie Storage Room.” She knew that would be difficult as their home was getting quite crowded. So, She made a mental note to add that to the list.

So, Doris gathered all the "dollies" around her and proceeded to introduce them one by one to the group. All was right, for now, in “The Dollie Storage Room.”

Stay tuned to Book Two “The Dollie Storage Room” Children’s E-Book E-Series ….”They Looked Good!”

Copyright © 2006—All Rights Reserved—Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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The Dollie Storage Room E-Book E-Series

“The Dollie Storage Room” E-Series
A Doll Story E-Book E-Series
Written By Linda Walsh

“Life In The Walsh Household”

If you think living with a bunch of women is difficult try living with over 1,000 dolls. Suffice it to say, it can be downright hazardous at times. Especially given that they all live in “The Dollie Storage Room” which is above our garage.

Plus, add to the mix that we have all kinds of dolls: little boys, little girls, men, women, snow-ladies, snowmen, Victorians, primitives, colonial dolls, country dolls, scarecrows, witches, bunnies, babies, angels, Santa’s, Mrs. Claus, bears, dogs, cats, bee’s, ewe’s, woodland dolls, moose, reindeer, pumpkins, ornies, ornaments, horses, clowns, raggedy Anne’s, raggedy Andy’s, Dracula’s, leprechaun’s gingerbread men, gingerbread women, turkey’s, carolers, Jack Frost, brides, graduation dolls, Uncle Sam’s, flower dolls, Frankenstein’s, ghosts, and pilgrims. We even have a a chef and a bunch of “Olde Gray-Haired Biddies.” Life in the Walsh Household and “The Dollie Storage Room” can get very interesting, indeed!

Why, you might ask? Because every one of the dolls has an ego bigger than a house and every one of the dolls thinks they are “human” and that they should be afforded the same rights as any other member of the Walsh household. At least that’s what they told me in their “The Dollie Demand’s” letter. I have yet to respond. Stay tuned……………

Copyright © 2006—All Rights Reserved
All rights reserved, including photocopying, downloading, reprinting, mass duplication, and all other forms of reproduction or commercial application, website sharing, Email, or any other means of redistribution. Use this story is prohibited without the written permission of Linda Walsh.

The following stories were written Linda Walsh, owner of Linda Walsh Originals. You may link to this page but do not copy, reprint or duplicate in any manner without the specific written permission of Linda Walsh. If permission is granted, stories must be copied EXACTLY with all copyrights and bylines intact.

Copyright © 2006—All Rights Reserved—Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Story Behind My "Elmer's Little Boy"

One of my first posts was "The Story Behind Elmers Little Boy." I thought it would be fun to post it again as it's such a nice story. So, here's the post:

In thinking about what to write next for my blog I thought it might be a good idea to tell the story behind some of the dolls I have created. I'd like to begin with the story behind Elmers Little Boy. So here goes..... My sister-in-laws parents who are in their 80's recently had a yardsale because they were moving into a much smaller house. Elmer (my sister-in-laws father) had an old plastic kewpie doll that had previously belonged to his deceased sister that he had kept I think in his toolbox (I might have that wrong).

In any event, he had held on to this doll for over many, many years. The only problem with the doll was that it had no clothes. He was going to throw it away but decided instead to give it to me. I was touched as I got the sense that this doll had a lot of sentimental value for him. In any event, I decided to take it home and design some clothes for it. I wanted an early american little boy look so I decided on pantaloons, a vest, shirt, and scully cap. Since I had already designed the clothes for his kewpie I decided to design a cloth doll as well. A little while later I took the plastic kewpie doll (with his new clothes) back to Elmer. Elmer was thrilled. It touched my heart to see how happy he was with my gift. Elmer's kewpie doll now sits proudly on the top of his bureau (I think).

I named my cloth pattern Elmer's Little Boy after Elmer's plastic kewpie doll. Elmers Original Kewpie is shown above and my Elmers Little Boy cloth version is shown below. The clothes for both dolls were made from some of Elmer's old clothes that I had gotten from his yard sale. I hope you like both dolls.

My Version - Elmers Little Boy.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Story Behind Baby Nicky

"Baby Nicky" was named after my grandson, Nicky, who I affectionately call "Noodles." Like his brother he too is adorable, cuddly, lovable, and has the most enviable head of brown curly hair that you'd ever want to see. I would give my eye teeth, so to speak, for his curly hair. He, on the other hand, would probably prefer my straight hair. Well, boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. We always want just the opposite, don't we?

My grandson "Nicky" was born premature at 31 weeks weighting 3 pounds 1 ounce and spent the first 9 weeks of his life in an intensive care unit. The nurses there were exceptional and treated Nicky as if he were one of their own. In fact, I began to wonder, at times, if they were dragging out his release just because they loved him so.

Fifteen minutes after Nicky was born his Dad took us in to the intensive care unit to see him. I couldn't get over how humanly perfect he was at just 3 pounds 1 ounce. He just looked like a very, very tiny little man. I don't know what I was expecting to see but, he just took my breathe away. Even then he had a full head of brown hair. It wasn't curly just yet but would be within a matter of time.

His Mom, who was my biggest fan besides my husband and my Mother, used to give me all Nicky's baby clothes and shoes for my dolls. I know she was hoping that they would all come back to her in one way or another in the form of a doll for her house. A lot did.

In any event, I just loved all Nicky's little baby clothes. There's just something special about tiny little Reeboks and little denims. I can remember shopping with her one day at a "Baby Gap" store. We went in and just laughed and laughed at how tiny everything was. I just loved all the clothes and so did she. We went shopping several times after that for clothes for Nicky and always came away laughing. Sometimes we bought some. Sometimes we just went to look and laugh.

So, I knew I wanted to create a doll that would remind me of Nicky and his full head of curly brown hair and his most adorable baby clothes. That's how "Baby Nicky" was born. Isn't he adorable? Don't you just want to grab all those curls? I do. In fact, I used to hate it when his father would cut all his curls off. I tried to teach "Nicky" to tell his Dad "Don't cut my Hair!" It didn't work. Maybe someday Nicky will realize how beautiful his head of curly brown hair is and leave it alone. Yeah, sure, Nana! Dream on!

Baby Nicky is a 20" baby boy doll pattern. Nicky is a free-standing boy doll in his pajamas and ready for bedtime. He has an undershirt, flannel jacket with long rolled sleeves and pipe trim, and flannel pajama bottoms. He has round black button eyes, a fabric covered wood head, wood body and wood feet covered with slipper socks. He has long curly brown hair and has a night cap knotted at the end on his head. He is carrying a teddy bear in his left hand and a cherished flannel blankie in his right hand.

Every time I look at the "baby Nicky" doll I can't help but remember how small and tiny "Nicky" was at 3 pounds 1 ounce and think "how precious life is!"