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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The "Birdies" and "Dollies" Conspired To Have Their Way

I should have known better than to ever let the "dollies" mingle with the trio of "birdies" I was making for my Artful Gathering "Briley The Birdie" class with Colleen Moody. The "dollies" convinced the "birdies" they should be different than "Briley."

So, despite my best efforts to get them to conform my trio of "birdies" decided to be rebellious and be the class radicals. They decided they didn't want to be cream colored. They  wanted to be sponge painted. They insisted on it and then they had all the "dollies" urge me to sponge paint them.

There were just too many "dollies" clamoring for this that I had to acquiesce. Now I know you all know I hate to give in to the "dollies" demands but with the trio of "birdies" and all the "dollies" clamoring I was sorely outnumbered.

I thought if I gave in to the trio of "birdies" on this they'd calm down and let me create them the way I wanted to. Au contraire!  Each one had already developed a personality of their own and therefore a style they thought was best for them. Who was I to argue? I was just their creator. So, once again, I acquiesced.

One thought she was a Queen and wanted to be treated like one. I named her Queen Annabell but I refused to bow and curtsy to her.

Another decided she wanted to be Bohemian. I named her Natasha.

And, the third decided she wanted to be Funky. I named her Phebe.

Right now when I look at them all together they look like little "biddies" conspiring to me.  Of course, I see bogey men everyone when it comes to my "dollies" and their demands.  And, since the "birdies" have developed such a close relationship with the rest of the "dollies" who knows what they'll be demanding next.

I'll just have to wait and see.  For sure, I'm not going to wait on them.  I might serve them afternoon tea, but that's it.

Perhaps I'll be surprised and they'll be delightful.  Perhaps they'll be nice, well-mannered, and a delight to be around.  Perhaps their charm will rub off on the rest of the "dollies."  Perhaps.......

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  1. My heart's aflutter for these gorgeous birdies! Love them!